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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 86 Part 1

 Twin Holy Maidens


The headquarters of the Althea Church, Saint Gregory Castle in Pieta.

As it plays the role of a strong tie that binds all the kingdoms, it boasts a splendid appearance and interior.

He walked with force in his steps in a place where he should walk with a devout heart. The sound was so loud that everyone turned their heads to look at him.

However, the man did not care about such gazes.

Edward Grancia.

The crown prince of Grancia Kingdom entered the castle with his escort knights.

His expression alone hinted that he had not come for a pleasant purpose.

As he walked down the corridor, Edward encountered the man he came to meet.


The bishop, whose name was called, turned his head in surprise.

Seeing Edward's expression, he could guess what the matter was.

"Why has the bishop dispatched to the Kalton Mountains returned here?"

"I'm sorry, but it seems there's nothing more I can help with..."

"What do you mean?"

Edward tried his best to suppress his anger, but there was nothing he could do about his rising tone.

"The strange currents that covered the Kalton Mountains have completely disappeared, shouldn't we take advantage of this gap to eliminate the orcs and stabilize the mountains!? Isn't that the purpose of setting up a camp in the Kalton Mountains?"

"I had the same thought. However, I received an order from the Holy Maidens to return from the Kalton Mountains."

Edward clenched his fist tightly.

The Twin Holy Maidens had threatened them, and now the Twin Holy Maidens were holding him back.

"Are you saying that the bishops deep within the Althea Church are being swayed by the opinions of girls with blood still fresh on their heads?"

"Watch your words. This is a place where Althea watches over."

The bishop warned him quietly.

"I, too, deeply regret not being able to carry out the purification of the evil monsters, but we are, after all, based on doctrine, bestowing purification and mercy."

"Are you saying you bestowed mercy upon the monsters?"

"They are no longer monsters that harm humans."


As a question arose in Edward's mind, someone approached him.

It was a priest wearing an apprentice collar.

"Are you Edward Grancia?"


"The Holy Maidens is calling for you."

The Holy Maidens?

No one knew that Edward had come here since he had entered abruptly.

"It seems she saw you..."

"...Where was she watching from?"

"Of course. There are no blind spots in the Holy Maidens' sight. She must have heard everything the Crown Prince said without a doubt."

The bishop drew a round emblem on his chest and greeted Edward.

"The Holy Maidens will clear up your doubts personally, so I will step back. Crown Prince of Grancia."

The bishop started walking back, and Edward bit his lip as he watched his back.

"Guide me."

"Yes, yes!"

The apprentice believer led the way for Edward.

Deep inside Saint Gregory Castle.

If you walk a little further, you'll see the Pope's audience chamber.

However, he didn't move that far.

Edward stopped and looked up at the door.

It wasn't as grand as the door to the Pope's audience chamber, but it was a magnificent door adorned with elaborate carvings.

As the door opened, Edward felt his breath stop for a moment.

A warm breeze enveloped his entire body.

Despite the only source of light being the sunlight coming in through the high windows, the room was dazzling.

The moment Edward saw the two women in front of him, he felt this sensation.

'I can understand why they are called the epitome of beauty.'

Even though they are each pointing at one place, the aura surrounding them overwhelms other beautiful women.

Edward himself almost forgot his purpose for coming due to their beauty.

In front of Edward, two identical women were elegantly sipping tea.

The Twin Holy Maidens of the Althea Church.

Black hair with white jade-like skin and firm pink lips like freshly picked peaches.

Even the devout bishops who serve the gods were captivated by their beauty, offering prayers of repentance.

The fact that there were two of these faces was truly a blessing from the gods.

However, the attire of the Twin Holy Maidens was slightly different.

The woman sitting on the right was wearing a white robe embroidered with gold threads, like the bishops, with a black cloth bearing sacred texts covering her eyes, and a gentle smile on her lips.

The woman sitting on the left was wearing a black executioner's outfit, also covering herself with the same black cloth, but instead of her eyes, it covered her mouth.

Her pupil color was white. As she stared at him fiercely with those eyes, it felt like he was facing a ghost, so Edward instinctively avoided her gaze.

It was a place where it felt like the goddesses of punishment and mercy had come together.

The one covering her eyes was the Contemplative Holy Maiden, Isel.

The one covering her mouth was the Silent Holy Maiden, Rachel.

The contemplative Holy Maiden smiled and looked up at Edward.

"It's nice to meet you, Crown Prince of Grancia."

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Her voice was melting, as if putting souls to sleep.

Deep in Edward's heart, he felt a sense of guilt for looking down on her as a woman.

"It's nice to meet you too, Holy Maiden."

"You were fighting with Bishop Roenta outside. I called you here because I thought you wouldn't be convinced by what he had to say."

The Silent Holy Maiden, Rachel, put down her teacup and politely gestured to the empty seat with her right hand.

"It seems like Rachel wants you to sit down. Please oblige her kind offer."

Isel conveyed her message.

Edward reluctantly sat on the opposite side, at the mercy of the Saintess who stared fiercely at him.

They were seated at the dining table, but the atmosphere was as harsh as a military meeting.

"May I ask what you were fighting about?"

"The response to the Orcs in the Kalton Mountains was a bit inadequate, so I had a disagreement with the bishop."

"Ah, I see. Yes, I know. I was the one who gave the order."

Isel smiled and pointed to Rachel sitting next to her.

"Of course, Rachel fully agreed with the decision."

Rachel nodded calmly.

Edward's expression stiffened.

"Grancia has always faithfully donated to the Althea Church. We always pay 30% of our church income."

"I know. Thanks to those donations, we were able to raise the funds to realize Althea's wishes."

Isel smiled, clasping her fingers together and placing them on her lap.

Her emotionless tone only further irritated Edward.

"However, may I ask why you are not preventing the threats coming to Grancia?"

"Of course, Your Highness."

Isel nodded her head.

She spoke like a saint rescuing a lost lamb.

"Althea's light knows no boundaries. It shines mercifully on those who need it. Anyone can become a believer if they ask for help and respond to the teachings."

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