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Dream Breaker - Chapter 3 Part 1


"Alright. I expected this from the beginning, but if you know me, a famous shaman, there's no need for a long explanation."
A long explanation is needed, isn't it?
I hesitated to correct the misconception of the famous shaman Yoo Il-am right now. There's no need to ruin the atmosphere with unnecessary words.
It's the wisdom of life honed through part-time work.
"First, let's test your abilities as a shaman!"
Is there a need to test the abilities that have already been proven by the aptitude test?
I had strong doubts, but I decided to follow the instructions without objection.
"Take a look around this faculty room."
"What do you see?"
"I see teachers."
I could see the teachers frowning because of the alcohol that shaman Yoo Il-am had sprinkled on the floor of the faculty room.
"Anything else?"
"...I see desks and chairs."
"Oh, come on! You have to answer like a shaman! I'm asking about the ghosts hiding in this teacher's office!"
I couldn't help but look around the staff room once again due to the frustrated Yoo Il-am, who was pounding his chest.
'Hmm. I don't see anything?'
Even after rubbing my eyes, I couldn't see or hear any ghosts or even their hallucinations.
"Well... never mind. It's my fault for expecting too much from a beginner."
"Ah, yes."
"I would have taken you as a disciple if you were decent, but I'm not idle enough to teach someone with insufficient talent. Look for another shaman."
I'm sorry for the homeroom teacher who invited the famous shaman, but I gave up without regrets.
Is my talent insufficient?
If I lied about seeing invisible ghosts, I would be caught in no time.
"Do you have the aptitude test result sheet?"
"I don't doubt it, but let me see it for a moment."
I handed over the small piece of paper that I had carefully kept in my pocket at the request of shaman Yoo Il-am.
Looking slightly at the word 'shaman' written at the end, he said,
"...I'll give you a test."
"It means I'm giving you a chance."
"It's okay. As you said, I'll look for another shaman."
"I know you're feeling burdened by my fame, but you don't have to refuse."
"I really-"
"From now on, find the ghosts hidden in this school. I'm busy preparing for a broadcast soon, so don't bother me."
The shaman Yoo Il-am, who arbitrarily informed me, stuck his hand out the staff room window and shouted loudly.
"Bring the camera over here! Today's special broadcast is about high school ghost stories."
"Yes! Master!"
A man who was watching the skirts of female students leaving school from a black sedan parked in the school playground responded energetically.
'Is that guy a shaman too?'
His attire and atmosphere seemed like a rookie chauffeur.
As I stuck my head out the window to see the 'disciple of a famous shaman' -
I clutched my head, which was struck by something.
When I quickly turned around, shaman Yoo Il-am, holding a fan, stood there with his chin raised arrogantly.
"What are you doing? Hurry up and find the ghost."
"I never said I would-"
"Stop talking nonsense and get moving! I'm going to start the live broadcast soon. If you mess up, you'll be responsible, okay?"
I was so absurd that I couldn't help but flutter my lips like a fish.
'Isn't this completely unreasonable?'
I quickly turned to the homeroom teacher for help, but
"Just give it a try. I have to go to the principal's office because of this matter..."
The person who should have been my support fled the staff room.
I turned my gaze to the other teachers in the faculty room, but they were either pretending to be absorbed in their work or fixing their makeup, having recognized the broadcast.
The broadcast.
I don't know if the filming was approved by the school principal, but I understood that I was involved from the moment I entered this teacher's office.
"Stop grumbling and get moving. If you find a ghost, scream for help."
"Why? Wouldn't it be better to come back quietly without the ghost knowing and tell you the location...?"
"You're so dumb! That's how we get a more dramatic production. When you scream, my disciple and I, who were following from afar, will rush to the scene. Got it?"
"My disciple-to-be is so clueless. Tsk tsk."
I never said I wanted to be this man's disciple, but I decided not to deal with him anymore.
Where should I start?
I didn't think long. I decided to go up from the school building's basement, where the school store was, to the rooftop and then come back down with the intention of taking a walk.
"Ah! That's right. Prospective disciple."
"You, I mean you. Kang Moon-soo."
Ignoring Yoo Il-am on purpose, I turned my head.
"Tell me everything you know about the ghost stories of this school. Like the sound of piano keys being played in an empty music room..."
"There's probably none."
"None? Is it because you're not interested and don't know?"
"There's none. Absolutely."
"Listen well."
"If there's none, is that the end? You have to create and make a fuss! You really don't know how to broadcast! No, never mind. I'm a fool for expecting from a beginner. Hurry up and walk."
'A broadcast...?'
I took the lead, trying hard to hide my smirking lips.
* * *
While preparing for the live broadcast, the "genius shaman" Yoo Il-am was in a very bad mood as he stared at the back of Kang Moon-soo's head.
"Why can't he see the ghost!"
"Master. Isn't this a wasted effort?"
"Wait. It's possible that there really aren't any, so he couldn't see them."
The aptitude test results of that student really had 'shaman' written on them.
So it means a real shaman.
There was no room for doubt, as the aptitude test machine invented by P had never made a single mistake or misjudgment until now.
"Master. It's time for you to broadcast. Get ready."
"I'm worried. That guy seems like an ordinary high school student with no connection to being a shaman."
"That's how it starts for everyone. You were like that too. No, you were worse."
"You're a cameraman."
The disciple of genius shaman Yoo Il-am had 'cameraman' in his aptitude test results.
So with plausible composition, fancy directing, natural editing, proper exposure, quick adaptability, and timely script...
That's how they easily produced high-quality broadcasts.
"Is the broadcast preparation finished?"
"That was done a long time ago. Are you planning on taking that guy as a disciple?"
"Of course. It would be troublesome if he gets taken away by competitors."
As Kang Moon-soo walked down the school hallway, the eyes of shaman Yoo Il-am greedily shone.
He had no complaints about his disciple, who raised his popularity with high-quality broadcasts, but his aptitude was always regrettable.
A disciple in name only.
Much closer to a business partner.
The reason why his disciple was highly valued as a 'shaman' was due to plausible production and editing.
But how long can they deceive the public?
He was always uneasy.
"Master. If you get a real disciple, you shouldn't ignore or underestimate me."
"Of course."
If it becomes known that he took a disciple with no talent, it would be a big blow to his credibility.
Were there only one or two broadcasts that praised the disciple's talent?
The two were almost like a community of fate.
"It's time."
"Start right away."

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