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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 80 Part 2

"That's how it happened."

"......As expected."

Dolores didn't think she had pulled it out.

The real expert at causing trouble was Rosaria.

The culprit of the accident was happily eating the sandwich she brought with a happy expression on her face.

What she was eating was a meatball sandwich.

She was eating it deliciously while holding the bottom and smearing sauce on it with her mouth.

It was lunchtime, but the elite couldn't swallow their food because of the current situation.

Among them was Laksper.

Perhaps he was the most serious among them.

"You said the position of the Great Chieftain doesn't matter, regardless of the race, right?"

"That's right."

"It looked like I pulled it out, but in fact, Rosaria pulled it out... What do we do in that case?"

According to the rules, Rosaria, not Dolores, should become the Bal-tan.

However, Laksper shook his head at that opinion.

"It would be difficult for the teacher to be the Bal-tan."

"Teacher? Who are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Rosaria. She calls herself a teacher because she taught me the letters."

"Ah, right."

Dolores nodded, recalling the briefly forgotten relationship between him and Rosaria.

Laksper, who seemed to have goodwill towards Rosaria, answered the question calmly.

Reed looked at the axe that was brought.

A long handle with a wide blade.

Although it had never been maintained, there wasn't a single rusty spot and it was smooth.

"It's a War Axe. I've seen someone in the 2nd Knight Division use one before."

It was a great item for dealing with small monsters when they swarmed in large numbers, used by warriors who boasted about their strength.

Reed knew that too.

The reason he had looked at it closely was because he had seen this item before.


-Ancient Double-edged Axe-

Type: Equipment Item

An axe so old that its age is immeasurable.

However, for an unknown reason, there is not even a trace of corrosion.

Durability: 250/250

Attack power: 80~91

<Craftsmanship Lv. 3>: There are no defects.

<Magic Studies Lv. 4>: 'Runes' are engraved. Cannot be deciphered.


In terms of grade, it had an almost end-game like-item with formidable specification.

'The weapon used by the Seventh Calamity, Laksper.'

A 2.5m tall orc who, when wearing armor, swells to over 3m.

He wore a helmet with horns attached like a Minotaur on both sides.

His threatening charge and brutal attack method of swinging the battle axe cornered Reed during his first try.

Laksper was an unreasonable one-man army, taking on everyone by himself.

He was a tanker, a damage dealer, and even used magic, making him a truly calamitous figure.

There was one contradictory point, and that was Laksper's ability to use magic.

'There are no orc magicians.'

There were shamans who demanded sacrifices and had varying effects depending on the offering, or elementalists who were friendly with and controlled hidden spirits in nature, but no magicians.

This was because the orcs' minds couldn't perform the magic manifestation and calculations that only a minority of humans could do.

Yet, Laksper was able to use two magics.

Haste, which momentarily increased the speed of his movements.

Explosion, which accumulated red power in the axe, struck down, and caused an explosion in front of him.

He thought he somehow used magic with the power borrowed through <Project: Flower Garden>, but after checking the state of the pulled-out axe, he finally understood the true nature of the magic Raksper used.

'The reason he could use it was because of the runes.'

Runes are a language that magicians discover and try to decipher.

Complex calculations, imaginative implementation, and appropriate mana all must come together to create an excellent magic.

Magic scrolls are made through a process of transferring the magician's thoughts directly onto them.

Since runes contain meaning and purpose in a single character, they are much more efficient than the dozens of sentences written on scrolls.

It was like the Chinese characters in the <Disaster 7> worldview.

If you could interpret and write runes, you could reduce the size of a complex scroll by 1/10, making it an innovative high language.

'It's more amazing than I imagined.'

Not just one or two, but eight runes were engraved on each side of the axe.

It was an item that not only warriors but also magicians couldn't help but covet.

"Is this what you call a rune?"

"Do you covet it too?"

"You're being direct. Runes are something that everyone would crave. Of course, I'm no exception."

"It's clearly visible on your face."


Dolores usually had an ice-cold expression, but she found it harder to maintain when she was with Reed.

'Dolores must be tempted too, without a doubt.'

Reed was secretly worried that an unnecessary fight might break out because of this.

Dolores, who had been sneaking glances, asked Reed.

"What should we... do?"

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