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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 89 Part 1

 Runes and Spirits (3)

Rosaria will learn the art of spirit magic.

Outstanding mages in spirit magic go to the Vortex Tower, located in the southwest.

The tower's master, Gideon Senija, drove out the previous master and took his place after making a contract with the Fire Spirit King.

Although it's right to go to the Vortex Tower to learn spirit magic, Reed didn't want to ask for help there.

‘Nicholas gang.’

One of the masters who formed an alliance with the master of the Monolith Tower, Nicholas Rottenstein, is Gideon Senija, the master of the Vortex Tower.

'But it's also a bit dangerous to ask those Orc spirit mages.'

Would he entrust Rosaria to them, not knowing what they might do?

Even if they had no ill intentions, he was reluctant to make contact with them unless proven otherwise.

'The person who knows spirits the best...'

As he thought about it, Reed suddenly remembered a race.


Their affinity with spirits is higher than any other race.

Their connected minds always maintain a clear state, so spirits like elves the most.

'Besides, they’re already in good favor with Rosaria.'

Maybe it could work?

Reed didn't hesitate any longer and contacted the master of the Greenwood Tower, briefly explaining his situation.

-Oh, are you trying to learn spirit magic?

"Yes. I know there's a tower master who excels in spirit magic, but still..."

-He is an ally of the master of the Monolith Tower. I understand.

The master of the Greenwood Tower nodded.

The Greenwood Tower master is on the same line as Dolores, the master of the Tower of Thoughts.

Since Reed had shown successful results in Escoleia, his image had improved significantly.

That's why the master of the Greenwood Tower agreed to help Reed.

-I see. I'll help you.

"Thank you, Master of the Greenwood Tower."

He thought it was going smoothly, but that wasn't always the case.

-But... You're not asking for a favor for free, are you?


-Ho ho, I'm just kidding. But today, some good beef came into our tower. It might be nice to have dinner while drinking wine together, don't you think?


-If you get too drunk, you can stay for a day and then leave.

This wicked lady-like person.

Since she was the one offering help, he couldn't bring himself to curse at her.

'I'll have to eat and get out of there as soon as possible.'

He had no choice but to use Rosaria as an excuse.

Reed forced a smile and replied as if he were pleased.

"Thank you, Master of the Greenwood Tower. I'll look forward to dinner."

-Ho ho! You're welcome. Then let me ask once.

The telepathic communication with the Greenwood Tower master ended.

And ten minutes later, the Greenwood Tower master called back with an answer.

-The elders said it's okay for you to come. You can prepare and come tomorrow.

It was a given.

The fact that he had to bet dinner on such an obvious matter was both funny and sad to Reed.

"Nothing major will happen."

That's what Reed thought.

* * *

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The Tower of Wallin.

"Are you going somewhere with Rosaria today?"



Dolores felt upset due to the sudden notice.

'Why would he do that knowing we have a class today...'

Not being able to see Rosaria bothered her, but that wasn't her only concern.

Dolores, who had been excited to go recharge, felt her energy draining away.

"Then we'll have to cancel today's class. It's not fair for Yuria to have class alone."

"Well... If I go ahead, wouldn't Princess Yuria be happy?"

"You don't know her personality. She complains unless she's under the same conditions as Rosaria. Even if I try to take better care of her, she still complains. She's so annoying."

"Then should inform the Empire?"

"Yeah, please do. But why are you crying? What's wrong?"

"No... it's nothing."

This was not his personal sorrow.

They were the tears flowing from the Tower of Wallin.

The mages who had been waiting for Dolores to leave were undoubtedly sad about the fact that they couldn't go and enjoy the party today.

Dolores, who hadn't noticed this fact yet, felt a strange feeling.

'Why is someone who usually goes out on Saturdays going out on Sundays?'

Could there be another reason?

Feeling awkward to ask directly, Dolores called her secretary again.


"Yes, Tower Master."

"Do you know anything else about where they’re going?"

"I was curious about that too, so I asked someone from the Tower of Silence."


She had no choice but to be persistent as their only rest time was taken away.

"It seems that the young lady is going to make a contract with a spirit today."

"A spirit?"

"Yes, I don't know the exact purpose, but apparently he's leaving for Yggdrasil territory."

"Yggdrasil territory... I see."

Dolores nodded her head.

Dolores didn't try to teach spirit magic because she wasn't confident in it herself.

The elves' spirit magic is excellent, so Dolores had no choice but to agree.

"Oh, and he's having dinner with the master of the Greenwood Tower tonight."


Upon hearing that, Dolores dropped the pen she was holding.


One of Dolores' eyebrows raised.

Unaware of her reaction, the secretary continued the report.

"He'll have dinner with Rosaria and return. And… um… Tower Master?"

The atmosphere was getting weirder. No matter how slow a person was, they couldn't help but notice the change.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Excuse me? What?"

"Continue the report."

But there was a bigger problem.

"Well, the room is getting colder and colder…"

White frost covered the area around Dolores, and the water in her teacup froze.

The source of the cold was none other than Dolores.

Her blue eyes shone brightly, and her hair glowed with a brighter color.

Dolores didn't notice the fact.

No, she didn't care enough to notice.

Dolores leaned her elbows on the office desk and looked up at her secretary like a ruthless commander.

"Doesn't it seem like that's not the issue right now?"


"If you don't want to freeze, finish the report quickly."

The cold-hearted ice queen was looking up at her secretary.

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