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Dream Breaker - Chapter 16


Even though I won in a crucial match where the fate of the world was at stake, I don't think it's over yet.

Wouldn't it be irresponsible if I don't help Song Seon-young keep her promise not to commit suicide?

I had been considerate in my own way by keeping my distance.

'I'm a little worried if she felt it as consideration!'

I thought monitoring whether she kept her promise well was a disrespectful act.

However, now that she asked for help, I must step in wholeheartedly, if only to prove that I wasn't just being indifferent and watching.

As the first step of that start,

"From now on, I'll wait for you in front of the classroom during break time."

"To monitor?"


As the aptitude test ended and the last winter vacation approached, all classes became lax. If that hadn't been the case, there would have been too many gaps in the monitoring, rendering it meaningless.

"Even in the bathroom?"

"I'll let that pass..."

There's no need for me to always be by her side.

Family, friends, students, teachers...

Even if they don't know her, anyone with a sense of justice to stop a girl from jumping off the roof is enough.

"Everyone will see."

"Well, there's no way around it."

For the greater good, a little side effect must be accepted. The fate of the world is in my hands!

* * *


"Thank you, come again!"

The fate of the world resting on a girl's palm is important, but I couldn't ignore the imminent rent and living expenses before my eyes.

"You're working hard."

Song Seon-young, who followed me to the convenience store where I work part-time, was curiously looking around with intrigued eyes.

In her hand, she was holding a beverage and bread that the boss had given her before leaving to play computer games.

'He never gave me any!'

He took care of a girl he saw for the first time rather than a diligent employee who had been working here until the weekend?

I was dumbfounded.


"Tell me."

"Don't you get bored standing still at the counter?"

"That's why I do various things when there are no customers."

"Like what?"

"School homework."

"...I think it's better to stand still even if I'm bored."

"I do other things too. I read the magazines over there."

"Oh... There are a lot of science ones."

"They are monthly magazines given for free by a publishing company run by the boss's friend."

"Do people read these?"

"People often use them as a shelf for cup noodles."

We spent time exchanging trivial conversations.



When a customer comes in, the conversation is temporarily interrupted...

"Is the girl next to you an employee?"


Quite a few people showed interest in Song Seon-young, who was sitting with her long legs crossed in her short school uniform skirt, stealing glances at her.

Going one step further,

"Young lady, here's my business card."

A man offering her an upscale business card with a gold frame.

"Could I have your phone number...?"

Asking for her phone number while holding out his smartphone to her.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Showing deep interest while blatantly ignoring me, who was standing next to her.

And more, and more...

Anyway, there were many.

"You're quite popular."

"I know."

Song Seon-young responded sulkily, as if it was something she experienced often.

The upscale business card with a gold frame had already been classified as paper waste and went into the recycling bin.

She refused to give her phone number outright. When asked if she had a boyfriend,

"It seems your eyes are just for decoration."

"Asking a customer if they're blind is..."

The customer's embarrassed expression was both refreshing and a bit disheartening.

"I'm a customer too, you know?"

"Ah, yes."

If I had done that, I would have been immediately summoned by the boss.

"...I'm going to the bathroom for a bit."

"I'll go with you."

"You have to take care of the customers."

"It's fine."

It would be a big problem if she went to the rooftop instead of the restroom. It's better than waiting idly.

"I don't want you to suffer because of me."

"I might get scolded by the boss for leaving the store unattended often, but this much is fine. It's also a slow early morning for customers."

"If you say so..."

Still, Song Seon-young's expression didn't improve.

"Where's the bathroom?"

"...I'll just hold it. But how long is this part-time job? You have to go to school too."

"I find it more surprising that your parents haven't contacted you. Don't you have to call them? They might be worried."


I didn't mention it any further due to her firm attitude.

"It's almost over. It's time for the next part-timer to come."

"Yawn! When the heck do I get to sleep?"

Song Seon-young yawned loudly without covering her mouth, emphasizing how sleepy she was.

"About an hour from now."

"Are you even human?"

"I thought I'd never be able to do it at first. But as I kept doing it, it worked. What about you?"

