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Dream Breaker - Chapter 15

Graduate(15) We are not gods.

The next day, I was questioned by my friends who saw me jumping out of the classroom window like a movie actor and coming to school unharmed. I even went to the teacher who was at the scene and apologized.


It's a perfect excuse that fits anywhere.

"I was thinking, maybe Kang Moon-soo's aptitude is a movie actor?"

"No, it's not. Stuntmen do the dangerous scenes instead."

"Then he should become a stuntman!"

"Stuntmen don't do reckless things like Moon-soo."

The kids who loved meddling in other people's affairs discussed my aptitude.

'Movie actor, stuntman. Both are wrong. My aptitude is  shaman.'

If it had been the old me, I would have played along, but now just listening to their conversation and watching them quietly made me feel good.

Because things have changed!

Just for the reason that I'm not repeating the same time, everything in the world seemed beautiful.

"Hey, look at Moon-soo's face."

"He's suddenly giggling and laughing."

"Leave him alone. He must be imagining something interesting."

"He's not in a good state."

Even if they misunderstood me!


These people, who had ignored me like mannequins before, started to look like ordinary people.

As a result, I felt my presence in a place where people gather and live.

The bond between people.

The promise made by people and society.

Things that I had lost in my heart began to come back to life little by little.


It's too early to be relieved. If I lose to Song Seon-young in today's match, I'll lose it all again.

"Kang Moon-soo."


"If you don't like it, don't jump out the window and tell the teacher. Can you solve problem number 2 on page 341?"

A situation where a teacher asks a student to solve a problem!

It would be easier to go back to the occult and make it as if it never happened, but this is a karmic retribution that I must accept.

"Of course."

That's the only way to keep moving forward without stopping.

* * *

I don't know the details, but it seems that Song Seon-young's mother, who was a national representative, used her connections to get permission to use part of the college swimming pool for a short time.

'I'm nervous.'

As soon as I changed into my swimsuit in the locker room and entered the swimming pool, my heart raced with tension.

I was much more nervous than when I first took the aptitude test!

'Song Seon-young... Ah!'

She, who always arrived later than me, was already there today.

"You came early."

Song Seon-young, who was determined to beat me, wore a one-piece athlete swimsuit, considering the water resistance.

Her long legs, which always looked pretty, felt scary today.

"Don't forget our promise."

Song Seon-young stared at me with sharp eyes that even felt desperate.

I couldn't find any of the initial leisure or arrogance in her. Because she had almost caught up.

"You too."

The promise that if I win, no matter what aptitude comes out, she won't commit suicide.

On the contrary, if I lose, I'll become Song Seon-young's Adam and go to our paradise...

'Losing wouldn't be so bad.'

Living a life forever with a beautiful Eve without money worries in a capitalist society!

It's okay because I'm not alone, even if everyone looks like a mannequin. Song Seon-young must be thinking about this too.

'Good to win, good to lose.'

There was no worst outcome, no matter what the result was.


I must win. If the occult doesn't work even once, Song Seon-young will die.

I shook off my complacency, relying on the unknown occult.

"Get ready...!"

The referee was a safety officer whose aptitude was a swimming coach.

Having supervised athletes' competitions at the sports college for a long time, he would see much better than ordinary people.



After getting permission from other users, we emptied part of the swimming pool and stood side by side on the starting line.

The starting signal was the clock on the front wall of the pool.

When the second hand points to 12 o'clock, it's time to start.

Tick, tick, tick... Tick!


With a smooth dive, I started and looked straight ahead.

'Breathing, movement, stamina...'

I didn't care where Song Seon-young was and only thought about reaching my top speed.

The knowledge I had learned from her came to mind one by one.


I pushed through the water and moved forward.

'Thank you.'

Song Seon-young, who planned to change her aptitude by lowering her self-esteem.

Because of her, I started swimming reluctantly, but it was full of joyful and happy memories.


My fingertips touched the wall.

That meant,


I stuck my head out of the water and took a deep breath.


And the referee's whistle sounded like thunder.

'Where's Song Seon-young?'

I immediately turned my head to check Song Seon-young's position.


Leaning against the wall of the swimming pool, she looked at me while catching her rough breath.

'Did I lose? Did I win?'

It was unclear who had won.

We both looked at the safety officer at the same time, having the same thought.

"Who won?"

"Who was faster?"

The safety officer, who had lost his mind while looking at the record on the stopwatch in his hand, snapped back to reality with our urging.

"Ah, right. The winner is...!"

* * *

Sitting side by side, we dipped our feet in the pool water and spent time cooling our body heat and sweat.



There was no conversation, and we didn't check each other's expressions, but I thought this wasn't bad either.

However, if there's a beginning to anything, there must be an end. This silence couldn't last forever either.

"...I lost."

Splash, splash~

Song Seon-young, who calmly admitted her defeat, playfully splashed water as she swung her legs back and forth.

I could feel her pretending to be calm and unaffected.

"It was close."

"But losing is still the same. My mom also lost in important matches... They don't give you half a medal or a pension just because it was a close loss."

"Do you hate competing with someone?"

"...I don't hate it. If I really hated it, I wouldn't have become a swimmer."

"That's... true."

I asked without thinking, but it was a really pathetic question. If she had a personality that hated competition in the first place, she wouldn't have become a swimmer in the aptitude test.

But it's also an undeniable fact that she hates her aptitude for fiercely competing.

I couldn't help but ask.

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

"How about worrying about it after taking the aptitude test first?"


"Tell me."

"I know what you're worried about. But I think it's worth taking the risk. Can't I commit suicide just one last time after preparing?"

"What kind of preparation?"

"Preparing to become rich."


