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Dream Breaker - Chapter 2 Part 1


In this world, there are many teenagers who wander around, unable to fully utilize their talents.
They either never find it, or let their talents rot away by missing the timing and opportunities even if they do find it.
This is undoubtedly a misfortune!
However, everyone had no choice but to accept this problem because even parents who gave birth and raised their children couldn't accurately know their children's talents.
That was certainly the case until the appearance of the revolutionary inventor 'P'.
"The history of mankind is about to undergo a major change with the emergence of P. This is the starting point of the famous Job Revolution. Thanks to the aptitude test machine invented by P, humanity has stopped wandering and started living a more efficient life...."
"Do you have a question?"
"Yes. There are rumors that P is an alien. Is that true?"
"Rumors are just rumors. No one knows the true identity of the revolutionary P. Even their appearance, let alone their gender and nationality, is unknown."
That's why P is called by many different names.
Master P, Dr. P, Genius P, Jesus P, Professor P, Super P....
Just by looking at this, you can tell how mysterious this person is.
"Due to the Job Revolution-"
I, who was quietly listening, raised my hand and called the social studies teacher.
"Do you have a question, Kang Moon-soo?"
"Yes. What happened to the people who were harmed by the Job Revolution?"
"I don't understand the intention of your question."
"Surely, there must be people with incorrect aptitude test results..."
The social studies teacher asserted without a hint of hesitation.
My words were blocked due to that, but I quickly regained my composure and bravely continued my question.
"What about those who lost their jobs because of bad aptitude test results?"
"Of course, there was no national compensation. Back then and now, it's a cold and competitive society. Did that answer your question?"
I had no choice but to surrender to the blunt answer befitting of a social studies teacher who was well-versed in society.
"Teacher. Please understand. This guy's aptitude test results came out really weird."
"That's right. His job is so...."
"Moon-soo's job is a bit, you know?"
"If I were Moon-soo, I would have rushed straight to the Ministry of Education."
"Me too."
My friends looked at me as if watching a spectacle and snickered.
At that moment,
"He's a shaman! A shaman!"
My friend sitting next to me couldn't hold back and revealed my occupation.
"Yes, a shaman."
"I see. After class is over, bring the cleaning tools and come to the staff room."
"It's very rude to publicly discuss someone's aptitude test results. As a punishment, I'll have you clean the staff room."
"Bu-but, teacher! It's unfair! The kids already knew...!"
"I didn't know about Kang Moon-soo's aptitude test results."
"You're lucky this ends with cleaning the staff room because it's at school. In society, if you do something as ignorant as this in the workplace, you could be violating personal privacy laws and, depending on the situation, even defamation. Do you understand?"
I gently lowered my fist, which I had intended to use to punish my friend who had agreed with his shoulders drooping.
You better know how lucky you are.
Around the time when things were settled, the social studies teacher turned their head toward me.
"Kang Moon-soo."
"Aren't you satisfied with the results from the revolutionary P's aptitude test machine?"
"I am not...."
Why such an obvious question? Anyone, not just me, would dislike it.
"Kang Moon-soo, and everyone else, listen well. There is no hierarchy in jobs. Especially in modern society, which has become specialized due to the Job Revolution."
"Even for a shaman?"
"Yes, even for a shaman. Someone will need it."
"Ah, I see."
"And the aptitude test results are not everything in life. Life is a long journey of pioneering on your own...."
"What about you, teacher?"
"What do you mean?"
"How did your aptitude test results come out, teacher?"
"...I got a high school social studies teacher."
"I see."
So, where is the pioneering of life?
"Ahem, that's it for today's class. For the remaining 10 minutes, quietly do self-study."
* * *
There is a proverb that says, "A word without legs travels a thousand miles."
"Shaman Kang Moon-soo!"
"Moon-soo, check my luck!"
"There's a shaman at school?"
It means that rumors spread very quickly.
"...This is ridiculous."
I couldn't help but sigh.
How did I, who was a promising prospect in various fields just yesterday, end up falling like this?
The culprit was clear.
The aptitude test results!
Now, wherever I went in school, the adjective 'shaman' seemed to drive me to collapse with anger.
Of course,
"The future president is passing by!"
"Mr. President! Please hire me!"
"I have the aptitude of a secretary. Remember me!"
"Oh! Mr. President! What's your policy?"
There were those who enjoyed their aptitude becoming an adjective that followed them.
"Make sure to vote for me when I run for president later!"
My friend, who had 'president' as his aptitude test result, was going around the school, imitating an unrivaled politician who ran for the presidential election just for that reason.
And opportunists and flatterers who matched the rhythm appeared as well!
"I'm a reporter."
"I think you'll need a broadcast writer too."
"Use me as a bodyguard!"
They also started playing the roles that came out in their aptitude test results.
"I'm a reporter. Please tell us your thoughts on becoming president."
"Mr. President, please appear on our broadcast."
"Move aside! Kids, move aside! His Excellency the President is passing by!"
It was no different from a childish clown show, but not a single student laughed at it.
What if they start getting jealous and he really became president later?
"I'm so jealous..."
"How nice..."
As I watched their contrasting situation, I became even more furious.
"Shaman Kang Moon-soo!"
"Moon-soo, can you see ghosts?"
"When will I get married?"
Students full of laughter kept gathering around me.
Curiosity would have been better.
"Moon-soo, can you communicate with the gods?"
"Tsk, tsk. Didn't you know? Moon-soo has the god's contact number on his smartphone."
"Wow! Do they accept atheists too?"
"Say hello to the gods for me!"
Annoyance piled up as the clearly teasing students stuck to me like leeches during every break.
Still, applause and respect for my patience in holding back!
'No, if I keep holding back, I might end up in a mental hospital.'
A special measure was needed.
Violence and swearing were low-level tactics.
"Hey! If you keep bothering me, I'll curse you guys."
"Try it if you don't believe me. I'll teach you why I'm a shaman."
Was it because of the stress that had built up and exploded all at once?
The guys who were overwhelmed by my atmosphere began to step back.
"...I'm leaving!"
"Me too!"
"Ugh! Let's go together!"
In a rush.
The kids, who were as afraid of the curse as they trusted their aptitude test results, scattered like defeated soldiers.

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