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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 91 Part 2

The contract with the spirit failed.

Orneptos showed excessive interest in Rosaria, but she rejected him because she didn't like it, and as a result, she returned holding a single Salamander, or rather, an Elemental Lizard.

Reed took advantage of the situation to check Rosaria's abilities with "Talent Appraisal"

As soon as the contract with the spirit was completed, a change in Rosaria's traits occurred as if it was natural.

「Spirit Contract: Elemental Lizard」

It was named Elemental Lizard, not simply a Fire Spirit, Salamander.

‘I've never seen such a creature before…’

It was a name he had never heard even once while playing "Disaster 7".

It was undoubtedly either lost in ancient times, or Rosaria had completely recreated a new creature.

‘What can this spirit do?’

Rosaria looked at the creature she was holding.

Originally a Fire Spirit, Salamander.

However, the Salamander she summoned had a large head, big jaw, and looked like a fat, foolish lizard.

Lower spirits had abilities equivalent to those of lower elementalists.

If it had the abilities of a lower elementalist who could handle all four elements, it would be a great spirit as both a dealer and a support role.

As Reed stared at it, the creature sensed his gaze and looked up at him.


His hand naturally went up to its head as it let out a gentle cry.

Despite having a contract with Rosaria, it didn't seem to be on guard, and its personality was a perfect match for Rosaria's.

Reed decided to look at Rosaria's other abilities.

‘"Elemental Sensitivity" has risen to 4 in an instant.’

He thought that at the moment she summoned the Spirit King, "Elemental Sensitivity" would have transcended in an instant.

It wasn't a lie to expect that, as there was a precedent where "Mana Sensitivity" had risen by 7 at once.

‘What would happen if "Elemental Sensitivity" reached 7?’

Would she become the spirit itself, surpassing the Spirit King?

He was suddenly worried about her future.

‘She's holding the Salamander well.’

Although it was the size of a 5-year-old child, she held it well.

Seeing her holding it like a teddy bear, he thought she was becoming a second Lucy.

"Meowmeow, you’re heavy?"


"Now sit in the front seat."


Rosaria put the creature in the front seat of the sky carriage, and it stretched out its body and took up the front seat.

It couldn't compete with a teddy bear in terms of mobility.

The good thing was that the creature could move on its feet.

And as a spirit, it could disappear at any time.

"Rosaria, do you want to try de-summoning it?"


"You need to practice so you can call it anytime."

Rosaria looked up at him with an expression that she didn't understand.

"Isn't it okay to just be together?"

"Do you want to be together?"

"Yes! Meowmeow is my friend!"

Spirit summoners call their spirits friends.

But would there be anyone who actually treats them like friends?

When they're not needed, they're treated like parasites that eat mana, and they're only summoned when they're needed in a crisis.

‘What a cute fellow.’ Reed lightly pinched Rosaria's cheek.

During their conversation, they arrived at the Greenwood Tower in the blink of an eye.

Reed looked up at the tower.

The Greenwood Tower, as its name suggests, looked like a green tree, and at first glance, it resembled a giant stalk that might appear in Jack and the Beanstalk.

The tower was 91 stories tall.

As a tower that focuses on Barrier magic, the largest amount of mana was covered on the outer walls, spreading out in all directions.

"It looks similar to the tree we went to."

"It's said to be the tower most similar to the World Tree."

"I see."

Rosaria looked up with sparkling eyes.

"And we have to leave Meowmeow here."

"Wouldn't Meowmeow want to see the tower too?"

"But the tower Masters only invited the two of us. We shouldn't cause any trouble, right?"

Although that was the pretext, Reed didn't want to show the Elemental Lizard that Rosaria had created to other tower Masters right away.

It was a time when she needed to focus on empathy, and if she became the center of attention, Rosaria's desired empathy might fail.

"Let's surprise the other tower Masters by introducing Meowmeow later. Okay?"


Surprising others is a desire of children.

So, they decided to hold back for now.

"Meowmeow, I'll go alone. Is that okay?"


Meowmeow curled its tail and sat quietly in the seat.

It looked like a well-trained puppy.

Rosaria waved her hand one last time and held Reed's hand as they walked.

The huge wooden gate opened, letting Reed and Rosaria inside, and a mage dressed in a green robe greeted them with a polite bow.

"Welcome, Master of the Silence Tower."

"Is the Master of the Greenwood Tower present?"

"Yes. They are waiting."

Although it seemed like they were calmly welcoming guests, Reed felt a subtle sense of panic from them.

It wouldn't be because of Reed's visit.

They must have been informed of everything.

The green-robed mage got on the elevator and made a request to Reed.

"Once you go inside, you may be quite surprised, so it might be best to brace yourself before entering."

"What happened?"

What had the Greenwood Tower Master done?

His words made him tense.

"If something is going on, let's go back now."

The mage waved their hand frantically.

"No, it's not that. It's not that our Tower Master is causing something... Rather, it would be more accurate to say they've been tricked?"


Just as he was about to ask what that meant, the elevator stopped on the 88th floor.

"The other Tower Masters are here."


"… Other Tower Masters?"

Did they invite other people? Reed thought there might be some malicious feelings toward him when they were trying to sneak away.

No, there must be malicious feelings.

With just the nuance, it felt like a cougar trying to devour him.

"May you have a pleasant evening."

The nuance of 'Have fun and enjoy' was stronger than 'Cheer up.'

The mage greeted them politely, and Reed held Rosaria's hand as they stepped off the elevator.

The dining room where the Greenwood Tower Master was located was immediately visible as they got off the elevator.

As they entered, the brilliant lighting and decorations greeted Reed.

"Welcome, Master of the Silence Tower."

The one who greeted him was not the Greenwood Tower Master.

The Greenwood Tower Master had a forced smile on her face and kept her mouth shut.

The one who spoke was the woman sitting next to her.

"… Master of the Wallin Tower?"

It was Dolores.

She was smiling and welcoming them.

‘A smile, but…’

It was a forced smile that came out while suppressing her emotions.

It was uncomfortable.

Rosaria's hand, which he was holding, suddenly tensed up due to the intense atmosphere.

It was surprising enough that Dolores was there, but that wasn't the end of it.

"What's going on? Is she the star of today?"

The Master of the Black Sky Tower, Freesia, was also present.

It was surprising that Dolores was there, but compared to Freesia's presence, it was on a different level.

Dolores was on the left.

Freesia was on the right.

And in the middle sat the Greenwood Tower Master.

The expression of the dinner party host was similar to that of a noble caught in a people's trial.

He had to deal with it calmly.

He shouldn't be flustered.

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