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Dream Breaker - Chapter 6 Part 1

Graduate(6) - There's No Doubt It's a Dream.

"Kang Moon-soo, please come up and solve problem number 3 on page 338."
"Kang Moon-soo?"
'I definitely left the school through the front gate, didn't I...?'
Why am I in the classroom?
I'm not surprised because I had experienced teleportation to the school gym without any warning, but that doesn't mean it's okay.
Why again-
"Kang Moon-soo, please come up and solve problem number 3 on page 338."
"Ah, yes."
I woke up from my thoughts at the familiar teacher's voice.
The familiar third-year classroom and classmates instead of the dusty rooftop.
Even during class time.
'I'm going crazy!'
The occult activated even though I didn't encounter the problematic female student. It even seemed to change the time and place.
"Kang Moon-soo?"
"Ah, sorry. I feel a little dizzy."
I feel lightheaded.
"Hmm~ You do look a bit pale... Are you sick?"
"No, I'm okay."
"Then, please solve problem number 3 on page 338."
For now, I decided to solve the problem in front of me and think later.
* * *
I vaguely remembered solving problem number 3 on page 338 in front of the class before.
That means it's not my third time solving it. If it were, I would have remembered it very clearly.
But to be sure, I checked the date on my smartphone as soon as the class ended.
"As expected..."
I went back much further in time than the day I took the aptitude test in the gym.
There's nothing surprising about the occult doing another occult, but...
'Why all of a sudden?'
That's the problem because I don't know the reason.
I haven't even found the cause of being caught in the time-traveling occult, and now the time period has changed?
There's so much to think about, my head is throbbing.
At that time, I faintly heard the conversation of friends who were sitting around a round table-like arrangement, with a student's desk in the middle.
"Hey, reading the law book now won't change your aptitude test results."
"That's right. Give up. Even if you take the test again in 10 years, it'll be the same."
"It's funny to see someone who can't even study reading a law book."
"How about trying to rely on the power of religion like me?"
"Accept your fate."
It's a sensitive time for everyone, as the aptitude test, which is taken only once in a lifetime, is approaching.
It's rare to find a student who patiently waits for the aptitude test.
"Leave me alone!"
A student who had been ignoring the surrounding comments reached his limit and slammed the thick law book shut, shouting.
'...I remember that.'
I didn't see it at the time because I went to the bathroom, but I heard it almost turned into a physical fight.
I couldn't help it.
I thought I wasn't nosy, but my feet were already on their way to "interfere."
"Stop it. He wants to be a great judge like his father. It must be even more burdensome since his two older brothers are already working as a lawyer and a judge."
The attention was focused on me, who stepped in to mediate.
'What's going on?'
Their expressions as they looked at me were a bit strange.
"Um, Moon-soo."
"I've never introduced my family to anyone at school, so how did you know?"
It's because you introduced them while arguing. The rumor spread then.
But this is a future that hasn't happened yet.
And it's also a future that won't happen. The part about their family's occupations being revealed is the same, though.
It's not a big problem.
'...Or is it?'
It might be a problem that I know information that hasn't been disclosed?
"Moon-soo is a stalker..."
"No way, you...?"
"I didn't know you were like that!"
"I'm disappointed, Kang Moon-soo."
My friends started to have strange misunderstandings.
"No, it's not like that!"
"Let's just be friends."
"I said it's not like that!"
"Moon-soo, it's too late to hide it."
"What am I hiding?!"
I wanted to go back to the past.
* * *
'What dream...'
At some point, I found myself accepting this situation as 'reality.'
There are many reasons, but it's too long and clear to be a dream. I gave up on a scientific approach.
"Moon-soo, thank you for helping me."
I became friends with someone I wasn't very close to before.
"It's okay, it's okay. Friends help each other. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll become a great judge and help me in return."
I replied with a modest smile, waving my hand.
"I hope that day really comes. But still, no illegal actions."
The aspiring judge smiled back.
"Ah! And Moon-soo, there's one more thing I'd like you to be careful of."
"What is it?"
"Don't cross the line of friendship regardless of the aptitude test results. I prefer women to men."
"That was a misunderstanding~!"
When I went back to the time just before taking the aptitude test, I had no emotion.
However, the fellow student who was reading the law book during breaks to become a great judge like his father changed my mind when I came back to the past.
'Could this be an opportunity?'
It is a well-established fact that the aptitude test results don't change even if you retake it much later.
Since one's innate talent doesn't change, it's somewhat reasonable.
But it doesn't mean the result of the 'first test' won't change.
A stretch?
It doesn't matter.
'What's the harm in trying?'
It's forbidden to guarantee that it's 'absolutely' impossible because no one has ever gone back to the past throughout human history.
I will be a pioneer in this field.
"Hmm... Ah! Maybe I should read some fantasy novels at this opportunity?"
A new area I'm not familiar with!
Science fiction, not science!
If I engage in behavior I don't usually do, it could somehow affect the aptitude test results.
'It's troublesome if it's expensive...'
I searched for an online bookstore on my smartphone and looked at the prices of fantasy novels.
"It's cheaper than I thought?"
I could read two books for the price of one Americano.
There are about three days left until the fateful day of the aptitude test.
I'll read them while working part-time at the convenience store.

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