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Chapter 59 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Perhaps it would be better if another lord came to rule this place instead of the current one. It's unlikely, but I have my own grievances with the lord here. Someone comes to help us with no obligation or duty, while another completely ignores their duty and lets us live or die without a care. He's a very despicable person, only concerned about his own survival. His faith is also questionable."

Rockefeller simply nodded his head quietly.

'So you think that too?'

When all the conversations were over.

The atmosphere was warm and friendly.

"Then I will assume that both of you have accepted my proposal. The compensation for the deposit will be calculated according to the period of depositing the gold coins, so please keep that in mind."

A message urging them to deposit gold coins as soon as possible.

The response to this was also what Rockefeller had expected.

"Alright, I'll send my gold coins right away."

"I'll send mine as soon as I return to Lyon, so please take good care of it."

After finishing the church business and returning to Carter Bank, Rockefeller met Carter, who had been anxiously guarding the store.

"How did it go? Did everything go well?"

At Carter's question, Rockefeller sent him a broad smile first.

"Yes, everything was resolved on their end."

"Really? Then the gold coins..."

Carter, who had no concept of deposits yet, thought that Rockefeller had borrowed gold coins from the church.

"Did you borrow them from there?"

"No, sir. I didn't borrow gold coins, but rather had them deposit their gold coins in our store."

"Deposited their gold coins?"

Carter responded with a puzzled expression.

"As far as I know, those people aren't the kind to entrust their gold coins while paying storage fees."

No one knew better about Priest Peter than Carter.

"Did he really say he would entrust his gold coins here?"

"Yes, but without any storage fees."

"No storage fees? What does that mean..."

"Instead, we agreed to give them a 3% interest profit every month."

"What, what did you say?"

Carter thought he had heard wrong.

"What do you mean? Instead of receiving a 3% monthly storage fee for the gold coins, we agreed to give them interest profit?"

"Yes, that's what happened."

Carter, who couldn't quite accept it, took a step forward and asked Rockefeller as if to argue.

"What kind of crazy talk is that? Instead of receiving a storage fee for the gold coins, which is already not enough, we're going to give them interest profit? Are you in your right mind?"

Then Joshua, who had accompanied Rockefeller to the church, began to speak.

"Mr. Carter, it's definitely a profit for us, so don't get too excited."

"How is this a profit? We're just giving away our money for no reason."

Rockefeller held his tongue, and instead, Joshua stepped forward and explained the rest.

Of course, it was all a story he had heard from Rockefeller.

"First, our loan interest is 6%. And the 3% interest profit for depositing gold coins is returned to the original owner of the gold coins. If we assume that all of our loans are sound and have been fully disbursed, we continue to profit by that difference of 3%."

Carter reluctantly began to accept the explanation as Joshua laid out the calculations with his fingers.

"But still, our profit rate will decrease, won't it?"

At the small protest, Rockefeller stepped in.

"Our profit rate might decrease for now. However, if we do this, the scale of our funds will change. Simply put, it's better to make 3% of 10,000 talents than 6% of 100 talents. Why does that happen?"

Rockefeller continued.

"Other banks suffer a negative return due to gold coin storage fees for gold coin deposits, but we offer a 3% interest as a reward for depositing gold coins. When the news of this reaches the gold coin owners, they will come to us to deposit their gold coins without a second thought. Then our bank will have a much larger scale of funds than other banks."

After that, it was Joshua who spoke.

"So, even though our profit rate decreases by 3%, if we look at the revenue aspect, there's a difference of 294 talents between 6 talents and 300 talents."

"Is that a difference of 294 talents? But our profit rate is decreasing by 3%?"

"I gave an extreme example for the sake of explanation. It's easier to understand that way."

Joshua asked Carter.

"So, Mr. Carter, would you rather make 6 talents with a smaller scale or 300 talents with a larger scale?"


"That's what I'm saying. Of course, you'd want to make 300 dalants. It's only natural."

Rockefeller narrowed his eyes, thinking that Carter had fully understood.

'In reality, banks make money with other people's money. Most people don't know this.'

At any rate, the immediate crisis was averted.

Even if numerous mercenaries came to collect their gold coins, Carter Bank's credit would not collapse.

"Now that we've secured the necessary gold coins from the church, our store won't close even after the war is over. We have enough gold coins to pay the mercenaries now."

Having overcome the crisis once, it was now time to go on the offensive.

"Let's move on to the next phase."

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