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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 84 Part 1

 For Honor (1)

"… I think it's a matter of gradually improving."

"That means it's not possible right away."


Reed didn't deny it.

The only way to build a good relationship is to inform them of the current situation.

Orcs are barbarians.

They are known to eat humans, and are known as dangerous creatures that must be avoided at all costs when encountered.

'It was like those bandit subjugation quests that came up quite often.'

This is the moment Larksper was most worried about.

The orc who wanted to be accepted by his own kind.

He tried to become stronger to challenge the guardian giant, and eventually became strong, but no one acknowledged him, and he fell into corruption.

The seventh disaster, Larksper.

"I like Mr. Larksper."

Rosaria, with her small stature, bounced around to catch Larksper's gaze.

Larksper knelt down with one knee on the floor and met her gaze.

"Do you like Larksper?"

"Yes! You're a good person!"

"Thank you, teacher."

Larksper reached out with his large hand to touch Rosaria's head.

He gently untangled her messy hair and then stood up again.

His face seemed much more relaxed.

"I know well about the boundary between humans and orcs. I don't even intend to try to be acknowledged."

"Just because we are of the same race doesn't mean we all have the same heart. There are enemies among the same humans. There must be enemies among the orcs as well."

"I see."

Reed extended his hand to Larksper.

"Put your head here."

At Reed's words, Larksper bowed his head.

Then, Reed held his head and pressed it against his forehead.

It was a greeting that orcs exchanged when they trusted each other.

"I am your brother. As long as you think of me as your brother, I will also acknowledge you as my brother."

"…Thank you, Tower Master."

Upon hearing that, Reed detached his forehead from Larksper's head.

"I'm sorry for what happened before entering the Kalton Mountains."

"What are you apologizing for?"

"For refusing the gesture of pressing our foreheads together. I didn't know it meant that you trusted me."

"The Tower Master is delicate. Larksper is rough. That's why I think we didn't understand each other."

"It's ambiguous to say you're rough. You're not a rough orc."

"What kind of person do you think Larksper is?"

"Larksper. Just like your name, you're a gentle and tender person like a flower."


Larksper let out a low breath.

He was feeling shy.

"Still, I'm curious about the meaning of trust for humans. I want to learn so that I don't misunderstand like the Tower Master."

"Humans do something called a handshake instead."

"A handshake?"

"It's holding each other's hands and shaking them lightly."

"How do you do it?"

"Like this. Grab my hand."

Reed reached out, and Larksper placed his large hand over Reed's hand.

Even though Reed's hand wasn't small, Larksper's hand made it feel like a baby's hand.

"And from here, hold it lightly and shake, ah!"

"Oops. I'm sorry, Tower Master. I didn't realize I was using too much strength."

Just a small part of Larksper's tremendous grip strength hit Reed's hand, but Reed felt pain as if his whole body was being electrocuted.

Fortunately, his bones didn't break.

"Are you alright?"

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"I'm fine enough to regret not pressing our foreheads together instead."

Larksper apologized, scratching his head with an embarrassed look on his face.

Reed and his party began to descend the mountain.

Larksper watched them from a distance, standing still.

After they completely disappeared from sight, Larksper raised his head and looked at the sky.

'Guardian Giant.'

Although the dream of becoming a great chieftain had disappeared, his desire to surpass the guardian giant had not waned.

Larksper suddenly recalled the conversation he had with the giant.

'He said everything was ready, but heart wasn't prepared.'

If the giant was right, Larksper needed to complete his heart's preparation.

'But how?'

What preparation must be completed?

What does it mean to be able to equal the giant?

I don't know.

Larksper didn't think of himself as being smart.

That's why he always thought he was calm.

He knew when to be hot and when to be cold as an orc.

Now was the time to be calm.

He had met many people during his time as a mercenary.

It was among them that someone who was called a master, who always maintained a calm demeanor, had taught him.

Larksper recalled his words and followed them step by step.

He knelt down.

He placed his hands on his thighs.

He closed his eyes.

He went deep into his soul and felt the tranquility.

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