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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 75 Part 1

 Larksper (1)

In the waiting room of the Colosseum.

The waiting rooms for gladiators vary depending on their popularity.

There were waiting rooms like those for nobles, and there were also rooms that resembled dungeons underground.

Among them, the worst-treated place would be the waiting room for monsters.

Woof! Woof!


The fierce cries of beasts and the sound of flapping wings.

And through their intense struggles, they gave a sense of anxiety as if they would break out at any moment.

In that place, there was someone sitting very peacefully.

Orc warrior, Larksper.

He was meditating, sitting cross-legged, amidst the howling of the beasts.

The place he was sitting was originally where the Rhinotodus should be tied up.

After the Rhinotodus died, it was made into a temporary shelter for Larksper to stay.

Larksper is now Reed's property since he bought him.

However, since the treatment of orcs was no different from monsters, they could not freely roam outside the village.

So, he couldn't freely roam the village, and he had no choice but to wait in the monster's waiting room.

"Ah, damn it! I never thought I'd end up here."

"Don't worry too much, the management has been strict since one died three months ago."

"Isn't it time for one to die soon? I don't want to be here all the time as a guard."

"Stop talking nonsense. You're making me nervous too, damn it."

"If you're anxious, let's take him quickly."

With that, he walked in and stood in front of Larksper.

"Hey, Orc."

Larksper was quietly meditating in a seated position.

He didn't wake up as if he was in a deep sleep.


Bang! Bang!

Larksper finally opened his eyes after being hit with a baton.

He rolled his black pupils and looked up at the manager.

"Be careful, this guy is dangerous. He's the one who pulled out the horn of the Rhinotodus."

"He's like that with the beast bastards, but he's submissive to humans. As long as you don't bother him, he'll move on his own. Yeah, get up slowly like that."

As the man said, Larksper carefully got up and began to walk.

The guards kept their distance with their spears aimed at him and guided him on his way.

As Larksper followed the path they were guiding him on, a room decorated with luxurious interior and lights, unlike the place where the warriors were moving, came into view.

Inside, a man with silver-colored hair and a woman with blonde hair were visible.

Larksper knew who they were.

They were the man and woman he had seen yesterday.

As they approached, the guards cautiously tapped his back knee with their long sticks.

Understanding the meaning to kneel, he knelt.

Reed gestured to the guards and spoke.

"It's done, you can go now."

"Please feel at ease."

Reed looked down at the orc.

Black hair, red skin.

Black pupils, lips pinched, and protruding lower canines.

It was difficult to distinguish orcs just by looking at them up to that point.

Larksper had three faint striped scars on his left eyebrow.

That confirmed that he was now meeting Larksper.

"What is your name?"


"Did I not say it properly? I asked what your name is."

"Bokonba Chejen Grusudia."

* * *

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A sound like a snort came out in response to the low voice.

Amazingly, that was the language of the orcs.

There was no doubt that the reason he spoke in the orc language was to imply that he couldn't understand Reed's words.

If Reed hadn't known about Larksper's existence, he would have definitely believed it.

"I know you can speak the human language. There's no need to pretend to be a barbaric orc. Speak in the human language."

"......Larksper, yes."

Orc warrior, Larksper, spoke his name in a dull tone and accent.

His black pupils looked up at Reed and asked.

"How did you know?"

"Since the Third Prince insulted you. Didn't you try to untie the restraint by yourself? That's how I knew you were listening."

In fact, he guessed because he knew that he was a boss who spat out dialogue in <Disaster 7>.

And whether it was correct or not, Larksper began to spit out the words he knew one by one.

"Larksper, know, human, expression, kid, Larksper, kill, did. So moved."

It meant that he sensed living beings not only by their words, but also by their expressions and moved to defend himself.

"However, if you had been released, you would have undoubtedly been cut by Gorgon's sword. Even if it wasn't Gorgon, the other escort knights are sword experts. They would have cut your throat quickly."

"Larksper, must die no matter what. So, resist."

"Last stand... Well, it's not bad."

If his life was at stake, he would at least take one with him.

Being an outstanding orc warrior, Larksper would never hesitate in such a situation.

"Did you, Larksper, buy it?"

"Yes, I bought you from the manager."

"Larksper, heard. Wizard, orc, hates."

"Wizards look down on even their fellow humans. It's not a surprising story."

"Why, Larksper, buy?"

There were several legitimate reasons for asking why he bought.

"First, we made 870,000 UP through your matches. Second, I didn't like the kid who told me to kill you. Third..."

He spread his index, middle, and finally ring fingers as he spoke.

"I wanted to take you with me."


Larksper closed his eyes quietly after hearing that.

"Thank you. But, it can't be done."

"What do you mean?"

"Larksper, Imorun, reason, there."

There is a reason to be in Imorun.

That's what he's saying.

"Imorun, must be there. Can't go anywhere."

"I know the reason. It's for your training, isn't it?"

Larksper's small eyes widened, and he couldn't hide his surprised expression.

"......How did you know?"

"People fight for their survival. But your fight against Rhinotodus seemed different from fighting for survival. Your skillful fighting appearance looked like a warrior undergoing training."

"Did the manager tell you?"

"I heard you made a contract here."

Orc warrior, Larksper is said to have been captured.

In the first place, it was because of the contract between Larksper and the manager of this stadium.

Being an orc, gladiator activities were difficult, but catching a large monster was not a problem.

It was worth a try as it would become a kind of content if successful.

"That's right. Larksper, training."

Larksper did not deny it.

He knew that the best and most effective place for his training was right here, in Imorun.

"But you almost lost your life by capturing the Rhinotodus. And I saved you."

Although he made a brilliant debut, William must have been angry because of the bet between Morgan II and him.

He would undoubtedly face a brutal death.

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