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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 73 Part 1

 Phoebe (2)

As soon as William disappeared, Morgan II relaxed his shoulders.

He sighed, brushing his chest.

"I really... couldn't relax the whole time watching."

The atmosphere was tense, as if a fight could break out at any moment.

When Phoebe and Gorgan stared at each other and turned halfway around, he thought the surroundings would turn into chaos.

But Phoebe's move resolved everything.

It might have been cowardly, but it was a strategy to target the opponent's weakness.

A move possible only because they knew each other well.

A daring move that would have led to death if there had been a moment's hesitation.

Only Phoebe could have made such a move.

"You'll have more headaches when you go home."

Morgan II smirked at Reed's words.

"Headaches? What kind of trouble could there be? Are you worried that the third prince might retaliate?"

"No. After receiving 870,000 UP, don't you have to think about what to do with it? It's a happy problem."

"Ah, that's right."

870,000 UP.

It was indeed a lot of money.

Morgan II, who was far from extravagant, doubted whether he could spend all 870,000 UP.

"Let's celebrate and spend some money today."

"Can, can we really?"

"A king should be a good spender. Especially on auspicious days, you should spend even more."

"In that case..."

Morgan II grinned and answered as he pondered what to do.

"First... let's buy a gift for my sister."

At first, he said he would buy delicious food, but since he now had money, he wanted to buy something even better.

Morgan II chose a brooch made of green jade as a gift.

An expensive item worth over 100,000 UP, crafted with intricate workmanship by an artisan.

It was the most expensive luxury Morgan II had ever indulged in.

"Do you have any other items to buy?"

"No, I think this will be enough."

Although he was worried that he might lose his mind with the sudden influx of money, Morgan II had a stronger sense of restraint than expected.

After finishing the extravagance for Adonis, he bought a few neatly wrapped boxes of cookies as planned and returned to the sky carriage.

* * *

* * *

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* * *

Morgan II and Reed, standing in front of the sky carriage, exchanged their final greetings.

"Thank you for coming with me today, Tower Master. If you hadn't been here today, I would have been completely trapped."

"Don't mention it. Your Majesty accomplished everything just as well."

"No. If I had come with other knights, the third prince would have certainly toyed with me. It's because you were here that I could stand so firmly."

Saying that, Morgan II seemed to remember something and bowed his head to Phoebe.

"Thank you also to the Tower Master's deputy for listening to my request."

"Oh, no. I'm just worried that I may have been rude to Your Majesty by overstepping my bounds."

"What are you talking about? You showed a truly satisfying scene today. I never imagined that the third prince would howl like a beast."

"Everyone becomes powerless in the face of fear."

"In a way, it's a shame. I wanted to hear that satisfying voice one more time."

Hearing that, Reed smiled subtly.

Morgan II, who was looking up at him, widened his eyes.

"Could it be... we can hear that voice again?"

"Let's listen one more time."

Reed confirmed, and Phoebe took out the crystal ball she had hidden in her bosom.

When Phoebe activated it, a vivid scream echoed.

There was no doubt that it was William's scream.

Morgan II's mouth gaped open upon hearing that voice.

"How is it?"

"Could it be... this was planned from the beginning..."

"It wasn't planned from the beginning. It was purely impromptu. Phoebe was quite angry, so she said she would educate him with a bit of torture. That's when I told her to record it as well."

"And at the same time, you prepared a magic recording crystal ball... that's impressive."

"We must prepare for anything that could damage the royal image. It's a countermeasure against that scoundrel."

Reed handed the crystal ball to Morgan II.

"Please take this. It seems like something you might need, Your Majesty."

"I don't have such a cruel hobby, though..."

"Neither do I. If the third prince threatens the Hupper Kingdom, use it then. Even if he trembles, he'll learn his lesson."

"Is it... okay?"

"It's fine. Isn't it a countermeasure I'm giving you?"

Morgan II looked up at Reed.

He seemed to feel a sense of guilt.

"I feel sorry for always receiving..."

As Morgan II looked up with a worried face, Reed chuckled.

He smiled and answered.

"Children should receive. They learn how to give a lot by receiving a lot."

"That must be why Rosaria is growing up so well."

"That child would have grown up well wherever she was."

"No, it's because she has such a great father like you."

Have you ever seen such a remarkable child?

Even if it was just a flattering remark, Reed felt good.

Perhaps that's why he unconsciously stroked Morgan II's head.


After stroking the bright blonde hair three times, Reed realized his actions were rude.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I can't believe I stroked the head of a king like this..."

"It's okay. I always like it when you treat me so casually, it feels like I've gained an older brother."

"An older brother..."

"Yes, aren't you about the same age as my sister?"

"Well... I'm older. I'm in my mid-thirties now."

Morgan II looked up at Reed with a surprised face.

"No way! I really thought you were young. I thought you'd be about the same age as the Tower Master of Wallin."

"I'm older than the Tower Master of Wallin. Wallin Tower Master is probably the same age as the Regent." 

[T/N: Here probably Adonis is referred to as Regent.

"I see... That must be the case."

Was it an intentional lie, or did he genuinely not know?

It didn't matter either way.

Even if it was a lie, it felt good.

'An older brother...'

It was a better title than being called an uncle, so he was somewhat satisfied.

"Anyway, I have to go back now. Are you going back now, Tower Master?"

"I think I need to stay until tomorrow. I have some work to do regarding the orc warrior issue."

"Then we must part ways here. Thank you once again, Tower Master, and Tower Master's deputy."

Morgan II politely greeted and climbed into the sky carriage.

Only after the sky carriage of Hupper Kingdom disappeared did Phoebe open her mouth.

"Are you planning to stay here tonight?"


"Then I'll be going back too."

Phoebe smiled and said goodbye.

Just as she was about to return to the Silence Tower.

"Don't go."

Reed called her.

Hearing that, Phoebe's shoulders flinched.

Her neck creaked as she tilted her head to the side.


Phoebe asked again, thinking she might have misheard.

Reed clearly answered once more.

"Let's stay together in Imorun today."


"You've finished all your work already, haven't you?"

"But tomorrow's work is a biiiit..."

"Even if we have to delay tomorrow's work a bit, let's stay together in this city tonight."

The reason for saying that was simple.

Today, Phoebe had made a great contribution.

No, it wasn't just today.

'I've always been receiving from Phoebe.'

He wanted to reward her so that she, who always lived under stress, could refresh herself.

That's why he decided to give her an extra day off.

Phoebe's face turned bright red.

She turned her head and tried to fan herself with her small hand, but the flushed feeling didn't go away.

Her smile disappeared, and she was flustered.

"Y-yes, uh, y-yes?"

She kept repeating the same words like a broken computer.

Reed wondered if he had done something wrong and asked her.

"Are you the type who prefers to be alone? If so, I can give you a separate vacation..."

"No, no!"

Phoebe quickly cut off his words.

"I, I, I, I just, I'm too happy, no, too flustered, ohhhhh!"

She couldn't even speak properly.

She tried to calm herself by tapping her cheeks, but she just couldn't.

Feeling like the conversation would never end, Reed grabbed Phoebe's face.

Soft cheek flesh hidden within the golden silk thread hair.

As he held her cheeks with both hands, her half-closed golden eyes opened wide. She looked up at Reed in that state.

Her rolling feet stopped, and her shoulders relaxed.

She gazed dreamily into Reed's golden eyes.

"If it's difficult, just say it. Do you want to be together, or do you want to be alone?"

Given the two options, Phoebe didn't need to think complicatedly.

"I, I want to be together..."

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