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Dream Breaker - Chapter 5 Part 2

The situation that went beyond my understanding and common sense continued. It was too long to be just a dream.


"Moon-soo, good luck today."

"Yes, boss."

Even though the future changed a bit, me going to my part-time job remained the same.

The place was a convenience store.

I had to dispose of expired food, but I saved on food expenses by putting it in my stomach at that time.

I earned money and solved my meal problem.

I'm very satisfied.


"Please wax the floor when there are no customers. There was a customer who drank alcohol in broad daylight and vomited. The smell doesn't go away."


The problem is the repeating part-time job.

'Putting aside the difficulty, it feels like working for free?!'

Think about it as if the 29th day keeps repeating, while I'm supposed to receive my salary that would be a lifesaver for my empty bank account on the 30th.

"It's driving me crazy."


While wiping the convenience store floor in the dark dawn, I made up my mind.

"I'll accept it."

I don't believe in the occult. However, I'm not so closed-minded as to not believe it even after directly experiencing it.


I'll accept my aptitude.

'Can't see ghosts, but can go back to the past?'

I decided to give up on scientifically analyzing the principle and just observe the phenomenon.

'Three times in total.'

I recalled the moments when I regressed to the past one by one.

First, when I fell next to the female student.

Second, when the female student fell next to me.

There was a commonality.

'Can I avoid regression if I don't encounter that female student?'

It wouldn't hurt to try.


"Welcome! Customer!"


"Here you go."

"...How did you know I was going to buy this without even ordering?"

"You bought this before."

"Did I? I thought this was my first time at this convenience store."

"You've been here before."

It's been three times in my memory.

"Am I getting dementia..."

"Please come again! Customer!"

'Fear not, young lamb. Your memory, stained with nicotine and tar, is still fine.'

It's just that the part-timer at this convenience store who's weird.

* * *

Today is a very important day.


'Please, let's get through this time!'

It feels like about two weeks have passed, but the calendar date doesn't budge, like reinforced concrete.

Since I keep going back to the past when I took the aptitude test without getting past the day after the results are announced, the date doesn't change.

"Calm down."

As soon as I saw the backs of students returning home after school, my heart pounded.

It meant that the fateful time was approaching.


"She'll commit suicide again, right?"

I was concerned about the death of the female student who jumped off the school rooftop.

'I should warn the teacher in advance- ah...'

I hesitated to send a text message to my homeroom teacher with my smartphone. I didn't even know the name of that female student, let alone her face. I couldn't prevent the accident.

'If I knew this would happen, I should have at least looked at the name tag engraved on her uniform...'

I had two chances to see it.

But the first time, she was lying face down on the rooftop floor, so I couldn't see her name tag and face, and the second time, there was no chance to see her due to the gruesome blood.

"...I can't help it."

I nearly gave up and put my smartphone back in my pocket.

First, I have to solve the problem in front of me.

"Hey, Kang Moon-soo. How long are you going to hide it?"

"Right. You're the only one in our class hiding your aptitude test results."

"It's making me curious!"

"Could he really be an astronaut?"

"How mean, Kang Moon-soo!"

"Hey! Don't live like that!"

The attention of 'some' students who bragged about their aptitude test results to others was focused on me.

'Everyone revealed theirs?'

It's a baseless, blatant lie. I admit that many students have revealed their aptitudes.

"I can't. It's a secret."

I want to slap my past self who thought it was okay to tell.

If I reveal my aptitude here, my homeroom teacher will invite 'shaman Yoo Il-am' to the school again.

I'd rather not have that.

'Teacher, I'll accept your intention only.'

Salute to the homeroom teacher who is passionate and full of purpose to the bone!

However, I didn't want to meet Yoo Il-am, who would be more suitable as a celebrity than a shaman, three times.

"Is it really a great job?"

"Kang Moon-soo! How mean!"

"Hey! Just tell us. Is it a greater aptitude than the president?"

"It makes me more curious!"

I held out stubbornly against the continuous urging from those around me.


Right now, a female student's life is more important than this kind of aptitude.

* * *

There's only one good thing about experiencing the same past for the third time.

"It's comfortable~"

It's that I can correct the mistakes of the past.

"Hey, Kang Moon-soo."

"Are you really not going to tell us?"

"It's too much between us."

"Reveal your aptitude!"

I praised myself for making a great decision to hide the 'shaman' aptitude.

It was a bit annoying because my friends kept persistently asking for my aptitude test results, but it was better than being ridiculed before.


But my heart wasn't at ease. The time when the female student in question fell from the rooftop and died was approaching.

'It'll be fine.'

I had a plan.


Kang Moon-soo: Teacher. I saw a female student standing dangerously on the rooftop railing.

Preventing the incident by contacting my homeroom

"...Done. It should be okay now."

With a lighter heart, I carried my backpack on my back.

Thanks to hiding my aptitude test results from my homeroom teacher, shaman Yoo Il-am didn't come to school, and I saved a life with my quick report.

A satisfying way back home!

It's perfect.

'O Sun of tomorrow! Don't move and wait there~!'

I'm on my way to you.


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