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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 70 Part 2

Reed thought so and turned his gaze across the window to the other side.

Then, he saw William getting irritated with Gorgon.

Afterward, Gorgon bowed politely and went outside.

'Why? Why did he go outside?'

Perhaps Gorgan had given William some harsh words.

If it was a harsh word during the game, it was undoubtedly related to Morgan II's bet.

'Gorgon has noticed.'

And he told William to be cautious, but he must not have listened.

'Even if he's a tyrant, he won't completely ignore Gorgon's words.'

He would reconsider Gorgon's advice through this round.

In other words, they couldn't afford to lose this game.

"Please bet 10,000 UP on the blue team. We will win this game."

"Huh? You're not going to lose?"

"The guy in the middle of the red team is limping. He will undoubtedly hold back his team, and the blue team will win."

"I see. I understand."

As Reed said, Morgan II bet 10,000 UP on the blue team.

And the result of the game went as Phoebe had predicted.

As expected, the limping player was the problem, and the blue team easily won the game.

Morgan II turned his insides out while talking to William.

After hanging up the crystal ball, Morgan II looked up at Reed with sparkling eyes.

"Indeed, Tower Master, your ability is incredible."

"It's nothing."

"Anyone who can recognize potential can know up to one-on-one, but you can't be sure of victory or defeat in a 3-on-3 team match unless you know the person's character and everything. I didn't know you had that much ability."

"......I see."

Indeed, it was an extraordinary ability.

Phoebe was a woman with such an incredible insight.

A perfect woman to the point where it's hard to understand why she followed him blindly.

However, her face, with a pair of threatening horns and her blonde hair flowing down, smiling softly, didn't feel threatening at all.

As he stared at her quietly, Phoebe seemed to realize and offered him a cup of tea.

"Would you like another cup of tea?"

"Yes, please."

"You've been sitting for a long time, is there anything else you need? Shall I massage your shoulders? Or maybe feed you some fruit?"

"No, it's fine. Just stand still."


He didn't have a sore shoulder, but he didn't want Phoebe to touch him.

Reed showed a relaxed look as he put a green grape from the table into his mouth.

Before the seventh game began, William's voice came through the crystal ball.

- You finally won a game.

His voice didn't seem unpleasant.

Even though he had lost once, Morgan II was still losing overall.

- How much should we bet this time? Oh, let's do 50,000 UP. What do you think? King Hooper should make up for what he lost, shouldn't he?

"50,000 UP..."

Morgan II hesitated.

The fear of the amount of 50,000 UP was there, but it was all for the acting.

"I understand."

A voice filled with confidence, as if the king of a country couldn't be defeated.

It was impossible not to please William's heart with such an act.

'How much have I lost?'

He slowly calculated.

'First, it was 10,000 UP...'

If he loses this time, he will have a debt of 130,000 UP.

His mind became hazy.

With this money, how much could be done?

Morgan II knew how much the people and the nobles spent.

That's why it seemed like he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he lost this much money.

That was precisely Morgan II's pride as a king.

'But I decided to trust Tower Master.'

Morgan II, who had been betrayed by his father, regarded Reed as a father figure.

A respectable and admirable person, and sometimes a friend.

That's why he was a man he wanted to be closer to.

Even if Reed made a wrong judgment, Morgan II would follow him to the end.


The result of the seventh game ended with the victory of the players William pointed out.

As expected, a debt of 130,000 UP was placed on his shoulders.

"This is the last game."

Morgan II spoke with a slightly trembling voice.

- Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention!

A man's voice echoed in the center of the arena.

The announcer, who had not said a word until the seventh game, grabbed the microphone and gathered people's attention.

- The last game to round off today's event is an event match! It's not a match of gladiators fighting with swords and shields! You'll witness a breathtaking bloodbath between monsters!


A thunderous cheer erupted.

A match between large monsters, not a small human sword fight.

There was no way not to like it.

- An event match... It's going to be hard to predict for both of us.

"It seems so."

It was a match that neither could predict even an inch.

It was a tense moment for Morgan II.

If it's hard to predict, then everything has to be left to heaven.

Shortly after, the closed arena door opened, and a large cage containing monsters was brought in.

The excited audience held their breath and looked at the monster.

It was the infamous monster, Rhinotodus.

A monster with thick green skin, walking on four legs.

A medium-sized monster that is over 2m tall and more than 5m long.

The long horn that sprouted from its nose resembled a rhinoceros, but its lower jaw protruded, and its long, thick tail dragged on the ground reminded of a dinosaur.

It was a semi-field boss monster that always became a target of subjugation because it would ruthlessly pierce those who invaded its territory with its horn, wandering the eastern plains.

'Rhinotodus. What kind of monster is going to face that?'

A big enough opponent for this event match to take place.

He tried to guess what it was.

However, surprisingly, what came in from the other side was a single gladiator.

At first, he thought it was a human.

But Morgan II and Reed, who looked at it with a telescope, knew it wasn't human.

"An orc? Could it be an orc?"

"It's an orc."

It was a heavily armed orc in gladiator attire.

With a body length of 2m, arms as thick as a human head, and chest muscles.

The long black hair was braided and pulled back, and the fangs protruded upwards.

It was definitely an orc with the characteristics of a barbarian in <Disaster 7>.

"How strong is an orc's physical ability compared to a human?"

"It's about three times stronger than an average adult male."

"Is that so?"

"However, humans are superior in terms of skills, so orcs can't just push through with their physical abilities alone."

"I see."

Although orcs are said to be superior to humans, could they surpass Rhinotodus?

"Who should we bet on for this event match?"

"Go for the orc."

"Really? Without even hesitating?"

"There's no need to. Bet on the orc."

He wondered what the basis for such a statement was, but there was a certain confidence in Reed's eyes.

Reed stared quietly at the orc gladiator.

His golden eyes and lips were full of excitement, but he couldn't express it outwardly.

'I never thought I'd meet you like this here...'

Reed knew that orc gladiator.

An orc gladiator who had studied human society for the prosperity of his race.

An orc gladiator who was desperate as he could only watch his tribe burn alive.

That despair made the orc gladiator a victim of <Project: Flower Garden>.

'The seventh disaster, Larksper...'

He faced the person who would become the second disaster after Adonis.

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