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The Founder Of The Great Financial Family - Chapter 35 Part 2

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Changing existing laws according to the situation was precisely the power the lord possessed.


As the lord who was just coughing aimlessly pondered Rockefeller's suggestion while stroking his beard.

In fact, there was nothing to think about.

He needed money urgently, and for that money, the existing laws could be temporarily ignored for convenience.

"So, just do it this one time?"

Having brought up the topic, Rockefeller intended to seek definite permission.

"Still, it seems difficult to continue following a broken rule. If you also consider the convenience of others, shouldn't we continue to offer them the same? So, please allow us to secretly lend customers' gold coins."

Upon hearing Rockefeller's words, the lord slightly changed his expression.

The young one's words.

"If you lend not only this money but others', you'll probably make a lot of money. It must be nice to make so much money."

At the slightly sarcastic words of the lord, Rockefeller brushed them off with a shrewd smile.

"Then, of course, the taxes you pay will naturally increase. It seems like a good thing for both you and us."

The lord welcomed the idea that the bank in his territory was doing well.

It was because doing well in business meant paying more taxes.

"What if there's a problem lending other people's money? What will you do then?"

It was difficult for the lord to understand the detailed inside story of the plan to lend other people's money without causing problems.

So, Rockefeller decided to skip the detailed explanation and simply said this.

"If a problem occurs, we will take responsibility. So, you don't have to worry too much about that part."

"Can you guarantee that you'll take responsibility? Is that possible?"

"Yes, of course."


The lord, who had been talking to Rockefeller, called for Carter, the store owner.

"Yes, did you call me?"

"Can you take responsibility for that?"

Carter showed no hesitation at the question.

"Ah, yes, of course. If there's a problem, we'll take full responsibility."

"Okay? That's a good spirit. It's great that you can take responsibility so easily. Don't ever change your words later."

"Yes, you don't have to worry about that part."

Having assured that they would take responsibility for any problems, the lord decided not to talk any further.

'If there's a problem, they will take care of it. They have a lot of money; what problem would there be? I just need to scrape up a lot of taxes.'

Carter, looking at Rockefeller speaking to the lord, had many thoughts going through his head.

'Solving it like this?'

For a long time, he was concerned about secretly lending other people's gold coins, but the problem was resolved in this manner.

'He's really amazing. He can overcome it like this.'

If it were him, he probably wouldn't have even spoken such words.

It was hard to gauge what attitude the lord would take.

However, luring the lord by sharing the benefits during the convincing situation made it impossible for him to resist Rockefeller's scheme; this left Carter in constant admiration.

'What will he grow up to be? He's truly a scary kid.'

While Carter was deep in thought, the lord pondered how much more gold he could borrow.

'From 5,000 dalants and more borrowed.....'

In fact, the 5,000 dalants he had decided to borrow was quite a lot.

Moreover, additional loans.

Had his ancestors known about this, they might have jumped up in their graves.

It wasn't something to be taken lightly.

'Debts can be paid back slowly.'

However, the territory's situation was not good.

The full-scale war between the two powers near the border seemed like shrimp's backs would be broken due to a whale's fight.

'I'll have to survive and see.'

"So, how much more is possible?"

If he could borrow money from the lord with certainty, it would be better for Rockefeller to lend as much as possible.

'I've already figured out how to get it back. The stage is set.'

He still remembered the lord being extremely haughty when his father, Hans Rothsmedici, was buried.

'Indeed, you must return what you received as gracefully as possible.'

Some with a sword, others with a debt.

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