"You know the answer, so why ask?"

"Right. I'll take you to your house at least."

In case she goes to the rooftop instead of home as soon as we part ways. I have to confirm it until the end.

"What are you talking about? I should obviously go to your house."

"My house? You too?"

"My parents are too busy fighting whenever they meet to care about their daughter. They wouldn't even notice if I suddenly disappeared."

"...Then there's no choice."

I couldn't bring myself to say that I can't follow her home.

* * *

I was really lucky. The homeroom teacher had come the day before and cleaned up the house that looked like a garbage dump.

Song Seon-young, who saw the one-room studio in the commercial building where I live, expressed her thoughts.

"You've already become independent?"

"I guess so."

It's fortunate that she didn't think my parents were completely absent.

"I'm envious. But I don't want to live by working part-time like you."

"That's only until this year. I'll have plenty of time once I graduate from school. I need to prepare for a job in earnest."

"So you're not going to college."

"What's the point of a shaman going?"

There's no college in this country that teaches how to see ghosts.

There are rumors of a comprehensive university on the other side of the earth that specializes only in teaching the occult, though.

"You seem to be suited to be a shaman."

"Isn’t that my aptitude?"

"Ah, right."

"But I'm going to look for another job that's not related to shaman. I don't have the confidence to make money on broadcasts like Yoo Il-am."

"Finding a job won't be easy."

"But I have to try."

It's very rare for someone whose aptitude doesn't match to be hired. It reduces work efficiency.

Doctors are doctors.

Nurses are nurses.

Pharmacists are pharmacists.

Everyone has their own unique role.

For example, would a person whose aptitude is to be a president do well in managing a smaller company than a country?

No way!

It would be a relief if they don't get into a quarrel with investors over pointless political remarks.

"Another job..."

"How about you try looking for another job too, Seon-young?"

"...Is it possible?"

"Wouldn't it be easier than going to the Olympics and winning a medal?"

A war of superhumans who have far surpassed ordinary human physical abilities!

Every four years, they fight with monsters that I can't believe are the same humans as me, and they can only enjoy the glory of the medal if they rank within the 'top 4 in the world'.

"I don't have any special skills other than swimming."

"...How about modeling?"


"You're pretty now, but when you wore that swimsuit, I couldn't take my eyes off you."

"A bikini?"


"...I don't like it when someone looks at my body like a product."


Aptitude doesn't lie.

If she could accept other people's gazes without any problem, the aptitude test would have had a different result.

"I'm sleepy. Let's go to bed."

"Sleep on the bed. I'll just lay a blanket on the floor."

"Wow! Are you being considerate because I'm a girl?"


"It's suspicious... It's the bed you use every day. What if I get pregnant?"

"It won't happen!"

A man's sperm can survive for an average of 3 days, and up to 7 days if very healthy.

"Can you guarantee it?"

"...I can't."

My confidence faltered a bit.

"I won't forgive you if you touch me while I'm asleep."

"If you're worried, go home and sleep."

"Can I?"

"No, I'm sorry. It was a slip of the tongue. Please sleep here..."

The reason I brought Song Seon-young to this place, which I have never shown to anyone before, was to monitor her.

"Sleep well."

"You too."

It's impulsively possible for a day, but it's realistically difficult to continue living together like this.

"...Are you asleep?"




Has she already drifted off to dreamland? She doesn't answer when I call her.

'I'll think of a plan later.'

I have to fall asleep quickly to wake up earlier than her and continue monitoring.

I decided to focus on sleeping.




I woke up with a start to the vibration of my smartphone.

"Who's calling at this hour... Gasp!"

「Sender: Song Seon-young」

I turned around on bed so fast that my neck could have snapped, and my face turned pale.

She's gone!

Song Seon-young had disappeared!


"Where are you!"

My voice trembled as I pressed the call button.

It was fear.

It was the fear of never being able to see her again.

(Come to the rooftop.)

"Don't move and wait for me!"

"If she intended to commit suicide, she wouldn't have contacted me like this."

With that vague hope in mind, I hurriedly ran to the rooftop of the commercial building.

