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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 91 Part 1

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Runes and Spirits (5)

Reed bowed his head apologetically to the Elf Elder and Yustina.

"I'm sorry for the trouble after you helped us with the contract. It weighs heavily on my heart that we only caused inconvenience."

Yustina shook her head.

"For us, it was a precious opportunity to see the Spirit King again after hundreds of years, thanks to you. And also…"

Yustina looked down at Rosaria.

"Although I couldn't say it before, our benefactor has done an even greater deed. I wanted to tell you this."

"What do you mean?"

Reed asked Yustina.

He couldn't grasp what she was talking about.

"You said last time you came that you couldn't find the source of the pollution, right?"

"That's right."

"Thanks to the removal of that pollution, we can now detect where the pollution is coming from more quickly and effectively block external pollution."

"Does that mean there is still polluted mana in the ley lines?"


Reed recalled the contents of the previous Tower Masters meeting.

At that time, no one had answered that there was a problem, and the Greenwood Tower Master undoubtedly hadn't noticed it either.

If something had happened, the first person to make a fuss would have been the Greenwood Tower Master.

"To contaminate without being detected, there can only be one possibility."

Yustina nodded her head.

"Someone is intentionally releasing it."

Someone is determined to pollute the World Tree.

Very slowly.

However, when Rosaria went on a study tour to the Sound of Music Project, she not only removed the pollution but also unblocked the clogged veins, causing rapid growth in a short period.

If Rosaria hadn't accomplished that task, they wouldn't have been able to expect the hospitality of the elves.

"What's happening to the ones causing the pollution?"

"We're currently tracking them, but... it's a matter of going outside Yggdrasil's territory, so I'm worried. Although we elves don't know much about the world, we speculate that it might be a sign of the awakening of the demons."

"Demons... you mean?"


Yes, demons also appear in this game.

However, they didn't have such a big influence.

They were a race that only appeared as part of some quests in level-up hunting grounds.

The reason was simple.

It was because of Reed, who was conducting the "Project: Flower Garden".

He used the blood of demons to create the second disaster among the seven disasters.

Demons were not a naturally occurring race but mutants.

Despite being mutants caused by mana pollution, they were a unique race that could increase their numbers through their blood.

What if one could obtain absolute power to control those demons through their blood?

That idea led to the creation of the second disaster, Peon.

The physical and magical abilities of the demon king, the king of demons.

And using the unique abilities of demons to trouble the protagonist and his party.

‘I thought Rosaria and the seven disasters were all demons, but the tracks were different.’

None of the disasters, except for the second one, had accepted the blood of demons.

It was unclear whether Reed intended it or the other six disasters refused it because they didn't want to be controlled.

‘Since the experiment is not being done, the demons will gradually crawl up.’

Thanks to the elves' speculation, he became more alert about the demons.

"If you need help, why don't you ask the Greenwood Tower Master?"

Yustina shook her head.

"We want to try to solve it with our strength as much as possible. It's not pleasant to be in debt."

"If it's a bother, we won't come often."

"You are an exception. There's a difference between being in debt and receiving great grace."

Yustina looked down at Rosaria and smiled faintly.

"Benefactor, I hope you will visit our Yggdrasil's children once more."

"Can I come again?"

"Yes, come anytime. We can hold a festival for our benefactor at any time."



Along with Rosaria's energetic voice, the exhausted sound of the dog's howl was heard.

The contract was over, and Yustina handed a few gifts to Reed and Rosaria.

Dream big tl dot com * * *

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* * *

They were the same items as when they had come before.

Reed gratefully accepted the gifts and boarded the sky carriage, which then left Yggdrasil's territory.

The Elf Elder and Yustina looked up at the sky, and as they disappeared, they both opened their mouths one by one.

"Truly a mysterious girl."

"I didn't expect there would be someone who would refuse a contract with Orneptos."

"Although she was our benefactor and had enough ability, I never thought she would be so outrightly opposed…"

"Since Orneptos didn't make a big issue out of it, is there anything more to argue about?"

"Yes, there isn't."

It was not a pleasant thing for the ever-peaceful elves to be flustered.

However, the fact that such a surprising event occurred made them laugh out loud.

The Elf Elders moved back to where the altar was.

They retrieved all the items used in Rosaria's summoning circle, erased the magic circle, and tried to remove all traces.

Yustina placed her hand on the tree to check if the World Tree was intact.


Yustina felt something strange.

She put her hand on the World Tree again and tried to feel it once more.

But it wasn't a mistaken feeling.

"What is it?"

The Elf Elders noticed Yustina's condition and asked her.

Yustina touched the World Tree for a while before answering.

"I can't sense Orneptos?"

"How could that be?"

"He said he would be dormant here unless a contractor appeared, right?"

"Please try to feel it yourself."

The Elders placed their hands on the tree and looked into the World Tree as she said.

Then they looked at each other with the same expression as Yustina.

Orneptos had disappeared.

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