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Dream Breaker - Chapter 3 Part 2

 As always, the disciple's camera lens focused on his master, Yoo Il-am, after sending the signal.
"Hello, subscribers. I am Yoo Il-am, a shaman specialized in exorcising ghosts. Today, I will catch the ghosts hidden in this high school!"
Ghosts, magic, reincarnation, prophecy, gods...
I never believed in such occult things.
But maybe it's because a famous expert told me directly?
"I feel creepy for no reason."
In the quiet school hallway where all the students had left, it felt as if a coldness that ignored the season was sweeping through.
So, I wanted to leave the school, but...
"Today, I will catch the ghosts hidden in this high school!"
I couldn't do that because of the genius shaman Yoo Il-am who was following me from behind.
It's a live broadcast, and considering the efforts of the homeroom teacher who invited that man, running away was out of the question.
I decided to just accept this absurd situation.
"Why are they saying such strange things...?"
"Why would they say that the ghost ran away from the faculty room...?"
As I opened the door to the obviously empty restroom and looked inside,
"...Excuse me?"
I pretended to look for a ghost.
But there was no one in the restroom. Not even a student who couldn't go home because of constipation.
The classroom next door, the science room, the music room, the audio-visual room, the cafeteria...
I couldn't find any ghosts, let alone strange signs or traces that shaman Yoo Il-am mentioned.
Why am I involved in such a foolish act when it's almost time for my part-time job?
I have never felt such a waste of time in my entire life.
"Wow! That man is Yoo Il-am!"
"Shaman Yoo Il-am? Really?"
"Look there! It's true!"
"Oh my! There's a camera too! They must be filming a live broadcast!"
A very small number of students who hadn't left school yet discovered them and made a fuss.
'It seems he's famous.'
Yoo Il-am, the shaman, approached those students with a friendly face and spoke without hesitation.
"Dear student, can I ask you some questions if you're not busy?"
"Ah! Yes."
"Do you know anything about the ghost stories of this school?"
"Well... I don't know much, but I think there was a first-year female student who failed her exam and jumped off the school rooftop..."
"Thank you for your cooperation."
"Is this, by any chance, a live broadcast?"
"Yes, it is."
"Oh my!"
While the lively atmosphere and conversation were going on, I was subtly mentioned as well.
"Today, we are also testing to welcome a new disciple who is a student at this school."
He emphasized the words "new disciple."
"Could it be Moon-soo?"
"Shh! Cute student, the name of the disciple will be kept secret until the end of the broadcast."
"Oh, okay."
I carefully closed my eavesdropping ears and continued to advance.
'Who decided I’m their disciple?'
I couldn't help but be annoyed, but I decided to hold it in for now. If I can't find a ghost here, it means I don't have the talent, and then he'll give up on his own.
There was no need to throw a tantrum like a childish kid.
The rusty hinge made a noise as the iron door leading to the rooftop opened.
So far, everything has been normal and fine.
I've searched everywhere except for some restricted places like the principal's office, vice-principal's office, broadcasting room, and computer room.
"I have to hurry to my part-time job- Huh?"
As I quickly turned around to retrace my steps, I couldn't help but stop.
'A backpack?'
There was a pink backpack lying on the dusty rooftop floor.
Judging by the clean condition of the bag, it seemed to have been abandoned recently. Maybe the bag owner is nearby.
The only blind spot on the school rooftop with an open view all around?
As far as I know, it's just behind the stairs leading to the rooftop.
Because of Yoo Il-am's words, I felt unnecessarily nervous and headed cautiously towards that blind spot, holding my breath.
Was the annoying genius shaman's guess correct?
A female student, who seemed to be the owner of the bag, was unconscious and collapsed in front of the rooftop railing.
I couldn't see the female student's face as it was covered by her disheveled hair, but there was no doubt she was unconscious.
'Should I call a teacher? No.'
I stopped reaching for my smartphone in my pocket.
Isn't there an adult following me who I could ask for help?
"Ah! Look! A female student is lying unconscious on the rooftop, possessed by a ghost! This is not a setup but a real situation! Disciple, make sure to capture everything."
"Yes, Master!"
But contrary to my expectations, they seemed to be more of a hindrance than help.
"Yoo Il-am, now is not the time for jokes. First, let's report—"
"Ghost! Get lost!"
Shaman Yoo Il-am began dancing around the collapsed female student, spinning his fan in both hands.
"Wake up!"
"Oh no! The ghost is really attached!"
He kicked the female student, who showed no reaction to all the commotion.
"Oh! Did you just see her body tremble? The ghost is finally reacting to my exorcism!"
"That's because you kicked her—"
"Ooh! Ghost! Go away! That's not your place~!"
Shaman Yoo Il-am ignored my protest and yelled even louder, kicking the female student again.
"Hey! Don't kick someone who's collapsed—"
"You crazy bastard...!"
Finally, my patience exploded, and I forcefully pushed Yoo Il-am.
"Uh-oh! The ghost called a friend! Subdue it right away!"
He countered my push like a solid stone pillar, and I fell backward.
And I happened to be right above the frail body of the female student.
'Damn it!'
I twisted my waist forcibly to avoid a collision.
That split-second decision was good, but instead of the female student, the hard concrete floor welcomed me.
'Ah... Nothing is going right.'
I instinctively closed my eyes and braced for the impact.
* * *
There was no expected impact and pain.
And instead of the school rooftop, the gymnasium filled my view.
Students praying to their respective gods were lined up behind me.
And in front of me,
<Aptitude Test Center>
A large sign with the purpose of the gymnasium was clearly placed.
"Aptitude test...?"
The hospital bus carrying the aptitude test machine greeted me.

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