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Chapter 54 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Birth of Deposits (1)

18 years old.

According to the customs of the empire, this is the age considered as adulthood.

As Rockefeller reached this age, there were no longer any adults who treated him as a boy.

Carter, the owner of the bank, had treated Rockefeller as an adult and respected him since early on, and the majority of the people in the Montefeltro territory who were well aware of Rockefeller's influence also treated him as an adult from an early age.

However, some people still looked down on Rockefeller as a child due to his young age, but even they began to treat him as a respectable adult once he turned 18.

It was just a month ago that Rockefeller began to be treated as a complete adult.

As the years passed, he turned 18, the age of adulthood.

'Snow is falling.'

Rockefeller, who had been quietly reading something in the store, looked up for a moment and gazed out the window.

White snowflakes fell peacefully onto the winter streets.

'Has it been two years since Andrew left? Time flies.'

Three years had passed since he started working at the bank.

During that time, many things happened, and the biggest event was his younger brother Andrew, who had a big dream, leaving for the capital.

Andrew, who wanted to become a soldier after graduating from the military academy, left for the capital two years ago and has been sending letters regularly to Rockefeller and his family ever since.

And the letter in Rockefeller's hand right now was a letter from his younger brother Andrew.

Rockefeller, who had been briefly distracted by the window, lowered his head and began to read his brother's letter again.

Dear Rockefeller,

Greetings to you, the head of the family and my eldest brother. It is my pleasure and duty to write this letter to you.

Two years have passed since I left the Montefeltro territory, where you and our younger siblings are.

I have always felt sorry for leaving, but I have not had the opportunity to make up for that feeling of guilt, so I live each day like a sinner who has committed a crime.

However, as you said, I think that living well as a cadet in the military academy and graduating is the only way to repay my debt to you, so I am doing my best in the tough training every day.

Life as a cadet is very difficult and full of frustrations as I constantly face my limits, but I never give in, thinking of you, my big brother, who firmly protects our family and homeland, and our younger siblings.

Isn't that the only way to repay you, even a little?

My beloved brother Rockefeller,

I am sorry to bring this up suddenly, but the tuition and living expenses you send me every month actually feel a bit, no, quite excessive.

Being a cadet in the military academy has allowed me to meet people from various backgrounds, but I have realized that there are limits to what a commoner can enjoy.

However, considering the money you send me every month, I wonder if I am really a commoner, as the amount you send is too much.

Would you believe me if I told you that I receive more allowance than Miss Stella?

It is true.

That is how much your love is overwhelming.

I think I would be happy enough even if you reduced that love just a little.


I sometimes miss the young and foolish Joshua and the quiet Leo.

And I hope the pretty youngest, Lucia, is doing well.

Lucia is now a 9-year-old girl, so it seems there is no need to worry too much like before.

I miss you and our siblings.

When this semester ends, I want to return home with Miss Stella and see you and our siblings.

Please take care of yourself until then.

After reading the letter again, Rockefeller fell into thought with a strange expression.


It was good to know that Andrew was doing well in a faraway place.

The problem was...

'He doesn't know how to spend money at all.'

The reason he sent excessive living expenses every month was not only to take care of Andrew but also to teach him how to handle and spend money.

'If he doesn't have the confidence to invest, he should at least make friends with people from various backgrounds while he's in the military academy. There must be some nobles or even royal people there, and such connections made during school days are priceless.'

Money was meant to be spent somewhere.

What good would it do to save and hoard a small amount of money?

Of course, it might be better to save and live frugally than to spend it all recklessly.

However, from Rockefeller's point of view, small amounts of money should never be saved.

Saving money was for money that was worth saving, but if it was money that could turn into new revenue, it was much better to use it in another way to make a profit.

'He should just spend that small amount of money somehow. Whether investing it somewhere or using it to meet someone. At least something will be left if he spends it that way, but if he just focuses on training and becoming a soldier, he won't know what's left.'

With that thought in mind, Rockefeller began to write a letter to Andrew, expressing his thoughts.

As Rockefeller wrote the letter for a while, another problem came to mind.

'According to Joshua, the reason he went to the military academy was because of the lord's daughter...'

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