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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 81 Part 2

The orc warriors began to move back to where their tribes were.

Following Bal-Tan's command, they spread the message for all orc tribes to gather at Cliff Rock.

Since they were moving as messengers, the elders had to wait at the Cliff Rock Tribe.

If they were going to move anyway, there was no need to carry the elders and go twice.

It was not only for efficient operation but also as proof of trust.


In case the messengers spread the word and the Cliff Rock Tribe was ambushed, they took the elders hostage.

The idea came from Adonis, and Larkspur accepted it with praise.

Reed and his party decided to stay at the Cliff Rock Tribe.

They came for a simple exploration, but things progressed much faster than expected.

As a result, they needed a proper place for them, the guests of the Cliff Rock Tribe.

Fortunately, Reed, Dolores, and Adonis had prepared extra tents and bedding for themselves.

"Where will Rosaria sleep?"

"She will sleep with her father today."

"Wow! I'm sleeping with Dad!"

Rosaria cheered.

It was a rare opportunity for her to sleep with her father.

The problem was the other knights and mages.

Dolores asked Adonis,

"Are there enough places for the knights to sleep?"

"We have prepared individual sleeping bags, so I don't think there's anything to worry about."

"Even if their safety is guaranteed, they are strangers, so I can't help but worry. Let's build a temporary shelter for all the knights to sleep. Using the magic that the Chief Engineer of the Silence Tower told us, we can build a temporary shelter."

Dolores stood in front of the clearing where the knights had unloaded their belongings, holding her staff.

She was an Archmage.

True to her ability to handle three elements, she raised the earth and leaned it against the cliff rock, creating a wall.

The defensive magic <Grand Wall> was applied to create a temporary shelter in no time.



The orcs, who had been watching, raised their right hands to the sky and paid tribute.

From the birth of the great chieftain, they praised her for whatever she did, now calling her Baltan.

Dolores seemed to have gotten used to it, raising her right hand in response.

"Sometimes you need to inject mana to maintain the wall, so it's a limitation that you have to stay with other mages, but I hope you understand."

"Creating a shelter like this is a great honor for our knights. You truly are the tower master of Wallin."

"Thank you."



Adonis and Dolores blinked at each other.



They both wanted to continue the conversation, but they couldn't think of a suitable topic, so they ended up finishing their tasks.

There seemed to be no progress in their relationship.

* * *

Night fell.

Darkness descended, and it was the time when beasts roamed, and one could not see even an inch ahead.

The sound of insects chirping, the screams and howls of beasts melted into the campfire.

Larksper was sitting in front of it.

He knelt with his eyes closed, meditating quietly.

"Uncle, what are you doing?"

Larksper woke up to the childish voice.

When he turned his eyes, Rosaria was standing next to him.

"Teacher, why did you come out here?"

"I just came out because you were here! Dad said it's okay to talk for a while!"

Larksper glanced at the tent where Reed was.

Reed was looking at them.

He sent a signal that it was okay, so Larksper didn't say anything to Rosaria.

He just made a place for Rosaria to sit.

"Is this where you were born, Uncle?"

"That's right."

"Then, Uncle! Where does the Larkspur flower bloom? I couldn't find it on the cliff."

"It doesn't bloom here. It only blooms on that mountain."

Larksper pointed to the dark sky. He pointed to the highest peak of the winding mountain range.

It was a mountain that shone like a hook in the moonlight.

It was so high that clouds could be seen hanging on it.

It was a place people called the Blade Peak Mountain.

It was no wonder Larksper hadn't seen it, as it seemed very far away.

Rosaria exclaimed, "Oh!" and nodded her head in admiration.

"Can't you climb up there?"

"I don't know."


"Larksper hasn't tried climbing."

"Aren't you curious, Uncle? There's a flower with your name up there!"

At that remark, Larksper looked up at the Blade Peak Mountain.

Yes, he was curious.

But Larksper had a more important dream.

'Becoming the great chieftain.'

Becoming the great chieftain to unite the tribes.

It was a dream and a mission.

However, that dream was now taken away by Dolores.

He didn't hold a grudge.

Dolores was a civilized person, and Larksper was a savage who had just stepped into civilization.

She would be more knowledgeable about civilization than anyone else, and as the master of a tower, which was no different from a country, if she actively helped, the future of the tribes would flow more smoothly.

'Then can I have another dream?'

It was a sudden doubt.

In Larksper's heart, there lived an honorable warrior.

However, deep down, there was an adventurer who grew larger than the honorable warrior, going wherever his feet took him.

He knew it.

But he turned away from that fact.

Could he live following curiosity instead of serving a greater cause?

Larksper, who always made sharp decisions, could not easily resolve this doubt.

It seemed that Rosaria had thrown a huge homework assignment at Larksper.

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