* * *


"Shaman, you're here."

Song Seon-young was sitting on the railing of the rooftop.

"That's dangerous. Come down from there first."



My footsteps, which were slowly approaching her, came to an immediate halt at her warning-like word.

"Seon-young, this isn't right."

"I'm sorry. It seems like I can't keep my promise."


I wanted to rush over and tightly grab her slender body, but if I take even one step from here, it'll be immediate suicide.

I've been outsmarted since the moment I let my guard down and fell asleep.

'It was impossible from the beginning.'

As a human being who eats and excretes, I can't monitor her 24 hours a day.

"I actually knew. That my aptitude wouldn't change no matter what I did. But I wanted to change."

"I know. I know how much you wanted to change."

I know better than anyone.

"Thank you for going along with my stubbornness."

"I'll continue to go along with you. So please, come down from there."

"I can't."


"I called you like this to leave a last will."

"A last will...?"

"Like your nightmare, I might die completely. It would be too sad if we couldn't see each other again."

"Knowing that, why..."

"I can't bear it."

She was in agony, like withdrawal symptoms from drugs.

"Calm down."

"Moon-soo, I'll try to commit suicide just one more time. If it succeeds, although it's tough being rich, I can make a decent amount of money. I've been watching stocks while you were working."


I've been watching Song Seon-young struggle because of a promise with me.

At school, at the convenience store, on the streets, at home...

So I know. I know how much she has tried.

"Let's see each other again with a smile."

"Just a moment."


"It's not urgent, is it? This could really be our last conversation."

"...Talk from there."

This is the last chance.

I'm not a good actor, but I spoke with a confident tone.

"You're going to die."

"It might not happen."

"Don't hold on to uncertain hope. I'm a shaman. A specialist in this kind of occult."

I never thought I'd be grateful for the fact that my aptitude is a 'shaman'!


"You know just by the fact that I don't lose your memory like others, right? That's why I can say with confidence. This time, you'll definitely die."

"...Then it'll be my last will."


"I'm sorry."

She's in a precarious position where she could fall just by leaning her weight back a little!

But she didn't jump off right away.

'Could it be... is she scared?'

Hesitation appeared in her, who had been committing suicide without any problem until now.

This is an opportunity.

The very last chance!

I decided to lie to her once more.

"I can guarantee it. You'll succeed if you become a model."

"I told you, I can't."

"Think of everyone as a mannequin."

"A mannequin...?"

"You said it first. Everyone looks like a mannequin except for me. That's why you even tried on underwear at the department store-"

"Don't talk about that."


We stared into each other's eyes as if we were having a staring contest.

Her trembling eyes.

I could see the conflict.

"Being a model might have been impossible for the Song Seon-young of the past. But now you have experiences that can't be measured by P's aptitude test."


"If you treat everyone like a mannequin, you won't be embarrassed. Am I wrong?"

"You're right."

"You'll definitely succeed as a model. I guarantee it."



"...I'll try. Modeling."


Finally lifting my foot, I ran to her in one step.

And then,


"Ouch! That hurts!"

"Thank you!"

I tightly hugged her with the determination to never let go.

"What are you talking about... I'm really thankful."

"Seon-young. I have something to say."

"Wait. I'll say it first. I really like Moon-soo-"

* * *


I was sharing warmth with Song Seon-young, whose body had become cold even to her heart.

'What's going on?'

My view had changed even though Song Seon-young didn't commit suicide.


'Isn't this a school?'

Lying on a soft bed, my clothes were a white patient gown, and an IV was inserted in my wrist.

Could it be a hospital then?


I wanted to lift my head and take a closer look around, but my body, heavy like a waterlogged cotton, didn't budge.

'What on earth...'

It's definitely not the past. I have no memory of being hospitalized.

I wish someone could explain this situation to me...

"Oh my! Doctor! Doctor! The patient has woken up!"

"What?! Really?!"

"Yes! Kang Moon-soo, who was in a coma, woke up after ten days!"

"Oh! What a miracle...!"


Thank you for the explanation.

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