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The Founder Of The Great Financial Family - Chapter 36 Part 1

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Faith Creates Wealth (4)

"If you need more gold coins, I think we can lend you up to an additional 3,000 Dalant. Of course, this gold is not ours, but considering your difficult situation and our desire to make money, this is the maximum amount we have considered."

5,000 Dalant plus an additional 3,000 Dalant!

From the lord's perspective, who had expected at most 1,000-2,000 Dalant, there was no better news.

The lord, who was told that he could get 8,000 Dalant immediately, did not think deeply about the consequences and only looked ahead.

'With 8,000 Dalant, I can afford to hire additional mercenary units and even build a solid fortress near the border.'

What about the consequences?

'Although the amount is large, I am the lord here, and what can those people do? They should be grateful to lend me the money and humbly accept it when they receive it.'

However, such a shallow thought was not enough for Rockefeller, who had a plan.

'Everyone has a seemingly reasonable plan.'

Until they face reality.

"So, it is possible to borrow up to 8,000 Dalant. How much would you like to borrow, my lord?"

Upon hearing Rockefeller's question, the lord first cleared his throat.

"Ahem! Considering the situation, it's better to borrow as much as possible. In case of an emergency, I can't come all the way here to borrow again, can I? It's a hassle."

"So, are you going to borrow the full 8,000 Dalant?"

The noble couldn't help but get excited just by hearing the amount of 8,000 Dalant.

It was quite a lot of money, enough to try his best to defend his territory and adjacent areas even if a full-scale war broke out between the two forces before the empire's reinforcements arrived.

"I'll take it all."

The lord finished speaking and showed a very satisfied smile.

And then, he started to have unnecessary thoughts.

'Wait a minute. With 8,000 Dalant... I can even bring in a Wyvern after building a fortress.'

The roaring Wyvern on the battlefield was one of the powerful monster weapons that the empire was proud of.

It was a very expensive pet that even a lord who ruled a territory could not easily afford due to its enormous maintenance costs. It was the coveted dream of every knight roaming the battlefield, a trophy from the Flame War that gave birth to the Bastard Dalant.

'Let's see... A fully grown Wyvern would cost about 2,000 Dalant, right? It's expensive, but I might as well buy one this time. I can afford one with 8,000 Dalant.'

In addition to the Wyvern, there were excellent horses and flying griffins that could be tamed and ridden, but they did not even register in the eyes of the lord who had already set his sights on the Wyvern.

'If I were to be less greedy, a griffin would be more suitable than a Wyvern... No, when else will I get to ride a Wyvern? I must seize the opportunity when it comes.'

Even with his eyes closed, he was the same beast that smelled blood on the battlefield.

He imagined in his head the scene of brutally slaughtering the Orc warriors who had infiltrated his territory with his Wyvern.

Just by imagining it, there was nothing more thrilling.

Finally, he could own the Wyvern he had only dreamed of!

"8,000 Dalant. Lend it all to me."

Rockefeller could sense the hidden greed in the lord’'s tone.

Although he couldn't know what the lord wanted with that much money, it was clear that he desperately needed it.

'Good, I baited him well. But it won't be easy. Even though I've laid out the groundwork, it's better to be more prepared.'

Rockefeller showed a very distressed expression to the excited noble.

"My lord, there's a problem..."

"What? Is there a problem?"

"We can lend you up to 8,000 Dalant, but..."

Rockefeller glanced at Carter for a moment.

Of course, Carter was not needed in this situation, but Rockefeller glanced at him to pretend to check the store's situation.

Rockefeller then continued speaking to the noble.

"8,000 Dalant is such a large amount for us."

It sounded like they couldn't just give it to him.

The lord frowned slightly.

"If you need my promissory note, I'll write as many as you want, just prepare 8,000 Dalant."

He thought that would be the end, but it wasn't.

Rockefeller's distressed expression remained unchanged.

"My lord, your promissory note means that we trust your credit and lend you the money. However, the 8,000 Dalant you want to borrow this time is too much to lend based on your credit alone."

"What? So, do you think there's a problem with my credit?"

"It may be very unpleasant to hear, but so far, we have trusted you and lent you money based on the promissory notes you have written. But now, the amount is too difficult for us to handle."

At that, Carter, who had been nearby, also nodded in agreement, supporting Rockefeller's side.

'Yeah, what are we supposed to trust to lend you 8,000 Dalant? Even if you're a lord, no one would lend you that much money unless they're crazy.'

"That's right. This time, borrowing with just your promissory note is difficult."

The noble's expression darkened as he spoke in a sharp voice.

"So, what do you want me to do? If my credit is not enough, do you want me to use my territory as collateral?"

Upon hearing this, Rockefeller stepped forward as if he had been waiting for it.

"It doesn't have to be the entire territory... but at least if you could provide some land as collateral, we would have no problem lending you the full 8,000 Dalant."

Whether it was territory or land, it was the same thing, wasn't it?

The lord's expression turned grim.

'Borrow with land as collateral?'

Rockefeller continued speaking to the lord who couldn't answer right away.

"We can't lend you 8,000 Dalant without collateral. However, if you lower the amount, some adjustments may be possible."

Rockefeller knew that the noble would borrow 8,000 Dalant in any way because he saw the greed hidden in his expression.

Otherwise, there would be no need to worry.

“Land… no. What would become of me if I lose this land?”

The lord hesitated.

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