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Chapter 39 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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In this world, powerful magic, gunpowder, and monstrous weapons played a significant role. Hiring wizards capable of wielding powerful magic required money, as did operating and maintaining heavily armed troops and gigantic monstrous weapons. In the end, money was everything in war.

"What do you think? Can you win a war without money?"


"Absolutely not!"

"Right, but right now, our lord has a lot of money. Your hyung and Carter helped lend a lot to our lord."


"Wow, amazing. So our lord is rich?"

At that, Rockefeller couldn't help but smile faintly.


He only appeared to be rich.

In reality, he was a hollow shell with nothing.

"For now, there shouldn't be much difficulty in defending the territory. They're building a large fortress near the border, and the lack of troops will be somewhat resolved by hiring additional mercenary forces."

"So we don't have to worry too much?"

"I'm relieved. I was a bit worried."

"But we can't be completely at ease. Nobody knows what will happen in the world. However, the probability of this place being in danger is slim. For now, the battles outside the territory will have nothing to do with this place."

Hearing Rockefeller's words, the two younger siblings quickly felt relieved.

Then Joshua began to raise a question again.

"I get the general situation. But what does Rockefeller want to buy at a time like this?"

At that, Rockefeller showed a faint smile.

"Usually, in situations like this, people around us would stock up on weapons and food supplies to prepare for any possible situations."

"That's right. This time, the prices of potatoes and carrots went up a lot. It seems like there are fewer supplies for the mercenaries, too. I was suspected of stealing supplies because of that."

Andrew asked,

"So, do we also buy a lot of food supplies like the people around us?"

At that, Rockefeller slowly shook his head.

It was a sign of denial.

"No, we can't make a lot of money with that. If we had to, we should have acted in advance."


At this moment, Rockefeller's eyes began to shine intensely.

"What I'm interested in right now is not ordinary food supplies."

"Then what are you interested in?"

"Barley and hops."

"Barley and hops?"

The two siblings knew what they were used for.

"Barley and hops are used to make beer, right?"

"That's right. I've heard that barley and hops are needed to make beer."

Barley sprouts were used to make malt juice, which was then filtered, and hops were added to it and fermented with yeast to make beer, a friend of all.

"That's right. What I'm interested in is the barley and hops needed to make beer, and the beer itself."

"Why beer? Beer is not essential right now."

The two siblings showed a puzzled expression.

Would there really be anyone wanting to enjoy beer in the pressing situation of the territory?

There might be, but they didn't think it was more valuable than potatoes and other food supplies that could fill their stomachs right now.

"I don't know. Why is Rockefeller interested in beer?"

"Me neither."

"Is beer that important?"

"I don't think so. I don't think it's beer in this uncertain situation."

As they were talking, something crossed Andrew's mind.

There was an answer in the conversation he had with Rockefeller so far.

"Wait... Rockefeller, are you planning to monopolize beer and sell it to dwarves?"

Andrew continued.

"The war is not only fought by us, right?"

At that, Joshua also showed a surprised expression.

"That's right. Dwarves are crazy about beer. I heard that they drink beer every day and can't live even a single day without it."

The younger siblings were not complete fools.

At that, Rockefeller confirmed their guess with a wide grin.

"You're right. The war is not just ours, and dwarves are a race that can't do anything without beer. They even cause riots because of beer. That's the kind of race they are."

Dwarves were different from humans.

They were underground dwarves who had to drink beer and die even if they were about to die.

They loved beer so much that they were obsessed with it.

"And this is a foreign land. In such a place, beer can only be bought from nearby areas, other than importing it from their home country."

Dwarves were a very wealthy race, holding as much gold as goblins.

Being such a wealthy race, they preferred to buy scarce supplies from foreign lands rather than supplementing them from their home country.

"Dwarves definitely need beer. However, due to their affluent nature, they won't import beer from their home country but will buy it from nearby areas. And since beer is as essential as air to them, they will try to buy it no matter what, right?"

Here's a question.

"In that case, will they buy beer here, where it's very expensive, or not?"

The answer to that question was already determined.

"They will definitely buy it!"

"Dwarves are rich! Of course, they will buy it!"


Rockefeller snapped his fingers, creating a loud sound.

"That's right. They will definitely buy it. So, what will happen to us, who have monopolized that beer?"

This answer was also predetermined.

"We will become filthy rich!"

"We will make a tremendous amount of money!"

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