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Dream Breaker - Chapter 6 Part 2

In fantasy novels, there were quite a few stories about going back to the past.
I didn't read them all because I didn't have much time, but they dealt with the success stories of protagonists who changed their failed lives due to past choices or mistakes.
A very attractive subject.
Everyone wants to change their past at least once, so it's easy to empathize with while reading.
'Should I expect it too?'
Although it wasn't intended, my situation was similar to that of a fantasy novel. Even the fact that the cause and principle of going back to the past were unclear.
What's left?
Like the protagonists of fantasy novels, I boldly give up on scientific explanation and change the failed future!
"She's here!"
"Everyone, take your seats!"
The homeroom teacher, whose aptitude test result was 'high school teacher,' entered the classroom with a bunch of envelopes.
"Everyone, have you been waiting long?"
We really waited for a long time.
From three days before the aptitude test to today when the results came out, I never knew time could pass so slowly.
'I've put in a lot of effort.'
I read a bunch of fantasy novels, which were difficult to sympathize with from the prologue due to their unscientific nature, and took the aptitude test.
I expect that reading fantasy novels has influenced my rational brain and the aptitude test results.
"Number 1, Kang Moon-soo."
"Number 2- Gasp! Don't run in the classroom."
"I'm sorry!"
"Number 2, Kang Seung-ho."
The homeroom teacher called out names and students rushed like the wind to receive their envelopes.
'...I'm nervous.'
I want to change my future like the protagonist of a fantasy novel.
Shouldn't I have read academic books or papers instead of fantasy novels to get good aptitude results?
Such doubts crossed my mind, but now I was filled with the thought that anything would be fine as long as it wasn't a shaman.
With a desperate wish, I looked at the aptitude test results.
There was no miracle.
* * *
Was three days too short to change my aptitude? Or was it a problem with the direction of reading fantasy novels...
Anyway, I didn't have the luxury to sit back and be frustrated by my failure.
'I've crossed the line 5 times!'
I just want to avoid going back to the past again. If I can avoid that, I don't care if I'm a shaman.
Of course,
"Hey, Kang Moon-soo. Until when are you going to hide it?"
"That's right. You're the only one hiding your aptitude test results in the class."
That doesn't mean I'll reveal my aptitude test results. I don't want to meet Shaman Yoo Il-am again.
"How mean, Kang Moon-soo!"
"Are you really not going to tell us?"
I didn't care about my friends' criticisms. They were lines I've heard at least once.
How can they say the same words without missing a single syllable?
Repeating the same situation for the fifth time like this, I feel like I'm going crazy.
But since I don't know the conditions or causes for this occult - or 'regression' in terms of fantasy novels, I had no idea where to start.
First, I sent a text message to the homeroom teacher on my smartphone to prevent the female student's suicide-
Since the regression was triggered even without contacting the female student in question, I don't have to try to avoid her anymore.
'Should I go to the rooftop first and wait?'
It would be easier to deal with if I regressed again by directly meeting her and finding out the reason behind her suicide attempt.
...I hate accepting the fourth regression as a fait accompli.
"Quiet. Let's start the class."
"Yes! Teacher!"
Click, click.
All the students in the classroom, including me, took their seats.
"Open your textbooks to page 427."
"Page 427..."
After this class is over, I'll wait for the female student to come to the rooftop.
"Kang Moon-soo, come out and solve question 3 on page 338."
* * *
So far, the regression had been triggered after school.
But this time, it happened very early, during class.
The only regularity of time I thought I knew has disappeared!
Now I can't be sure of anything.
'I'm going crazy!'
I really need to find a way out of this occult before I go mad.
"Kang Moon-soo."
"You're solving this difficult problem as if you memorized it. Did you do a pre-study?"
I did it three times, actually.
"You're really great! Other students should learn from Kang Moon-soo."
It's nice to impress the teacher by solving the problem perfectly, but that's only when it happens once or twice.
When you hear the same praise for the third time, it doesn't feel special.
'I have to find it!'
I have to uncover the trigger of this occult that ignores the laws of physics and rewinds time.
'What could be the cause?'
I thought it was because of the female student who was lying on the rooftop...
I was confused.
'...No. There must be a connection with that female student.'
I'm not an occult expert, but is it an intuition?
I had a strange conviction.
But the problem is that I don't know the female student's name and face, and her school uniform doesn't allow for any distinguishing features.
The only clue is?
'Her pink backpack.'
At that time, I didn't think much of the backpack, so I just glanced at it. That's why I don't remember any design information other than it being pink.
In the end,
'Do I have no choice but to wait on the rooftop as planned...'
Could there be only one female student with a pink backpack in this school? While it's not as common as black or brown, it's not a rare color either.
Don't be too impatient and enjoy this situation.
Since the money spent on buying fantasy novels is recovered every time I regress. I think of it as reading for free as a consolation-
"Moon-soo, hyung! Hello!" [“Hyung” is a term used by younger males to refer to older male siblings or older male friends. It is similar to the English word “brother”]
As soon as I heard the voice calling me from behind, my brain stopped.
"Moon-soo, hyung?"
I turned around reflexively at the sound of the voice again and fell into confusion.
'What's going on...?'
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
"Hyung, why are you so surprised? Your face looks like you saw a scary ghost. Do I look like a ghost?"
A delicate and beautiful boy who was raised with lots of love from his parents tilted his head innocently.
"It's not that..."
I stared intently at the face of a junior I've known since elementary school.
Choi Kang-hoon.
A rich young master with a complex about his appearance, which is more feminine than women.
"Hyung, what's wrong?"
"I know it's a weird question, but why did you come to the third-grade classroom?"
"That's a really strange question. I come here sometimes to see you, don't I?"
"That's... true."
'It's a problem because it's now!'
He's been a close younger friend who has visited me often since the past, but 'now' is not the time.
'There is more than just me!'
Someone who changes the predetermined future!
I need to meet the person who led Choi Kang-hoon to come to me at this time right away.
To do that, I put my arm around Choi Kang-hoon's shoulder and opened the conversation in a friendly tone.
Choi Kang-hoon's expression brightened up, as he likes someone putting their arm around his shoulder for a baseless reason that it's manly.
'When he smiles, he really looks like a girl.'
While carefully hiding the sentiment that could hurt my close friend's feelings, I smiled back and naturally started the conversation.
"Tell me about your day."
"My day?"
"Yeah. What happened at school today? Even if it's something small."
I want to stop solving problem 3 on page 338. Including the aptitude test.
"Something small... Ah! I have."
"What is it?"
"I got a confession from a senior."
"A confession? From a girl?"
"... Is that a small thing?"
"I see~"
It wouldn't be too late to start the conversation after punishing this handsome guy.

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