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Chapter 53 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"He started repaying the monthly interest with promissory notes because he couldn't handle the interest."

"That's right. It happened just as I said, didn't it?"

Everything was going according to plan, but Carter couldn't shake one concern from his mind.

Their opponent was none other than the lord of this land.

Because of this, a concern naturally arose – the lord's downfall.

"But here's the thing. With him abusing promissory notes like that, I'm worried if we'll ever get our money back properly."

"I've explained it already, haven't I? We don't have to worry too much about that."

"Can we really not worry?"

"Yes, because we're not the ones who will collect it."

Rockefeller emphasized in a voice loud enough for Joshua, who was present, to hear and continued.

"Rather than worrying about the lord's ability to repay his debt, our job is to lend him even more money so that he can never think of repaying it."

"Lend him even more?"

Rockefeller was a man capable of a crueler smile than expected.

"Yes, we have to lend him so much that he can't possibly repay it. And when the debt reaches its peak."

Rockefeller's eyes were shimmering like those of a predatory animal.

"He'll be devoured by that debt."

"Devoured by debt?"

"Yes, haven't you ever seen it? A rich man becoming a beggar in an instant because of debt."

"I don't know. I haven't made anyone go that far."

"Then you'll see it this time. A person devoured by debt."

Rockefeller smiled faintly and spoke to Joshua, who was nearby.

"People aren't killed by swords."

As Joshua looked at Rockefeller with his bright eyes, Rockefeller continued.

"They're crushed by debt and killed in the most elegant way possible."

Joshua seemed to understand and nodded, and Carter, who was nearby, spoke again.

"It'll take some time to grow the debt as you said. When do you roughly see that happening?"

"I'll have to calculate separately, but when the promissory notes issued by the lord become too many, that's probably when it'll happen. In other words, the moment we stop accepting the promissory notes from the lord, he'll be crushed by debt and die. He probably won't be able to handle it. We're growing the lord's debt for that moment in the first place."

If that day comes, and everything goes according to Rockefeller's plan, what will happen?

Carter began to voice his concerns as he considered various scenarios.

"But here's the thing. If it happens as you say, great turmoil will come to this domain..."

At the very least, the lord wouldn't be able to keep his position.

If he couldn't handle the debt, it would be better to flee in the middle of the night.

"What happens if the lord doesn't repay the debt and runs away?"

"Then we'll get the domain land we took as collateral. Have you forgotten? When the lord borrowed 8,000 dalants from us, we took the domain land as collateral. Since the debtor has run away, the creditor has no choice but to exercise their rights."

"I know that. But... my concern is, who will become the lord if that happens? Just because we have the land doesn't mean we can become the owners here."

The lord was not only the owner of the land but also the person who occupied that position with the absolute support of the domain's people.

But a mere banker couldn't sit in such a position.

Even if they took the land, the absolute support of the domain's people was absent.

In response to this question, Rockefeller showed a meaningful smile.

'Where does the absolute support for the lord come from?'

"If there's an empty seat, naturally someone suitable will take it."

Carter was still doubtful.

"Who are you talking about? If we have the land, and there's a person who wants to become the next lord, they should come to us first to buy the land."

Rockefeller's smile remained unchanged.

"I don't know. But don't worry too much. When the time comes, the right person will naturally take their place."

It wasn't wrong, but Carter still had a worried expression.

It was good to burden the lord with a large debt and make money from it, but he didn't want the domain's situation to become extremely unstable.

"Alright. There's no use worrying about it. Either another lord will come and take over, or something."

At this point, Carter didn't have the slightest thought that he could become the lord.

Even if they had the land, without the support of a powerful faction, they couldn't sit in the lord's position.

'I'm definitely not the one.'

And what about that kid?

Carter didn't think so.

'No way. That kid may have a sharp mind, but no way. What lord? Especially at such a young age.'

On the other hand, Rockefeller had a different idea.

Rockefeller had said it himself.

If there's an empty seat, someone suitable will naturally take it.

'There's no need to give up a seat I can take to someone else.'

The problem to consider here was the support of the person who wanted to become the new lord.

Without the absolute support of the domain's people, they couldn't sit in the lord's position even if they wanted to.

'Everyone will support me. Because I'm going to be their savior.'

What exactly was that savior?

Only Rockefeller knew the answer to that.

'Everyone will have no choice but to acknowledge me. They have no other choice.'

"Don't worry. Everything will work out fine."

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