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Chapter 61 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Although everything started with the lord's mistake and he understood it well enough, the overseer couldn't back down easily.

He couldn't easily give up his gold coins tied to the Gold certificates just because the lord made a mistake.

To put it simply, it was unfair.

"So what are we supposed to do with this?"

As the overseer showed his Gold certificates and protested with a small but strong voice, Rockefeller began to speak with an indifferent expression.

"Those Gold certificates are, in principle, not our responsibility to exchange for gold coins."

"What do you mean? You've been exchanging them just fine until now, and suddenly you say it's not possible?"

Rockefeller shook his head as if to show off.

"Look at the content written on it. The Gold promissory notes were issued with the collateral of the excessive promissory notes issued by the lord in the first place. In other words, it is clearly different."

Rockefeller pulled out another Carter Bank promissory note he had and showed it to him.

"This is an IOU promissory note issued by our Carter Bank."

The overseer compared the Gold promissory note he brought with the IOU, the existing promissory note.

The form was the same, but there was one striking difference.

"Do you see the difference?"


The reason the overseer couldn't say anything.

The Gold promissory note did not contain any content guaranteeing gold directly from Carter Bank, but the IOU promissory note did.

"You probably see it. If you had brought us the IOU promissory notes that were used before, we would have naturally exchanged them for dalants. Because we guarantee the IOU promissory notes directly. But the Gold promissory notes are not. We do not guarantee them directly."

"But! The lord's credit... wasn't it better?"

Until now, all the promissory notes used by the people in the territory were IOU promissory notes issued by Carter Bank.

When the Gold promissory notes, which were directly guaranteed by the lord, began to appear, people started to use Gold promissory notes instead of the existing IOU promissory notes.

Both were exchanged for dalants, and they thought that a promissory note directly guaranteed by the lord was safer than one guaranteed by a mere banker.

"So everyone here started using Gold promissory notes? Now no one is using the IOU promissory notes. They all switched to Gold promissory notes."

That was exactly what Rockefeller intended.

'I wanted it to happen too. Why? So that our obligation to exchange those worthless promissory notes for real gold would disappear.'

"Then it's your mistake for not trusting us. Because you trusted the lord more than us. Isn't that right?"

The desperate overseer argued.

"Until now, haven't you exchanged them the same way? Why now!"

"If the lord had silently exchanged the promissory notes we took for gold, we would still be exchanging Gold promissory notes for dalants. However, since the lord refused, we are now refusing as well."

Rockefeller emphasized his words.

"Anyway, the Gold promissory notes were issued with the collateral of the lord's promissory notes."


"No matter what you say here, we are under no obligation to exchange them for gold. This is clearly stated in the Gold promissory notes, so we have nothing more to say."

From the overseer's point of view, he was furious, but he couldn't vent his anger at Carter Bank.

All the fault came from the lord.

If he wanted to argue, he had to go to the lord, not here.

"So... what do we do now? Are you telling us to just go back with these worthless pieces of paper?"

Though it was easier to vent his anger at Carter Bank than the lord, the only answer that came back was this.

"It's not just a worthless piece of paper."

Rockefeller pointed to a similar piece of paper.

"Don't you have the promissory note issued by the lord that I gave you earlier? Since it is collateral, we can't give you gold, but we can give you the lord's promissory notes."

Rockefeller said again.

"In other words, I will give you the lord's promissory notes equivalent to the Gold promissory notes you brought. This is clearly stated in the Gold promissory notes."

In other words.

Don't argue here, go to the lord and argue again.


With nothing more to say, the overseer sighed deeply, and Carter, who walked over to him, patted his shoulder and offered consolation that was not consolation.

"We're not just sending you away. We'll give you the lord's promissory notes equivalent to the Gold promissory notes you brought, so if you feel wronged, go to the lord instead of us. We think that's the right thing to do."

How could they dare to demand repayment from the lord, who was like the sky?

The overseer felt overwhelmed and then thought again.

There were many people like him in the territory.

At this time, the angry people who came to Carter Bank were shouting to exchange for dalants right now.

'It's not small at all. It could be everyone in the territory.'

Most of them had Gold promissory notes instead of the IOU promissory notes guaranteed by Carter Bank, which meant they all had something to say to the lord.

'If I can't do it alone... if I move with all those people outside?'

Moreover, the wages distributed to the subordinates this morning were all Gold promissory notes.

'If the subordinates think the same as me, there's no need to think any further.'

It was still a mystery how the Gold promissory notes (fake money) came to be used as 'real money' here and there, but that wasn't very important in this situation.

'We must get it back in gold.'

The Gold promissory note he clenched tightly was no longer money.

It was nothing more, nothing less than a piece of paper.

As the overseer's eyes changed fiercely after making up his mind, Rockefeller's lips curled up slightly as he watched.

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