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Dream Breaker - Chapter 2 Part 2


After confirming that all the guys who had been bothering me during break times were gone, I let out a sigh of relief and returned to my seat in the classroom.


Then, I immediately laid my head down on the desk as if to bury it.

'A curse, what nonsense.'

If such mysterious supernatural powers really existed, I would have used them long ago.

I'm just an ordinary high school student who knows nothing about the occult. Moreover, I'm an atheist who's not even close to religion.

"A curse..."

"If he's a shaman, he can curse..."

"That's right. A curse..."

The whispers of my classmates in the classroom, snickering and glancing at me, reached my ears.

Has the rumor already spread?

Just a while ago, they couldn't even talk to me, but now they were busy avoiding me like avoiding poop.

'That's right. This is better.'

With my gradually cooling head, I thought about my future life.

The most urgent issue is money!

'How do shamans make money? Do they have part-time jobs too?'

This is driving me crazy.

* * *

"Hey! It's the teacher!"

"Everyone, sit down!"

"Quiet! Quiet!"


The homeroom teacher, who was in charge of teaching math to the third-year high school students, slowly entered the classroom, opening the sliding door.

Before starting the closing ceremony, she glanced over the condition of her students and her gaze momentarily stopped at the back of a male student lying on his desk.

A shaman.

The first aptitude test result to come out since the school's founding.

So, she did some research on her own. It would be fine to just let him graduate as it is, but she didn't just get a 'high school math teacher' in her aptitude test results for no reason.

Responsibility, sense of mission, professional spirit...

So, she sincerely wishes for all her students to do well.

"Everyone, did you have a good class?"



All the students answered cheerfully, except for one.

All the teachers working in every school in this country are experts who got 'teacher' in their aptitude test results.

Teaching well is basic, and they deal with students with unyielding passion even as time goes by.

Can the quality of education decline in such an environment?

It's almost impossible.

"Did our future president also have a good class?"


"That wasn't a question to laugh at."


"Just because you have the aptitude of a president doesn't mean you'll definitely become one. Dozens of them come out every year. Will all of them become presidents?"

"Uh... No, it wouldn't, right?"

It would be impossible unless the president's term is less than a month.

"Here's a question. What will you do if you can't become president?"


The 'future president' was at a loss for words, as he had never thought about this problem.

"You need money to hire people to help with the election. How are you going to raise that money? Are you planning to borrow it from your parents?"

"Get sponsorship..."

"Who would willingly give you money after seeing your disappointing behaviour at school today? What if this gets recorded as a video and revealed in the far future?"


The campaign would be completely ruined even before it started.

The "future president" wasn't stupid enough to not expect that, and his face turned pale.

"Think about it carefully."


Taking her gaze off the student whose heart plummeted from heaven to hell, the math teacher spoke with determination in her eyes.

"The aptitude test results are not the end but the beginning. There are many competitors with the same aptitude in society. If you don't make an effort, the aptitude test result is no different from a scrap of paper. Keep that in mind."


"Yes! Teacher!"

Although the students seemed quite impressed by her words, it wasn't difficult for her to 'copy+paste' similar advice every time she was in charge of a third-year high school homeroom.



The math teacher sneakily glanced at Kang Moon-soo, moving only her eyes.

What advice should she give to that lost child?


It was not easy for her to open her mouth as it was the first aptitude test result she had ever seen.

'How ironic.'

It's ironic to be lost because of P's aptitude test machine, which is supposed to guide humanity so they don't wander.

It was very embarrassing. Even more so because she trusted the aptitude test results.


She spoke with a gentle tone, not a reprimand.


"Will you come to the staff room after the closing ceremony? It won't take long."


"I invited someone to the school who could help you now."


"I'm sorry for making an appointment without telling you, but I hope you'll see it as an extension of career counseling."


Having heard the desired answer from her student, the math teacher finished the ceremony with a relieved tone.

"The aptitude test results are not the end but the beginning. Don't be late tomorrow and diligently engage in your studies."



* * *

After the ceremony ended in a slightly heavy atmosphere, I followed my homeroom teacher to the staff room.

'Someone who could help me?'

I was a bit curious.

"Teacher, can I know in advance who the person you invited to the school for me is?"

So I casually asked.

"It's a secret."


The answer that came back was not very satisfying, but!

"They are very famous, enough to be on television."

"Oh, yes."

A famous person for me?

My self-esteem, which had plummeted to the bottom, revived just a little.

"You must not be rude to the person who had a hard time getting here."



With a creak, the homeroom teacher, who reminded me once more in front of the staff room, opened the door and went in first.


"Math teacher!"

"Teacher! Please stop him!"

"What's going on!"

The other teachers who were already in the staff room cried out as if complaining as soon as they saw her.

What's happening in the staff room?

Following my homeroom teacher into the staff room, I....

"Whoa! Tired ghosts from studying~! Begone~! Shoo~!"


As soon as I saw the man who was dancing and shouting, sprinkling alcohol in all directions, I froze like ice.

A real shaman?

Judging by his attire and behavior, it seemed so.


The teachers in the teacher's office were somewhat shocked, but I was utterly disheartened.

'Do I have to end up like that too?'

A wave of dizziness came over me.

"Shaman Yoo Il-am! It's difficult if you do this in the teacher's office!"


"Is the ghost more important than the student who might become your disciple?"

"Begone- Huh? Ah! Teacher."

The man who had been running wild in the teacher's office suddenly stopped.



"Greet him."

"Ah, yes. Hello. I'm Kang Moon-soo, a senior in high school whose aptitude test result came out as a shaman."

I bowed and greeted.

With my perfect manners and etiquette, honed through part-time jobs for a living, I tried to make a good first impression-

"My name is Yoo Il-am, the genius shaman. You know that, right?"

"Uh... Yes."

I had no idea, but it didn't seem like I should say I didn't know.


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