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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 100 Part 2

As a countermeasure against the demons, Reed came up with a plan.

Since magic research should be the main task, the Silence Tower, which ranks lowest in magical ability, was bound to have no results.

That's why they needed cooperation.

"So, you came to me?"


Reed thought of the tower master of the Greenwood Tower as the target for cooperation.

He would have preferred to work with Dolores in terms of human relationships, but the tower master of the Greenwood Tower had the upper hand in the abilities Reed was looking for.

The tower master of the Greenwood Tower, Kamin Macleran Evergreen.

She had deep green eyes and orange hair.

Although she was in her 30s, she had skin that could pass for her mid-20s, thanks to her consistent care.

"It's not just a matter of relying on you. The fruits of magic research will be given entirely to you, the tower master of the Greenwood Tower, and we ask for the right to apply that knowledge. If you wish, we can provide more information."

"Really? I might ask for something big, you know?"

"If you want, we can have dinner together again sometime."

"Oh, no. Dinner is, hoho…"

Although there was nothing going on after dinner, Kamin, the Tower Master of Greenwood, could feel it as a woman.

"It's not like I have a plan yet, so it's not a loss to try the plan you have, Tower Master of Silence. So, what's the plan?"

"Do you know that mana is being constantly contaminated in Yggdrasil's territory?"

"...I just found out today."

Yggdrasil's territory was almost autonomous, and the Tower Master of Greenwood couldn't interfere with it unless they came out and caused trouble.

Kamin's face turned gloomy.

"Although it's not in Yggdrasil's territory, continuous contamination attempts are being made from the outside. The Elf Elder believes it's the work of demons."

"If the demons are trying to contaminate Yggdrasil... that means we could capture the demon alive."

"We could get an excellent specimen."

Even if it was a demon that couldn't blend in with humans, it was an excellent subject for studying its characteristics.

"If I use “Flow Detection” on Yggdrasil, I can quickly find the source of the contamination."

"Would you like to try?"

"Sure. If Yggdrasil's territory permits it, I'll do it right away."

Kamin nodded.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Tower Master of Greenwood."

"No problem. And..."

Kamin tapped her lips and said.

"Since we're working together like this, how about calling each other more casually?"


"You call the Tower Master of Wallin, Dolores, don't you? I've heard it all, haha!"

Hearing that, Reed felt a little embarrassed.

He had been formal with the other Tower Masters, but when had he shown such an attitude?

"It's just a way of speaking. It's because of Rosaria."

"What do you mean? All the Tower Masters know that the Tower Master of Wallin and Tower Master of Silence are in that kind of relationship?"


He couldn't pretend any longer.

"I knew you two had a deep connection, but I didn't expect you to get so close after your engagement was called off, to the point of considering reuniting."

"It's not about reuniting... Wait a minute. But then you're asking me to have dinner with you?"

"Of course."


"First come, first served, right?"

Reed wondered if he had misheard.

This woman also had quite a strange personality.

There were many normal people in other professions, but somehow, there were no normal people among the magicians.

Kamin frowned as if she knew what Reed was thinking.

"Don't just see me as a strange person. Do you know how many women are after Tower Master Reed these days?"

"I don't know… but I did receive a lot of letters once."

"You kindly replied to all the letters. Besides, the Tower Master's secretary can't even ask to change the contact because they always receive it."

"If it's the Tower Master's deputy... Doesn't the relaxed tone make them look a bit easygoing?"

"It might be like that among the Tower Masters... but not sure. They say that not everyone asks because of the brisk and strict voice, and they just cut it off without asking."

"Is that so?"

Was that Phoebe's way of dealing with it?

To be honest, it was a good thing for Reed.

Having many women show interest was something he could never have dreamed of in his past life.

'Even in college and after the military, romance itself was like a movie or drama.'

It existed, but it felt distant from him.

'Rather, I'm grateful in a way.'

Although he had cut off contact, Reed felt grateful to Phoebe.

If he had received all those calls and talked to them one by one, the stress might have ruined his image instead.

"Anyway, please don't think I'm strange, Tower Master Reed. I'm a woman too."

"I understand…"

Reed decided to let it be.

But how did the conversation end up like this?

"So, can I call you Reed now?"

That's right, it was about the name.

Reed wanted to ask, 'Do we really have to do that?' but he bit his lip and nodded.

"Then, I'm counting on you, Miss Macleran."

"Why are you like this? Call me Kamin, Reed."

"Yes, Kamin…"

Since she had brought it up first, Reed had no choice.

He felt it, but she was a quite aggressive woman.

* * *

Yggdrasil's territory.

Reed entered the forest of Yggdrasil's territory, either because he was not accompanied by Rosaria or because Kamin, the tower master of the Greenwood Tower, was with him.

The guards guided them to the center of Yggdrasil's territory, and they were led by Yustina, who was welcoming them, and went straight up the World Tree.

"Wow... I never thought I'd be able to enter a place where only the elders can enter."

Kamin looked around the World Tree with a disbelieving expression.

"I heard you came in to ask for our cooperation in your task."

"That's right. Didn't you mention that the ones causing the contamination seem to be demons?"


"The Tower Master of the Greenwood is an expert in barrier magic. We intend to use her abilities to catch the one causing the contamination."

Reed explained everything he had discussed with Kamin before coming to Yggdrasil.

Yustina listened carefully to Reed's story, nodding cautiously.

Elves don't usually show their emotions.

Not knowing whether their request was accepted or not, they tried their best to persuade them until the end.

After hearing Reed's words, Yustina spoke.

"In short, you're saying an outsider needs to touch our mother."


"It's quite a difficult matter. It means showing a place where no one but the elders can look into, even other elves..."

Yustina's opinion was negative.

However, the conclusion wasn't bad.

"But, we also want this lingering uneasiness to be resolved as soon as possible. Instead, we'll need to make a pledge."

Kamin nodded her head.

"I know I'm not worthy. If the elder wishes, I will make a pledge."

Yustina proceeded with the pledge connected to her mana with Kamin.

Unlike when she was with Rosaria, it was a pledge of life made with a calm mind.

Yustina was the superior party.

If Kamin were to disobey her orders or show malice, she would become a corpse without being able to move.

Perhaps because of that, Reed thought he should not stay still and requested Yustina.

"I'll make a pledge too. As a sign of trust."

Yustina shook her head, unlike when she made a contract with Kamin.

"You don't need to. It's fine."

"Is it just because I am Rosaria's father?"

Yustina shook her head again.

"Even that alone wouldn't be enough to give such trust, would it?"

Yustina gave a faint smile.

It was an expression as if she knew something about Reed.

'Could it be...?'

Could she know the fact that Reed had made a contract with the Water Spirit King, Orneptos?

Since the contract should not be disclosed to the public, Reed was anxious about whether it had been discovered.

He roughly asked with his eyes.

If she knew.

Yustina answered with a nod of her head.

She seemed to roughly know what the contract was about, as she didn't say more than necessary.

Reed let out a sigh of relief.

Although she knew, she didn't mention it, which was a thankful matter for Reed.

On the other hand, Kamin, who didn't know the relationship between the two, swallowed her astonishment as she looked back and forth between Reed and Yustina.

'Could it be even the elf elders...?'

Kamin's interpretation was quite different.

She felt that Yustina was attracted to Reed.

Kamin didn't hesitate to pursue him because he had a refined charm, but she never imagined that even an elf would fall for Reed.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

However, this grass seemed to grow bigger and bigger as it went.

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