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Chapter 59 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Birth of Deposits (6)

"I always live with a grateful heart for God and the church. If the day comes when the lord can repay all his debts, I plan to donate a portion of it to the church. This is my sincere intention."

"You will donate a portion of what you get back?"

"Yes, that's how I want to repay John."

"That's commendable. We need more people like you."

"Bishop, didn't I tell you? He's truly a person who will succeed in whatever he does."

"As a small and insignificant believer like myself, all I have is the desire to repay God and the church."

Priest Peter began to pour out the dissatisfaction he had accumulated so far.

"The lord here only knows about himself. Of course, he doesn't interfere much with the church's affairs, but he doesn't take care of us either."

Bishop Verkis, who had been listening, also stepped in.

"It would have been nice if Chester was like you. But he's not."

Although it was a half-joking remark without any particular thought, it felt different to Rockefeller.

'These people are also secretly dissatisfied with the lord. It must be because the lord has been indifferent to the church's affairs.'

"It would have been really nice if the lord was just like me."

Priest Peter, who had sighed, showed a reaction.

"That's right. But what can we do? He was born like that. We just have to accept it."

Rockefeller decided to try to cross the line in this conversation while subtly gauging their reactions.

'I wish it would turn out like that.'

"What if someone like me was born as the lord here?"

When he said that, there was a moment of silence, but both the priest and the bishop seemed to think it was a joke and did not take it too seriously.

"How great it would have been if that happened."

At Bishop Verkis' words, Priest Peter also spoke up.

"It would have been better if the lord here was you. You always put the church first. There's no one like you."

Hearing their reactions, Rockefeller faintly smiled.

'The reaction isn't too bad, is it?'

"As both of you said, I am always thinking only of the church."

Although it was still difficult to predict from this alone, Rockefeller thought that if he were to become the lord, their opposition would probably be minimal, given that their reactions to the joke weren't too bad.

'After all, they won't say anything if I treat them well.'

Having asked already, Rockefeller decided to try crossing the line again.

Since the previous reaction wasn't bad, he decided to try once more.

"But, you know, this is just my thought, but if the lord here continues like this, he will really become a debtor, and then our Carter Bank will own part of the territory. And owning the territory means... can people like us become nobles like the lord?"

At this, the two experienced church members began to stroke their chins.

"Well, it's possible. If you have land, aren't you a noble?"

"Eventually, as the family's castle becomes widely known, it naturally becomes a family, and if the name becomes widely known, you can gain everyone's recognition and become a noble. To make it more certain, getting the royal family's recognition would be the fastest way."

"Then what happens to the lord here? If we become nobles by owning the lord's land, he won't see it kindly, will he?"

At that question, Bishop Verkis frowned and replied.

Of course, the one he thought ill of here was naturally Lord Chester.

"It's the lord's fault. Who told him to get into debt? Debt is a sin. He should only borrow as much as he can pay back. If it goes beyond that, it's not a sin, then what is it?"

"I see. If the lord here gets into trouble because of the debt, this place will become a land without a ruler, and of course, we, who only own land, don't think we can dare to take that position."

Rockefeller continued.

"Originally, a ruler must have a supporting force, right? People like us, who are in the banking business and own land, can't become someone like the lord. We don't have the support of the people of the territory, do we?"

"That's true. Owning land alone doesn't make you a ruler."

"Owning land alone doesn't make you a ruler. You need the absolute support of the people of the territory."

"I think so too."

Rockefeller, who subtly gauged their reactions, threw out another question.

"But what if someone who owns that land and somehow gains the support of the people of the territory appears... That person will be a completely new person, not the lord here."

This was what Rockefeller truly wanted to ask them.

"Would you be willing to support that person if they appeared?"

Bishop Verkis' expression hardened slightly.

"Why are you suddenly asking such a question?"

"I just asked out of curiosity, due to my immature curiosity. I'm really sorry if my question was offensive."

"What's offensive about it? If he's a person who treats God and the church well and has unwavering faith, we have no reason to refuse. Isn't that right, Peter?"

"Yes, Bishop, your words are absolutely correct. As church members, if someone is able to rule a territory peacefully and loyally to us and the church, why would we refuse?"

Peter continued.

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