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Chapter 61 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, You're Swallowed by Debt (2)

"I assume you're aware of the war that took place outside the territory, Overseer. Due to that, our lord has accumulated a massive debt from our bank. You know about this, right?"

The overseer was well aware that the lord had borrowed a tremendous amount of money from the bank.

That's why they had bought the overpriced wyvern and built an unnecessarily large fortress.

And that wasn't all.

The various mercenary groups operating until today were all funded by the money borrowed from the bank.

'I didn't expect him to borrow that much. But it's not my problem to manage the aftermath.'

At the same time, he also thought this:

The lord is the ruler of this land.

And the banker is the one who parasitizes and lives off the ruler.

'But I didn't think there would be a problem.'

"Of course, I know about that. But so what? What does the lord's debt have to do with our gold certificates not being exchangeable for Dallants? What are you trying to say?"

The overseer's expression was one of genuine confusion.

"I don't understand. What's the reason? Explain it to me clearly."

An explanation was necessary.

Rockefeller began to speak.

"Of course, there's a connection. The lord has been using these meaningless debt certificates to pay off our debt. Like this."

Rockefeller handed the overseer a debt certificate that had been issued directly by the lord, not by the Carter Bank.

"This is the debt certificate that the lord personally issued to us. Please verify it."

The overseer briefly skimmed through the bundle of debt certificates handed over by Rockefeller.

The large seal of the lord on it was a clear symbol of the lord's promise to repay his debt at some point.

Rockefeller said,

"That is the lord's credit and promise that he will repay that amount of gold coins someday."

"I know. This is indeed the debt certificate issued by the lord, as you said."

"You're well informed. But today, we have been betrayed by that promise."


The overseer looked surprised, while Rockefeller's expression was cold.

"Yes, the lord has been trying to resolve everything with debt certificates. When we went to the lord to receive the promised gold coins, he said he couldn't give us gold coins, but instead, he would give us more debt certificates."

Rockefeller scoffed as he spoke.

"Ha, I was appalled. What we needed was gold coins, not some paper certificates. When will the lord keep his promise? He should repay us properly."

At that, the overseer began to defend the lord.

He still had faith in the lord and thought there must be a good reason for not keeping the promise immediately.

"There must have been a reason. The lord is the owner of this land and an excellent leader who leads us. If he didn't give you gold coins right away, there must have been a reason."

Rockefeller shook his head as if to show off.

"We thought so too, and that's why we've been deceived until now. But not anymore."

Rockefeller continued, trying to get the overseer on his side.

"I tried to get the gold coins from the lord this time to exchange them for gold coins with you here and the people outside shouting in the territory. We need gold coins to exchange your debt certificates for gold coins, don't we? After all, the Gold certificates are backed by the lord's credit. It's only natural."

At that, the overseer was quite shocked.

"So then……"

"We intended to receive the gold coins for that purpose, but the lord betrayed us. So we decided not to accommodate the lord any longer. I don't know how long the lord will deceive us, but we're not fools. We have no reason to act like fools."

This time, Rockefeller asked him a question.

"Now let me ask you. Do we have to give our hard-earned gold coins to you while receiving those meaningless paper certificates every day?"


As the conversation progressed to this point, the overseer finally understood.

He understood the reason why the situation had come to this.

Unable to answer easily, the overseer listened as Rockefeller continued.

"We can't use the church's heavenly assets as collateral either. Why should we and the church bear the burden of the lord's mistakes?"

Hearing the conversation, Priest Peter immediately spoke up.

"The church's property belongs to Saint John and cannot be touched by anyone."

Priest Peter pointed his index finger at the overseer with a stern face.

"So go tell the lord clearly. We cannot touch the church's property here, so he should resolve his own mistakes. Our church should not be harmed in this matter. Absolutely not."

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  1. damn overkill! ahahah xD
    he really play a big gamble there,
    he started the plan even before his youngest brother want to be a priest..
    what would happen if he doesn't have any connection with the church?
    i dont think the bank can resist citizen's rage if the church doesn't support the bank