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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 86 Part 2

Edward guessed what she meant by that.

It seemed like a hollow laugh would burst out.

No matter how they thought about it, what they said was ridiculous.

"Are you saying that the orcs believe in the Althea Church?"

Isel nodded her head.

"Yesterday, we finished talking with their chieftain, a person named Larksper. He said they would gladly embrace Althea's light because they have no religion of their own."

"Are you sure those capricious orcs won't change their minds?"

Of course, that couldn't be the case.

They are merciful, not naive.

"Of course, the Althea Church didn't easily believe their words. But there was someone who would stand as a witness."

"A witness?"

"Morgan II of the Hupper Kingdom."

"Morgan II?"

The young king.

Many kingdoms, including Edward, had looked down on Morgan II.

"He came to us personally, offered a polite greeting, and shared a conversation. I thought he was still a small and delicate king, but his ability to persuade was no less than that of adults. He was such a king that his future seemed promising, speaking so well."

"Listening to that young king, you're willing to give those barbaric orcs a chance!?"

"Those who do not know the light need a chance. If we can't even give them a chance, there's no reason for the Althea Church to exist."

"But, but!"

Edward's emotions were agitated.

"They are orcs! Monsters that plunder civilians and violate women!"

"Did that actually happen?"

"That... it, it did!"

Isel didn't need to inquire further.

His face showed that it was a lie all too clearly.

"The Pope has already approved it. We are just acting according to the doctrine."

Be ruthless to enemies, but merciful to allies.

As they possess these two extreme tendencies, their doctrine is to be merciful when giving opportunities.

Edward's expression became increasingly distorted.

The conquest of the Kalton Mountains had always been Grancia's desire.

However, there was no suitable talent, and all those who bravely went forth died.

"Those are beasts! Giving them a second chance is absolutely unacceptable......"

"Crown Prince Edward."

Unable to bear it any longer, Isel interrupted the crown prince's words.

"Without a doubt, there must be a pillar of the Althea Church built with Grancia's contributions. We are always grateful for that and thank you on behalf of the Church."

The reason for bringing up the contribution topic suddenly couldn't be a good one.

"And, humbly, we dare to advise you to let go of your greed."


"Your mind is full of greed, Crown Prince Edward."

"What do you mean?"

"The ambition to take over the Kalton Mountains. Even though you know it's impossible with your capacity, you still yearn for high ideals."

Isel's smile faded.

"That's why you can't respect the decisions of 'young girls' like this. Isn't that right?"

"I, I swear I didn't mean that. The Hupper Kingdom has long been in alliance with the tower lords and monsters! Especially their close relationship with that damned Silence Tower lord...!"

Edward's words stopped.

If he said anything more, it felt like his throat would be cut.

'What is this?'

Edward broke into a cold sweat.

His instinct realized it first, and only then did his reason catch on.

The sword at his throat.

The one holding that sword was the Holy Maiden of Silence, Rachel.

[T/N: Why do i feel she was triggered at the mention of Reed]

The knights tried to move belatedly.

However, knowing that moving wouldn't do any good, Edward raised his hand to stop their actions.

'I didn't even hear the sound of drawing a sword.'

Both of her hands were undoubtedly on the table until the very end, and there was no sword nearby.

What was aimed at his throat was a jagged, spike-like shape.

Edward knew what that sword was.

'The Sword of Punishment.'

It wasn't a famous sword that could cut a person's throat in one go.

This sword was simply one that caused the opponent to scream in pain and agony.

The dark side of the Althea Church.

It was a cruel punishment for those who did not embrace the light.

But what was terrifying was not the saw-like blade that inflicted pain.

The eyes of the Holy Maiden of Silence, Rachel.

Black hair contrasted with her pure white pupils.

Those eyes, which seemed like those of a ghost with flipped eyes at first glance, were the most frightening.

As the blade approached, Edward cautiously moved his head back to its original position.

"Rachel, you are a gentle person. It's difficult if you threaten like this just because I came off a little aggressively."


"Now, please lower your sword."

As if calming a child, Isel placed her hand on Rachel's arm, and as Isel said, she withdrew her sword.

Only then could Edward breathe again.

"This child tends to act with her hands before her words. Please forgive her rudeness."

"No, no."

He wasn't even angry.

Overwhelmed by her gaze, all the aggression he had disappeared.

"We will do our best to convert everything that can be converted according to the will of the Althea Church. I hope this answers all your questions."

Isel bowed her head lightly.

Since it was practically a gesture to stand up, Edward stood up from his seat and walked outside.

In that space, only Rachel and Isel remained. Isel turned her head toward Rachel.

The serious atmosphere had changed considerably.

"Rachel, why did you lose your composure? I was a little flustered to see you like that."


"Hehe, I know. You didn't like them insulting 'that person.'"


"Sparrows do not know the will of the phoenix. No matter how much they insult us, we must not waver."


Rachel's fierce gaze wavered for a moment.

Isel seemed to read that expression and held Rachel's hand with a troubled face.

"If you're so upset, I'll feel sorry, you know? Really."


"It's okay. I'm the only one who knows this side of you. Just maintain a strict appearance to others."

Rachel nodded her head.

To Rachel, Isel was like an older sister.

No one in the Althea Church could catch up to her in terms of power, but her heart was as tender as a child's.

The only one who could see through Rachel's heart was Isel.

That's why Rachel relied on her.

No, they relied on each other.

Where Isel couldn't step forward, Rachel would.

Where Rachel couldn't step forward, Isel would.

Though they had two bodies, they shared a single spirit.

"With this, the second fate has changed."


"The first miracle could be a coincidence. But there's no reason to doubt the second miracle."

Isel's emotions welled up, and Rachel's emotions soared along with her.

Strength entered their hands, held tightly together.

"He will be our savior."

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  3. So Reed made "miracles" and became their savior?

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