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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 83 Part 2

However, after nearly a minute, there was no reaction, and the silent Guardian Giant spoke again in a loud voice.

-You may rise now! The prayer is over!

"Is it over?"

-Indeed. Your prayer will undoubtedly come true! Move where your courage leads you, little girl!

The Guardian Giant hit his chest with his small left arm.

Impressed by his gesture, Rosaria followed suit and hit her chest too.

-By the way, little girl! Do you have a necklace?

"I don't have a necklace!"

-A believer must always have this necklace! Otherwise, you won't be able to receive help from those around you. Our bond is strong, so you'll be able to receive help anywhere, anytime without fail!

The Guardian Giant fumbled with his altar with his left hand and pulled out something small to hand it to her.

It was an amulet that every believer of the church would have at least one.

"Thank you!"

Rosaria smiled brightly as she took the item.

Reed looked at the necklace she received.

It was just an ordinary necklace, with no abilities attached to it.

A pair of wings, a single sword forming the axis. It was a symbol that even Reed, who knew all the symbols of the church, didn't recognize.

Reed let out a hollow laugh.

'There's not a single thing solved.'

There were so many things he didn't know in this world.

* * *

"I'd like to help, but I'm afraid I won't be able to step in this time. I'm sorry."

The first thing Adonis did when they left the temple was to apologize.

"It's alright. If we had accepted the challenge from the start, the atmosphere would have become even stranger. We can always look for other ways."

Since they had safely obtained a clue that neither the Tower of Wallin nor the Kingdom of Grancia had been able to uncover, there was already some progress.

That's why Reed understood Adonis' intention.

Only Larksper was unable to understand Adonis' actions.

'Refusing a challenge is something only the weak do.'

Even the mercenary captain he had believed in and followed was not that strong.

So, when he had to be cunning, he quickly took advantage of the situation and left.

But Adonis was not a weak person.

A strong person among the strong.

On top of that, she was a leader in power.

Warriors often feel more when their swords clash than when they talk.

Larksper guessed how Adonis was honing her skills through clashing swords with her.

Training and challenges.

She never acknowledged her limits and constantly challenged herself.

Through those challenges, she reached a new level and earned the nickname of Giant Slayer. He knew that.

He couldn't understand why Adonis, of all people, was holding back on the challenge.

That's why Larksper, who was walking in the lead, asked Adonis a question.

"Adonis, were you not a warrior?"

Adonis heard those words and could tell what Larksper was thinking. She nodded cautiously.

"I am a warrior. I also like challenges, so I can be considered a warrior."

"Even if others can't see it, Larksper can. You undoubtedly wanted to challenge that giant. But you didn't. Why?"

"I wanted to challenge myself, but my role as a subjugator is more important than that of a knight."

"Is there a difference?"

Adonis nodded.

"It's the weight of responsibility, Larksper. If protecting the people and serving the king was the job of a knight, then my job now is to protect the country and take care of the people. That's the weight of the position I'm in."


"That's what it means to be in a high position. It's not just applicable to humans. The orc chieftain, Baltan, must be the same."

"The orc chieftain, Baltan, must be brave. He must lead the way and face danger more than anyone else."

"If you die from that challenge, your name will undoubtedly be left in a ballad, but the remaining people will spend a hellish time."

"Does that mean the chieftain should never take on any challenges?"

"A warrior with a hot heart is not enough. You need a strategist with a cool head, a person who looks to the future rather than the present, and someone who sees the forest rather than the trees. That's the weight of responsibility."

Larksper let out a low sigh after hearing those words.

"The weight of responsibility."

* * *

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* * *

To protect the country and take care of the people.

Uniting the tribes is the same as building a country, and all the tribes are the people.

It was a human's job, but Adonis' position was the same as the one he chose.

If he became the chieftain, he would have to bear the responsibility.

"Am I ready to bear that responsibility?"

It was difficult to answer.

He trained himself to challenge the Guardian Giant.

But now, Dolores had become the chieftain.

His dream of becoming the chieftain had disappeared without a trace.

He admitted it.

But the spirit of challenging the Guardian Giant still burned within him.

"If I had fought and won against the giant, I would have become the chieftain."

He imagined himself in that position.

Uniting all the tribes.

As he became obsessed with the idea of responsibility and duty, he began to feel like it was holding him back.

Larksper realized one thing.

"The chieftain was not the problem."

He wanted to challenge and fight against a creature larger than himself.

It was to prove himself, and the honor that came with it was just a side effect.

Adonis gave Larksper, who had simply trained so far, a realization.

It was thanks to Rosaria's question, which made him wonder more deeply.

Whether it was an intentional or unintentional question, or simply because of his desire to share his enlightenment with someone, it didn't matter.

Larksper began to respect Rosaria just for that fact.

* * *

Since the Guardian Giant was not something they could deal with right away, Reed and his party decided to return.

Dolores, who had become the chieftain, returned to the Tower of Wallin for a while. During that time, Larksper took command and attempted to integrate the tribespeople.

Not everyone left.

The wizards sent from the Tower of Silence decided to stay there.

"Will you stay here?"

"Yes, isn't this an opportunity to finish the project we started?"

As they said, there was a significant breakthrough.

The research progress, which was stuck at 30% just yesterday, had now suddenly risen to 60%.

They would finish it within a week at the latest, so he let them stay here.

'Well, their faces seem to be regretful.'

Suddenly having to live outdoors after living inside the tower would be quite uncomfortable.

Although their faces seemed a little regretful, they had a sense of responsibility for their decision.

"When the research is finished, I'll give you a special vacation. Take some rest during that time."

"Excuse me?"

"Are you saying you'll give us a vacation?"

"Do you want something else?"

"No, no!"

"Thank you, Tower Master!"

Reed patted their shoulders and encouraged them.

His principle was to generously support those who worked hard.

"It seems like you want to stay here too, Kaitlyn."

"I'm trying to improve the living conditions here. The tents are a mess, and the durability is terrible, so I was hoping you could give me a day or two. Is that not possible?"


There was no harm in it.

When the orcs scattered in the tribe gathered, it would undoubtedly become chaotic, and Raksper's voice alone would not be able to hold everyone tight.

For a few days, it was appropriate to focus on improving their living conditions and expanding their territory.

'Besides, an unexpected idea might help us too.'

Reed thought that letting her roam freely within reasonable boundaries would be more efficient for her.

"Alright. If there's anything going on, you'll be the representative to report it."


Kaitlyn nodded with a satisfied face.

Reed didn't hesitate any further.

The orc elders were watching this place.

Eight of the more than thirty orc elders.

They all seemed to be deeply thinking about something, silently staring.

Their gaze was fixed on Rosaria.

'Something seems ominous.'

Reed spontaneously embraced her in his arms.

Unaware of their gaze, Rosaria laughed heartily and hugged Reed tightly.

A moment later, the orc elders began talking among themselves, and Raksper stood in front of the couple.

"When will you come back?"

"We'll be back soon. The plans for the Kalton Mountains are still not properly in place."

Now that they had gathered all the orcs, they had to find a way to develop without offending the giant.

"From what I can see, there are good stones, fertile land, and the terrain advantages can be fully utilized, so if the giant problem is solved, development will proceed very quickly."

So they had to find a breakthrough quickly.

"Tower Master."

Larksper called out to Reed.

Worry was visible on his face.

The fact that the usually blunt Larksper showed a glimpse of emotion meant that there was a serious issue he was pondering.

"Tell me."

Larksper asked.

"Do humans hate orcs?"

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