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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 70 Part 1

 Bet (2)

No matter how much Gorgon thought about it, the suspicious feeling bothered him, and he whispered to William.

"Your Highness, I think you need to be cautious."

"What do you mean?"

"It seems like they're plotting something over there."

At the mention of plotting, William's cheerful expression hardened.

"They're plotting?"

"I think you should doubt the fact that you've won four games in a row."

It wouldn't hurt to doubt it.

Gorgon, the vanguard of the empire, advised William so.

However, Gorgon's advice did not reach him.

He only felt irritation as if a fly was buzzing around his ear.

"You mean..."

William, who had been biting his lip, looked up at Gorgon.

"You mean I'm being played right now?"

"I'm sorry if it sounds unpleasant, but yes."

The VIP room, which had been full of laughter, suddenly fell silent.

William, who had been lying on the sofa, propped his head up with his hand and stood up without saying a word.

"Gorgon, you go out and wait. Don't come in until I call you."

"Your Highness, I am always on your side..."


He kicked the tea table. The beautifully decorated food was scattered like garbage in an instant.

"Get out! Right now!"


William shouted loudly.

Gorgon didn't say anything more.

He politely greeted and left the room as William had told him to.

The once-chirping William glanced at Gorgon's empty spot and shifted his gaze to the knights standing beside him.

The knights, feeling his fierce gaze, quickly straightened up in their seats.

"You guys won't get away with just leaving. If you have the confidence, open your mouth."


The knights kept their mouths shut.

Even Gorgon's advice, the closest to him, was not effective. What could they do?

All they could do was their assigned escort mission.

A moment later, the maids entered, quickly cleaned up the messy room, and restored it to its original state.

The sixth game began.

Although William was irritated, he also pondered Gorgon's words.

'Am I really falling into a trap?'

No matter how lowly he was compared to himself, Gorgon was an outstanding vanguard and an excellent commander who knew how to control an army.

* * *

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* * *

Being a rational half-dragon, he was bold when it came to discarding forces or making sacrifices.

He had the skill to be William's closest aide.

So, William reconsidered his judgment.

In the meantime, the sixth game ended.

This game was a team match.

In a team match where no one could predict the outcome accurately, three men survived and raised both hands towards the audience.

"Whose victory is it this time?"


"Does nobody know?"

"This bet is King Hupper's victory."

This time, Morgan II won.

One win after five consecutive losses.

The money he had bet was 10,000 UP.

Seeing that, William snorted.

'Yeah, I was right.'

He wasn't being played by anyone.

* * *

Reed and Morgan II's strategy was as follows.

Driving the opponent into a winning streak through a losing streak.

And then, while they were off guard, striking the final blow.

'If William is still the same as before...'

First, they had to make him feel triumphant.

The bet was all about the final game.

"We will start losing from now on. Please keep that in mind."

"Yes, I understand."

Morgan II steeled himself.

Even with Reed's strategy, if Morgan II didn't play his part well, everything would be futile.

If William figured out Morgan II's intentions, he will try to crush him with money.

In that case, Morgan II wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Feeling a mental burden even with 10,000 UP, if he were to gamble with tens of thousands of UP, he would eventually succumb to William.

Reed had "Talent Appraisal."

On top of that, he had played this game countless times, so he could instantly figure out the matchups.

Thus, William, who had won five games, taunted Morgan II in an elated voice.

The team matches began from the sixth game.

'A team match, huh...'

In individual matches, the status written on the status window is the standard, but team matches are different.

It was the most gambling part because it depended on the synergy that could be produced between them and how well they fit together.

"Who should I bet on?"

"This time, the blue team..."

- You shouldn't bet on that person if you're planning to win.

Phoebe's secretive voice echoed.

When Reed glanced at her, she smiled as if nothing had happened and watched the game.

-What do you mean?

-The red team has a limping player. That limping player will tie up his team, and they won't be able to win against the blue team's joint attack. They already know that information.

-...Are you sure?


Phoebe grinned.

The fact that she secretly informed him through telepathy meant that she was considering her image.

Reed engraved her advice and pondered.

If they tried to lose, they should bet on the red team as she said.

'We've lost six games in a row.'

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