It seemed that Song Seon-young wanted to memorize stock or real estate information and then regress for the last time.

This is a matter of flexibility.

But is there a guarantee that the last exception will be safe?

There wasn't.

"I'm not saying I won't keep the promise. It just has to be the last time."


"It's not a bad suggestion, right? It's also an opportunity for you to become rich."


It was as tempting as a devil's temptation that couldn't be easily dismissed.

Rational, practical, future-oriented...

If the occult works just one last time, it's a perfect plan.

"Moon-soo, let's do that."

"...I'm sorry."


"I understand the easy and quick way to become rich. But it's not worth risking your life."

"We've been going back to the past without any problems so far."

"It's different now."

My intuition was shouting strongly.

Relying on the occult like this will lead to great regret.

"How do you know?"

There was no clear evidence or proof. But I had to show it.

"Because I'm a shaman."

The reason for my conviction.


"Because I'm a shaman, I know there's no next time for us."

"...Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

If I'm wrong, I'll forever take away her chance to become rich.

But I don't regret it.

"I can't trust you."

"I don't want to give up the chance to become rich either."

Still, I don't regret it!


"It's not just you giving up. But it can't be helped. There's no next time."

"...I understand."

"Thank you for trusting me!"

"I just want to ask one last thing."


"What would you have done if I won? You said there's no next time."

A question that could be quite curious.

I answered without hesitation.

"I was planning to die together. It's my fault that I couldn't stop you."


"Don't you believe me?"

"...Just one favor."

"What is it?"

"If I try to commit suicide again, please stop me."

"I got it."

"Let's get going. Before that person bothers us."

The swimming coach, who was surprised by the match record, was watching us with a hyena-like gaze, waiting for prey.

Can we sneak out quietly?

"...Ladies first."


"I'll deal with it. You go first."

"Ah! Thank you."

Understanding my intentions, Song Seon-young giggled and headed to the locker room.

"Excuse me, student...!"

"Talk to me if you have something to say. I also have a part-time job soon!"

* * *

Was it because of the thought that this precious time would not return?

I spent my time efficiently without wasting it.

"Moon-soo hyung~!"

Second-year junior Choi Kang-hoon, who had been close friends since elementary school, ran towards me.

I never noticed this fact because I wasn't interested in a guy's appearance, but this guy also had long legs, not unlike Song Seon-young.

'By any chance, is this guy also...?'

The image of a handsome guy walking by the swimming pool being cheered on by a group of girls naturally came to mind.


"Uh-hmm! It's nothing. Why?"

"I heard you're dating a pretty senior."

"Who's spreading such a false rumor..."

"There was a rumor around the school? A student saw you picking out women's underwear at the department store."


I want to strangle the guy who spread the rumor.

"Hyung. Is it true?"

"Yeah. It's true. But I can't agree with the dating part."

Our relationship became awkward after the swimming match.

We only exchanged glances when we met in the school hallway.


"You, who reject girls' confessions every day-"

"Really amazing! Manly!"

"Is it...?"

'I thought he said kicking away a girl's confession was manly?'

I couldn't figure out what Choi Kang-hoon thought was manly.

"Hyung! Hyung!"

"What now?"

"If I jump out the window like you, will I become manly?"

"Keh! Never follow me! Don't even imitate- Cough cough!"

I was so startled that I choked and beat my chest in extreme protest.

'Does he intend to die!'

He would become a ghost before becoming a cool guy in his mind.

"I know. I can't jump out because I'm scared."

"Right... Huh? How do you know?"

"I tried it at home."

"Dear God..."

I could clearly imagine how shocked Choi Kang-hoon's parents must have been.

If it were known that he attempted it because of me?

I got goosebumps.

"You're really amazing, hyung."

"Kang-hoon. A person who uses a window instead of a perfectly good staircase is not amazing, just a fool."

"Other than that."


"You just got your aptitude test results. You're the only one who doesn't seem bothered."


I should have received the aptitude test results once or twice.

"So, what's your aptitude?"

"It seems the rumor hasn't spread yet."

"We just got it. It's too early for rumors, isn't it?"

"Ah, right."

I got confused with memories of the past.

"So what's your aptitude?"


"Wow! Really?!"


"Amazing! I thought Moon-soo hyung would have a manly aptitude too!"



"Do you know what a shaman is?"

"Of course, I know! It's a person who punishes bad spirits, right? I've watched Yoo Il-am's broadcast so much!"

"Is that so..."

I'm very well aware that the 'Shaman Yoo Il-am' that Choi Kang-hoon and I think of is completely different.

"Ah! Bro! Your girlfriend is behind you!"

"I don't have a girlfriend..."

"Mr. Shaman."

Song Seon-young really called me from behind.

That's fine, but Choi Kang-hoon's cat-like expression, who was biting a fish, was very annoying.

"You already told her about the aptitude you just got?! Cool! You take care of your girlfriend first!"


"I'll leave quickly since I'm quick-witted! Bye~!"

"Hey. Listen to me first- Choi Kang-hoon! Hey! Hey~!"


Choi Kang-hoon used his long legs to leave like the wind.

"What quick-witted..."

"You're the one with no tact. What were you going to say to your close friend? What am I if I'm not your girlfriend?"

"You are my girlfriend!"

"No, I'm not"


"I'm kidding. But I'm a little suspicious. Aren't you curious about your girlfriend's aptitude?"

"I'm curious!"

I had a feeling that if I wasn't curious, I would be very tired!



"Then look."


Song Seon-young widely spread the paper with her aptitude test results written on it.



"So, Moon-soo. I have a favor to ask."

"As long as it's not suicide."

"Please stay with me. I really want to commit suicide."


It was too scary of a request not to accept.

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