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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 88 Part 2

The Black Sky Tower.

Freesia had returned.

The secretary, Ma-Gun, who was reporting at work in front of the Tower owner's office, stood up at Freesia's return.

"Hello, Ma-Gun. You look ugly today as well."

"Freesia is always beautiful."

"Isn't that obvious?"

Freesia responded with a sullen expression.

Ma-Gun looked down at her and suddenly noticed her messy hair.

"Owner. Your hair is a mess."


"Your hair, which is always straight, is not as usual."

Only then did Freesia realize the state of her hair.

"Oh, I asked Reed to touch it today."

"To the owner of the Silence Tower...?"

"Do you know, Ma-Gun? Reed has a beloved daughter, but he's really terrible at stroking her hair. In three months, his daughter will get tired of him and run away from the Tower. When that happens, let's raise her in our Tower. Wow, this is a good plan."

Freesia laughed and cursed maliciously.

Ma-Gun was more surprised by something else rather than that.

"Owner... did you let someone touch your hair?"

Ma's eyes widened at the unusual appearance of Freesia.

Freesia always takes care of herself when it comes to grooming.

With dozens of hands extending from her shadow, she perfectly made her appearance, and if someone ruined it, she would mercilessly turn them into an undead.

It was the first time in Ma-Gun's secretarial career that someone had touched her.

At that question, Freesia's laughter abruptly stopped.

"Ma-Gun, am I a dog? Am I a thing if you touch my hair?"

"No, that's not what I meant..."

"Do you not know what I mean? Do you want me to disassemble your body letter by letter?"


Ma-Gun's face turned pale and she sat down.

"No, I didn't enjoy it when I experienced it last time, so I'd like to pass on that."

"Then behave well. I am in a good mood, so don't ruin it, okay?"

"I understand."

Ma-Gun nodded her head vigorously, and Freesia returned to her office.

Although it was called an office, the place was structured no differently from a royal chamber.

She sat down on her cold throne.

"...I am in a good mood?"

She mulled over the words she had inadvertently blurted out.

She didn't know when her hair was touched, but having her hair messy was annoying.

She must have been annoyed.

That emotion must have carried her this far.

But why did she say that to Ma-Gun?

It might have just been an impulsive statement.

She never forgave anyone who messed her up.

"Incompetent man."

Freesia untangled her messy hair with her own hands.

* * *

After receiving advice from Freesia, Reed pondered.

'The runes are the language of spirits.'

If that was true, interpreting the runes wouldn't be difficult if you could summon spirits.

'But only higher entities can communicate with humans.'

If the relationship between lower spirits and humans was like that of humans and dogs, higher spirits were like humans and bodyguards.

The problem was that selecting a bodyguard was extremely difficult.

Even the talented spirit mages of Escoleia failed to successfully summon and control higher entities.

That's how difficult it was to tame higher entities.

'Rosaria can do it.'

He glanced down at the floor.

"Ant's eyes, chubby~ Chubby today too~."

Listening to the recorded nursery rhyme on the recorder, Rosaria lay on the floor drawing pictures.

It was Reed's office, but since it was Saturday, her interruption could be seen as cute.

Taking the opportunity, Reed looked at her abilities.


Name: Rosaria Adeleheights Roton

Occupation: Daughter of the Tower Master

Age: 8

Disposition: Orderly · Neutral

Health: 110/110

Stamina: 90/90

Mana: 58,140/58,140


"Eternal Hole", "Sense of Curiosity"


"Digestion  Lv. 1""Purity Lv. 2""Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7""Magic Lv. 3""Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 3""Magic Theory Lv. 2""Production Lv. 2"

[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]

"Magic Ruler", "Master of Adaptation"

"Magic Lv. 7""Magic Theory Lv. 7""Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 7"......


Through Dolores' tutoring, the long-stagnant "Magic Theory" level finally reached 2.

"Production" level increased as she followed Kaitlyn around and made various things together.

"Magic" and "Elemental Sensitivity" were only touched on a few interesting aspects before the "Magic Theory" level increased.

Although the level didn't increase, it wasn't stagnant.

By showing her those intriguing magics, she acquired a trait called "Sense of Curiosity."

It was a trait that allowed trying something different from existing theories, like Kaitlyn's eccentric trait "Inventive Eccentric."

It was an excellent trait for magicians who needed variables to catch their opponents off guard.

""Elemental Sensitivity" didn't awaken as expected."

Dolores also had "Elemental Sensitivity", but it was level 4, similar to Reed's.

That's why she didn't teach it.

If one wasn't confident, spirit magic was a technique that should not be taught recklessly.

'Should I let her learn spirit magic?'

Spirits love mana.

Even if elemental sensitivity is low, if there is mana, one can contract spirits; however, if elemental sensitivity is high but mana is lacking, it is impossible to attract spirits.

As Freesia said, her "Eternal Hole" would make spirits want to contract with her, even if her elemental sensitivity hadn't awakened.

Of course, he didn't just believe Freesia's words.

Larksper had once told Reed before.

-The orc elders seem to want to take a closer look at Rosaria.

-For what reason?

-They are all spirit mages. They seem to say that she has the potential to summon the great Spirit King, Kokun, who can control guardian giants.

Although he was intrigued by their words, Reed did not show Rosaria to them.

Even if they were orcs with good intentions, he didn't want to surround her with strangers.

Larksper approved of that judgment as well.

'Since both Freesia and Larksper said the same thing, it can't be a lie.'

As they said, Rosaria could help him get the assistance of higher spirits.

But Reed was concerned about that.

'It seems no different from using Rosaria...'

That had been the most cautious part since adopting Rosaria.

If he used her for his own selfish desires, wouldn't he be no different from the fake boss Reed?

Even if it was only a little, wouldn't that little greed gradually inflate and affect her?

He always guarded himself by recalling his purpose.

So, this time, he decided to tell Rosaria the truth.


"What's up?"

"Daddy has a favor to ask Rosaria because of Daddy's greed."

Reed told Rosaria everything.

That spirits are needed to interpret the runes.

And that Rosaria has the ability to summon such spirits.

After hearing everything, Rosaria's eyes sparkled.

"What does Rosaria want to do?"

"If Daddy wants it, I'll do it."

She said she would do it, but she didn't blindly follow.

Rosaria never said she didn't want to do it.

Reed sat down and spoke to Rosaria once more.

"Since this is just Daddy being greedy, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Are you really okay with it?"

Rosaria nodded her head vigorously.

Her hair stuck to her nose.

"If Daddy wants it, I'll do it. That's why Rosaria is working hard too!"

"So that's why you're working hard?"


Rosaria spoke with her hands spread out.

"They said a little warrior needs a reliable ally!"

"So, you want to be that ally for Daddy?"

"Yes! Rosaria will try her best to help Daddy punish the bad guys!"

He always thought that she didn't have such thoughts, but hearing it directly made him feel emotional.

How can she be so considerate of others?

She could be a little selfish, lazy, and whiny.

It was a touching feeling as a parent with a child.

Reed hugged Rosaria.

He hugged her not just because he loved her so much, but also because he was worried that she might show an unpleasant side.

Rosaria responded by wrapping her short arms around his neck as if she liked it.

"Thank you, my daughter."

Let's stop making excuses about being busy.

If we want to be together, let's be together.

He made such a resolution and stroked Rosaria's head.

As Freesia said, he was incompetent at it, but Rosaria didn't care about it.

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