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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 75 Part 2

Reed had no intention of leaving Larksper to die.

That's why Reed persuaded the manager to give him the transfer document before they met.

"Larksper, I have to be here. I have to catch the monster in my hometown."


"Kalton Mountains, ruler, must catch, for orcs."

The Kalton Mountains were the most treacherous terrain in the east, where humans didn't even set foot in the wild land.

Many lives lived there, but the most famous one was the guardian giant of the Kalton Mountains.

However, in <Disaster 7>, the guardian giant was exterminated, and the Kingdom of Grancia in the east that defeated it accumulated wealth through the development and resources of the Kalton Mountains.

'Did the one who killed the guardian giant of the Kalton Mountains... not Grancia but this guy?'

History belongs to the winners.

So, it is possible that the Grancia Kingdom, which won in the end, fabricated history.

'Well, even if the kingdom that caught the guardian giant became wealthy, it wouldn't make sense for it to falter.'

In addition, he began to understand something about Ludis, who appeared as a pathetic early villain boss pushing Dolores out.

'Of course, this is still just speculation.'

He didn't know the proper inside story.

However, he knew one thing.

"Even if you practice for a hundred days here, the day your race is recognized will not come."

All the monsters threatened in the Kalton Mountains will die.

Larksper's eyes widened.

It was a negative story, so it was an understandable reaction.

"Are you sure?"

"The orc race is so disregarded in human society that even if they make a promise, they won't keep it because it's a promise made with beasts."


Larksper did not get angry.

Rather, he closed his eyes and pondered Reed's words.

He acknowledged that his words were not wrong.

'He's different from other orcs.'

Reed realized once again that Larksper was special.

Enduring meant knowing honor and seeing the future.

It meant that he knew how to adapt in human society.

Reed felt potential in his attempt not to resort to violence.

'As a single orc warrior, not the seventh disaster...'

That's why Reed made a proposal to him.

"But if you follow me, I can help your race."

Larksper looked up at him and lowered his head, refusing.

"It won't be possible."

"What do you mean?"

"Orcs are barbaric. And Larksper is weak. I can't return to my hometown yet. Larksper must become."

"What do you mean?"

"Baltan, the great chieftain of the orcs."

Baltan means the great chieftain of the orcs.

He had to become the great chieftain of the orcs gathered in the Kalton Mountains to have a say in all decisions.

So far, the orcs have been led by the elders of each tribe without a chieftain through negotiations.

To prove his strength for that.

That's why he tried to defeat the guardian giant.

"But staying here will only make you prey to the Third Prince. It may be glorious for you to die in a match, but if you win and die, you won't even achieve your great cause. I don't want to leave you like that."


"If you have to defeat the guardian giant of the Kalton Mountains, I can help you become stronger. So follow me."

Larksper didn't think any further.

It was right to leave this place if it was not a practice but a time when his life was in danger.

Larksper, who had finished calculating, got up from his seat.

* * *

After the magic engineering reform, the tower's wizards were astonished by an unexpected event.

The lord of the Silence Tower brought an orc into the tower.

Of course, bringing monsters into the tower itself was more common than expected.

In the case of the Black Sky Tower, which studies black magic, it is the main ingredient for making magical creatures, and the Jade Tower captures live poisonous monsters when making poison.

It didn't matter what the experimental subject was, but it was different when Reed brought the orc.

He entered with the orc as confidently as if he had brought a person.

Reed realized once again that Larksper was special.

The height of 2.5m, with wide shoulders that required three adult men to stand side by side to match.

His large build alone was enough to draw the attention of the wizards.

"Is this where Larksper lives?"

"No, this is just a temporary shelter for now. After talking to the Hupper Kingdom, we will discuss your purpose."


"You can roam freely within the first floor of our tower. Try not to encounter humans too much."

Larksper nodded.

He didn't seem upset by Reed's words.

It meant that he was already used to such treatment.

Reed had converted an unused storage room on the first floor into a place for Larksper to stay.

Although it was still a storage room, at least it was better than a cage where they kept the monsters, so he didn't complain.

Larksper sat quietly in the room and meditated.

The musty smell of dust stuck to the floor tickled his nose, but his half-closed eyes went deep into the realm of the unconscious.


As the old hinge clicked, Larksper opened his eyes.

He instinctively reached for his axe, but stopped as he saw the shadow entering the room.

A very small shadow moved sneakily, and beyond the half-open door, white hair fluttered.

And their eyes met.

Curious ruby eyes were directed at Larksper.

As soon as their eyes met, the girl entered the room and greeted Larksper.



"I'm Rosaria Adeleheights Roton! What's your name, sir?"


"Larksper, Larksper... It's a difficult name."

"It's not difficult. Larksper is a flower."

"A flower?"

"Larksper is a flower name. It's easy."

"Is there such a flower?"


Rosaria's red eyes glanced up at the ceiling, thinking.


She exclaimed as if she had thought of something.

"Rosaria has an encyclopedia!"


"There's a lot written in it! Larksper will be in there too! I'll bring it!"

With that, Rosaria left without permission.

A short while later, she came back in with a thick book the size of her body.

"Larksper should be in here!"

"Is that so?"

"Let's look for it together!"

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