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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 81 Part 1

Great Chieftain (2)

What should we do?

It was a difficult question to answer.

As wizards who love learning, it's hard for them to say something is just theirs. But as nobles who often say empty words and seem to make concessions, their position is unclear.

That was the relationship between Reed and Dolores.

They were close, but they were both worried that their relationship might be strained because of this issue.

"Let the lord of the Silence Tower research the rune characters."

"Would that be okay?"

"It's fine. It's not like I picked them, and it would look bad if I claimed ownership, wouldn't it? I would lose face to my disciple."

As they continued their conversation, Reed and Dolores felt a strange sense of incongruity and avoided each other's eyes, falling silent.

"It doesn't sound like a typical conversation between magicians."


"Right, our relationship should be filthy and petty, constantly stealing from each other. So it's strange that we're handling this situation so smoothly."

"It does seem a little strange for tower masters to be on such good terms..."

Dolores showed a subtle sad expression.

She was afraid that their relationship would be strained over such a matter.

It wasn't like they had enough time for each other already, and she didn't want to fight over whose property it was.

'Does she think I would hate her for something like that?'

He had that question because Reed thought the same way.

Were Dolores and Reed not trusting each other enough to argue?

It was a problem that seemed both understandable and pointless.

'I don't like misunderstandings and such situations either.'

Let's talk about it.

With that thought, Reed looked back at Dolores.

She was twirling her hair with her index finger.

"I'm talking about what we discussed before."


"The part where we agreed to spend two days together."

Reed noticed the tangled hair on her side that she had twirled.

He grabbed her blue hair as if scooping up fine sand.

His touch brushed past her neck.


Dolores, who had been caught off guard, let out a very faint moan.

Fortunately, it wasn't loud enough for Reed to hear.

'I mustn't step back!'

She tried her best to hold back her embarrassment and not step back.

Dolores's face turned bright red, and her ocean-like eyes beautifully waved.

The words "time for me" were spinning in her head as she looked up at Reed.

Silver hair and golden eyes.

Despite the nine-year age difference, he looked no older than his late twenties.

She swallowed the pointless sound that rose up to her throat with her saliva.

Reed carefully untangled her hair.

With his gentle touch and a heart-melting voice, he spoke to her.

"We'll go somewhere just for the two of us."

"And then?"

"We'll go to a quiet place where no one can recognize us, listen to the birds chirping, and watch the scenery of a tranquil lake being shattered by the wind."

"And then?"

"We'll sit under the moonlight, lean on a single candle, and have dinner. We'll talk, whether it's something silly or a complaint that doesn't fit the atmosphere, anything."

"And then?"

"...Is there anything more you want?"

"Shouldn't... be?"

Dolores's face turned bright red as she imagined the continuing atmosphere.

"No! There's nothing more!"

Dolores strongly denied it.

"But why are you talking about this?"

"Don't worry about what you should say as a tower master because of the fear of being hated. If I hated you for such a thing, it would be no different from using you. I have no intention of doing that to you."

Dolores looked around.

Seeing that there was no one else, she asked, looking up at him shyly.

"You won't... hate me?"

"I won't hate you."



Dolores savored Reed's words.

She shyly extended one finger.

"...Then, tell me one more time. That you won't hate me."

"I won't hate you."

"One more time."

* * *

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* * *

"...I won't hate you."

"...Just one more time."

No matter how many times he said it, her demands didn't end.

But as he continued to say it, Dolores's expression gradually brightened, so he couldn't help but comply.

Reed let go of her hair after untangling it.

Dolores stood there, immersed in the lingering sensation.

She wanted to twirl her hair again, but she couldn't bring herself to touch the hair Reed had touched.

* * *

Baltan was born.

The orcs of the Cliffrock Tribe went to inform each tribe of the birth of the great chieftain.

The Carlton Mountains were a rough and dangerous place, with monsters lurking everywhere.

Unless it was a designated area, they wouldn't roam around freely.

The fact that the orcs were summoning the tribes scattered throughout the region signified a serious matter.

As busy as the Cliff Rock Tribe members were, the representatives of each tribe stopped everything they were doing and rushed to the call.

As expected, Dolores was the one who became Baltan.

She was wearing the same tower master outfit she had worn when she first arrived.

Since she had inadvertently become the orc chieftain, she had no intention of adjusting her attire or mindset to suit them.

"Then I'll go out."

"Unni, fighting!"

Dolores took a deep breath for the last time and put strength into her eyes.

Even Rosaria, who had always been comfortable with her unni, became tense due to the changed atmosphere.

It was the appearance of the Ice Queen, the tower master of Wallin, not Dolores.

She stepped onto the platform.

The orc elders and the warriors who would become elders all stood there, looking up at the great chieftain.

"I am Dolores Jade, the Baltan who has become your great chieftain in these mountains."

Larkspur translated and shouted to them.

Then the old elders and warriors began to murmur.

"It seems they are doubting how such a delicate woman can be Baltan."

Larkspur then spoke to them with a displeased look.

Larkspur argued that they had all seen her tribe and doubted it, and those who doubted closed their mouths.

No, some of them stood up, opposing Larkspur's opinion.


"Chupayugen! Gorugideya!"


The word 'gorugi' undoubtedly carried a tremendous insult in the context.

'It's like a poorly translated soap opera.'

Whether it was humans or orcs, it was easy to understand how they were speaking, even though the language was different.

A moment later, the orcs reacted fiercely and pulled out the weapons they had hidden in their arms.

Sharp stone axes and low-quality iron-made swords.


Ice spikes sprouted from the ground, separating the two.

The orcs hesitated at the sudden appearance of the ice.

Feeling the sudden cold, the orcs wrapped their arms around themselves.

Despite the bright weather, the air was no different from midwinter.

Dolores looked down at them with her blue, glowing eyes.

She stared at them with a cold expression that perfectly matched her nickname 'Ice Queen.'

"What are they doing right now?"

"This is a sacred duel. If we cannot communicate with each other, we determine the superior through a duel. Orcs have always done so."

Larkspur explained the situation.

"I respect your ways as well."

There is trial by combat among the nobles.

When knights and knights have conflicting stories about martial arts, they duel with the consent of both parties and the arbitrator.

"But do you dare to fight recklessly in front of Baltan?"

When Dolores slammed her staff on the ground, a loud thud echoed.

"I proved myself in the rules you created. If you still doubt me, I'll prove it to you directly. Whether I have the qualifications as your Baltan. If you have any complaints, tell me!"

When Larkspur translated and spoke, the orcs cautiously stepped back.

No matter how thin and short she was, they were not foolish enough to underestimate her strength.

Dolores's charisma was overwhelming compared to any other chieftains.

"I, 'Baltan,' command. All orc tribes shall join the Cliffrock Tribe. We will expand and strengthen our territory. And we will rule the Kalton Mountains!"

Following Baltan's command, all the orcs reached their hands towards the sky.

Their cries of praise for Bal-Tan echoed throughout. 

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