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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 73 Part 2

-Dad, when are you coming?

The image floating in the crystal.

In it, the girl with white hair and red eyes, Rosaria, was shown holding a teddy bear.

She looked pouty, but instead of feeling sorry for her, the first thing that came to mind was how cute she looked.

"I'm sorry. It looks like I have to stay here today because of work."

-What about unnie? Does sister have to stay too?

"Yes. Today, Phoebe did a great job, so I think we should stay together."

-Boo. Rosaria doesn't want to be alone...

"But you have other unnies, don't you? You can stay with them too."

-But without Dad and unnie, it's a little lonely...

Rosaria stuck out her lips.

Reed was her father, and she thought of Phoebe as her mother. 

She wanted to complain about not having both her mom and dad, but she tried to hold it back.

"Instead, I'll buy you something delicious. There were things that His Majesty Morgan said were delicious while eating."

-Something delicious?

"Pastries with lots of syrup. The sticky syrup is like honey."


"An omelette made with strawberries and oranges mixed with whipped cream was also said to be delicious."

-Strawberry orange omelette...!

Rosaria swallowed her saliva.

Being a young child, she loved sweet things.

"I'll buy it tomorrow. Let's eat it together then."

-Okay, I'll wait!

"Phoebe seems to have something to say too, so I'll switch with her."

Reed stepped back, and Phoebe came forward.


-Unnie, are you having fun?

"Yes, Phoebe is having fun. I'm sorry. It would have been fun for you too if you were here..."

-It's okay! Dad's going to buy something delicious! Unnie, let's eat together too!

"Really? Can I?"


"I'm so excited~. I can't believe I get to taste what you're going to eat."

Phoebe had chosen all the gifts for Rosaria.

In other words, she had already tasted everything.

What a sly girl.

-Have fun and come back!

"Yes, make sure you brush your teeth well, and don't wander around alone, okay?"

-Okay. Bye-bye!

Rosaria smiled brightly and waved her hand, and Phoebe waved her hand too as the call ended.

Phoebe looked up at Reed.

"Every day I look at you, but today I couldn't make eye contact."

Phoebe brushed her hair with her fingers.

Her thick, fur-like hair couldn't help but stick out no matter how much she straightened it.

"Shall we go?"

"Yes, yes!"

Phoebe nodded vigorously.

She followed behind Reed shyly.

"Stand next to me. Our official duties are over."


Phoebe finally stood next to him, shuffling.

She couldn't make eye contact and politely brought her hands together in front of her.

"You said this is your first time in Imorun, right?"


"Then you must not know what the famous things are here."

"Uh, I'm sorry. I should have studied more..."

Phoebe looked up at him with an apologetic face.

It was a deflated puppy face.

She felt guilty for not being able to fill in the gaps as the Tower Master's deputy.

"It's okay. Let's look around together and find out what's here."

"Is it okay if I don't know?"

"Knowing in advance can be fun, but there's also fun in not knowing. It's most enjoyable to see these things when you don't know."


Phoebe nodded her head.

Her deflated face had somewhat relaxed.

As a place that thrived on gladiators, there were many services for tourists.

As befitting the hot southern region, there were night markets with various foods being sold on the streets.

During lunchtime, the streets were filled with sweet snacks, and at night, the smell of meat and fragrant spices tempted the people on the streets.

Phoebe's head swayed back and forth in response to the enticing scents.

Seeing her swallow her saliva, Reed spoke to her.



"You can eat if you want."


"Don't refuse, just eat."

When she was actually brought as a guard, she ate just fine.

He swallowed his words, thinking that she would be deflated again if he said it.

As soon as permission was granted, Phoebe began buying skewers one by one from the street vendors.

"Is it delicious?"

"Yes, the meat tastes excellent. Would you like to try some, Tower Master?"

"No, I'm fine. Just tell me if there's anything you want to do."

"Is it really okay?"

"Today is a day for you, so let's go along with it."

A day for her and what she wants to do.

Phoebe had never thought of such a grand thing.

'I just want to be with the Tower Master...'

What else could she want to do?

The more she thought about it, the more nervous she became.

To relieve her tension, she hurriedly ate the meat skewer covered in sauce.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, there were street performances of singing while playing guitar and drums, or showing various tricks.

When tired of eating, they looked at the sights, and when tired of the sights, their eyes were drawn to merchants selling jewelry and souvenir items.

There was even a merchant who persistently insisted that fake jewelry was real.

It was a place full of human atmosphere.

Despite the day fading away, Phoebe couldn't say anything and just stood by his side.

As the day grew darker, Reed headed to a luxury inn and booked a room.

There was no one booked in the 8th floor VIP room, so they could get a room.

The manager politely answered and finished the confirmation.

"Yes, I'll prepare one room."

"Uh? Oh, please prepare another room for a lady to stay in."

"You're not staying together?"


"Alright, understood."

With the room reservation completed, Phoebe had a strangely awkward expression.

He could roughly understand what she had imagined, and Reed also became awkward.

Having found a place to take care of their sleep, the remaining desire was for food.

'Although we enjoyed the street food...'

Feeling that they should pay more attention as the top-ranking people, Reed decided to visit a high-end restaurant.

The place where they sat had a view of the night sky full of stars and the alleyways of the night market.

It was a place that required 3,000 UP to reserve a seat, so it could be said to be a place for people with wealth like Reed.

The table was brightly lit by candlelight.

Phoebe and Reed sat facing each other at the table.

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