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Chapter 40 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Monopolizing Goods #2(1)

On a weekend morning.

An elderly priest conducting the Holy Communion service spoke to the believers who participated in the Mass as he distributed the bread.

"This is the body of Saint John for you."

Then, the old priest holding a chalice of red wine continued.

"This is also the cup of the new covenant, sealed by the blood of Saint John. Saint John shed this blood for you."

After the Holy Communion prayer ended, the believers who participated in the Mass ate the bread and wine distributed by the elderly priest, finished the ceremony, and left the chapel.

The chapel where the Mass had ended.

Although the chapel was not very large, as it was located in a small place on the outskirts of the empire, the peaceful atmosphere was not bad compared to other chapels.

In the now-empty chapel, Leo, the fourth child of the Rothsmedici family, offered prayers for his brothers along with his youngest sister, Lucia.

'Saint John, please help my brothers not to go to hell.'

The only reason the fourth child, Leo, came to the chapel every day, including weekends, was that he was worried about his brothers falling into hell.

"Leo, you're here."

A young priest who recognized Leo naturally approached and sat next to him.

Hearing the familiar voice, Leo paused his prayer for a moment and looked at the visiting priest.

"Father Lucian, hello."

There was a young girl sitting next to Leo, and the priest also recognized Lucia.

"Hello, Lucia?"

Shy Lucia just bowed her head silently.

Seeing this, the priest smiled faintly and immediately spoke to Leo.

"You came today too?"

"Yes, I came to pray for my brothers today as well."


The young priest was not unaware of why Leo visited every day to offer prayers to God and the circumstances behind it.

The younger brother was struggling for his eldest brother, who had joined the bank, and two other brothers who could not resist money.

"Father Lucian."

In the case of ordinary priests, the title Father was attached, and since Lucian had told him, Leo had been calling him by that title ever since.


"You said you didn't know last time and would look into it once. So I'm asking again, do people who have done usury even once have to go to hell?"

At that question, Lucian shifted his gaze forward.

It was a difficult question.

"To go to hell unconditionally..."

Lucian, who was still a young priest, did not know much.

However, he did ask an experienced priest about usury because Leo had asked.

And he told Leo what he had sorted out after hearing the answer.

"Actually, there is a saying that if you do usury, you will go to hell. There is a separate hell for usurers in the 7th hell."


Lucian continued in a nonchalant expression to Leo, who asked with a worried look.

"Usurers who fall into that hell suffer eternally with a heavy wallet around their necks. That's why we tell the believers never to take interest from others. Of course, we have to stop it if we don't want to receive such punishment after death."

"Then what about my eldest brother? Is he going to hell unconditionally after death?"


It was true that all usurers who take interest from others go to hell, as everyone knows.

That was correct...

'I don't know why the bishop and the high priest are close to such usurers. If they are people who will eventually fall into hell, it would be right to stay away from them for the sake of other believers.'

The bishop and high priest that he served were the ones who were closest to those who would fall to hell.

Although it was a small diocese located in a remote area, there were high-ranking priests here, and they liked the usurers who donated the most money to the church more than anyone else.

Usurers should have been avoided by the priests of the church in principle.

However, the high-ranking priests in the diocese seemed to like them even more.

And they said,

If you donate a lot of money, you may not go to hell.

A merciful God can lead even the most heinous criminals to heaven in response to many prayers.

“I heard that if you pray a lot to God, even those who go to hell can be sent to heaven.”

Upon hearing this story, Leo's face brightened.

"Really? So if I pray a lot, can my oldest brother avoid going to hell?"

It was a difficult question.

Although it would be funny to say that there is a quality to prayers, in reality, there is.

For example, the Pope's prayer is said to be better received by God than that of an ordinary priest like him.

"Leo, do you know who the highest-ranking person in the church is?"

The closest existence to God.

Leo shook his head.

"No, I don't know."

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