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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 101 Part 1

 Demon Race (3)

As Kamin made the oath, Yustina drew a magic circle behind Kamin's neck.

It was a kind of link device that allowed Kamin to share consciousness with the elves during the operation.

"It's not like sharing thoughts like us, but the elders will keep your mind clear through meditation."

As the magic circle was completed and Yustina poured mana into it, Kamin's eyes flashed for a moment.

It was a face that seemed to have encountered ecstasy.

"My goodness. I never thought elves would have such a clear mind... Has Mr. Reed ever tried this?"

"No, I haven't. How is it?"

"Should I say that every magician would want to have such a clear mind? You know, when they say, 'Don't think about a zebra,' you think of a zebra, right? But this feels like a world where you don't even think about that zebra."

One could guess that it meant maintaining a clear mind, only thinking about what was necessary.

Reed was curious if that really worked, but he kept his mouth shut.

It meant that the elves had already done a great favor by connecting their minds.

As soon as Kamin connected her mind with the elves’ thoughts, Yustina immediately used her magic.

Kamin pulled up the mana inherent in her body.

A thin barrier was wrapped around her body, creating faint waves.

The most important thing in a boundary magic is one's own safety.

She was unconsciously spreading detection magic for her own safety.

"Flow Detection."

Mana spreads into the World Tree like the wind.

Her small amount of mana seeps into the World Tree and spreads.

To their stems, their pillars, and their roots.

"I knew the roots of Yggdrasil would be deep and wide, but I never thought they would be this extensive."


"I'm sorry. But it's just too amazing..."

Although she apologized for her slip of the tongue, she didn't stop admiring it.

"How is it, the detection magic?"

"I'm in the best condition, so I think I can even set a new personal record. As long as it doesn't cut off, I can easily do it for a month."

"Don't overdo it."

"Don't worry about me. As long as I don't suddenly get a cramp, I can do this without moving for days."

Kamin continued to concentrate.

Reed stayed still, not disturbing her any further.

All Reed could do for her while she was concentrating was to wait with her.

They had been waiting for days, but there was no significant result.

Neither Kamin nor Reed had told anyone except their secretary about their destination when they came here.

As the tower masters, they were starting to wonder how their towers were functioning.

Reed was, at least, but he wasn’t sure about Kamin.

His seated bottom felt prickly, and distracting thoughts began to creep up.

'What if they found out?'

What if they knew that the Greenwood Tower Master Kamin and the Silence Tower Master Reed were in Yggdrasil?

It would be like digging in dry, waterless land.

'Keep calm.'

This is fishing.

To catch a big fish, you need patience.

Even if you waste a few days, you have to approach it with the mindset of catching it today.

Finally, the result showed.

"I found the source of the contamination!"

Kamin shouted.

* * *

Outside the territory of Yggdrasil.

A man in a black robe lurked around.

A shabby black robe and an untrimmed beard, at first glance, he looked like a vagabond or a poor adventurer.

He seemed to know that Yggdrasil's territory was the land of the elves and was lurking around it.

However, if someone who could see a little more observed him more closely, they would see differently.

He was observing the flow of mana in the ground, the ley lines.

He searched for something while examining the ley lines that spread out as chaotically as blood vessels in the body.

Finally, he found something in between them.

It must be part of the roots of the World Tree.

Unlike the mana that manifests in blue, what condensed in his hand was a dark and heavy energy.

He began to pour the unpleasant energy, which would make anyone frown, into the ground.

The man, who thought he had infused enough, took his hand off and stood up.

That's when it happened.


An arrow, cutting through the wind, flew fiercely.

It aimed precisely at the head of the robed stranger.

The one who shot the arrow was the elf sentinel.

As soon as they found the location, they rushed and sniped at the one attempting to contaminate the World Tree.

The distance was about 300 meters.

At that distance, it accurately targeted the vital point.


The arrow pierced through the hood of the robe.

The arrow, which was aimed at the head, stuck into the ground.

However, only a black cloth was left in the place where the man had been standing.


The elf sentinels, who thought they had hit the target, searched the surroundings.

Left? Right? Where did he go?

As they wondered, the shadow looming over their heads grew larger.

It was above.


An elf in a green vest kicked his companion with his foot.

A sharp trajectory creates a shadow of death.

The elf sentinel raised her head and checked the green-vested elf who had kicked him.

His body was split into three parts.

The foot that kicked her, the torso, and the neck.

Behind her was the man who had driven him to death.

His weapon was his sharp fingernails.

A black hand, now painted with red blood.

'Magic hand!'

As an elf who shared thoughts, she knew what that hand was.

She raised his head and checked the man's eyes.

Red eyes with black pupils.

He had the unmistakable features of a demon.

His disheveled gray beard parted.


A heavy voice flowed from the man's rough mouth.

One could feel the coldness that could freeze even midsummer.

"Elves are delicious to tear apart."

The man shook his hand, splattering blood on the ground.

The demonic hand, with black scales and thorn-like fingernails, pointed at the elf sentinel.

The elf's spirit wavered at the sight of his comrade's corpse.

Fear of death, despair, sadness, and anger.

But that was only for a moment.

The elf maintained her composure without time to dwell on sadness.

In the blink of an eye, she glared at the monster that had taken a life.

The monster attacked the elf at a swift speed.


* * *

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* * *

The woman hit the ground and the sharp claw marks streaked through the air. 

The elf, who landed on the ground, slung her bow over her shoulder and drew a dagger.

She absorbed the recoil heading backward with her knee and sprang forward like a spring.

The dagger in her hand struck the demonic man.


The elf's dagger was blocked by the back of the demon's hand.

The blackened skin was as hard as metal.

At just one clash, the elf sentinel was certain.

She wouldn't be able to land an effective hit on this man.

'He's a monster I can't handle alone.'

She couldn't stop him with his own abilities.

With that certainty, she slightly increased the distance between them.

"I don't know how you found out, but I can assure you one thing. You won't be able to stop me on your own."


"Why not do a messenger's job? Instead of both of us dying, it's better for one to survive and deliver the news of despair, isn't it?"

Whoo, whoo.

The elf sentinel didn't answer.

She just caught his breath and adjusted her grip on the dagger.

If she can't defeat him, he'll buy time so he can't escape.

"Elves are really troublesome."

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