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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 102 Part 2

 Although the demon man was a Battle Mage, he was also a magician.

He knew all the tactics of a magician.

Even if it was an indiscriminate area attack, it was certain that Reed had left his surroundings safe.

If he took a bit of risk and approached, he would be in a safe area and within the attack range.

'Besides, he won't be able to use that rat-like tactic.'

If he left his position, he would be caught in his own bombardment.

In other words, he couldn't use his hit-and-run strategy like a hunter.


The bombardment from the rising fireballs in the sky began.

The man dodged the indiscriminate falling bombardment one by one with his agile legs.

If it was really unavoidable, he would break through with his arms.

After all, the wounds healed quickly.

If it meant cutting off the tower master's lifeline by sacrificing a bit of flesh, it was worth it.

Finally, he reached where Reed was standing.

"Your shallow trick has strangled you!"

At the moment he was about to swing his fist, the man's body froze.

He realized too late.

That the shallow thinker was himself.

That Reed had calculated the demon man's battle style and cast the magic accordingly.

A fireball falling directly above Reed.

It exploded, enveloping both Reed and the demon man.


The man was blown away by the explosion.

The result of his attempt to enter the safe zone was that he ended up within the bombardment range.


The bombardment, which seemed to have exhausted all its mana, finally ceased.

The demon man, caught in the bombardment, didn't even know that.

His eardrums burst, and he couldn't hear anything.

More than anything, there was no time to feel anything as he blamed himself for his shallow thinking.

He had miscalculated.

'No, is this a miscalculation?'


It was because that man Reed was crazy.

Where would you find a man who calculates and casts magic that would engulf himself as well?

'Crazy bastard...'

He was truly insane.

Although he himself was not unscathed, Reed must have undoubtedly suffered severe injuries as well.

It would take 3 minutes to heal.

Soon, he would regenerate and be able to stand up.

"Demon folks recover from such injuries quickly, don't they?"


The demon man was shocked.

The man he thought would have suffered severe injuries had a vibrant voice.

The demon man didn't say anything.

He pretended to be dead.

He tried to lure Reed closer.

"Are you pretending to be dead? Demons who practice magic combat are as despicable as they come."

Reed had seen through his thoughts long ago.

That's why he just stood at a distance and looked down at him.

It didn't matter. He would do anything to win.

The man kept waiting.

A psychological battle where neither side approached.

Reed knew he would win anyway.

So, he decided to drive the nail in.

"If you're thinking of pretending to be dead and waiting for an opportunity, it's best to give up, Peon. I already know you're that kind of guy."

"…How did you find out?"

The demon man called Peon raised his head.

They had not used each other's names while fighting.

And he was not a high-ranking man like Reed.

There was not even a clue to guess that he had the name Peon from a cross-sectional view.

The encirclement of the elf soldiers narrowed according to their movements.

"You bastard, how did you find out my name?"

Reed kept his mouth shut.

A new white foot had grown where his ankle had been cut off.

However, he had already been surrounded and had no choice but to surrender.

There was no need to bother explaining, especially since he wouldn't understand the explanation anyway.

The fact that he was the second disaster, Peon.

"I just knew when I saw you."

* * *

Peon was imprisoned in the Greenwood Tower.

Since they decided to focus on magic development, the Greenwood Tower master took care of the experimental subjects.

Both Kamin and Reed were satisfied with the fruitful results of the two-week infiltration.

'It was a tough opponent.'

Battle Mage.

He fought against an opponent whose "Magic Martial Arts" level reached 5.

'It's fortunate that I had the runes.'

When casting "Flame Bombing", Reed had known Peon's combat style and deliberately waited until it poured down right above his head.

Other tower masters don't use such bold tactics.

It was possible for Reed because he had defensive runes.

Deploying a barrier just before it fell.

He blocked the bombardment targeting himself and recovered.

A gamble that could even inflict fatal wounds on himself.

'It may seem that way to others.'

Knowing the exact timing, it wasn't a gamble for Reed.

'But I never thought that Peon would be the main cause of the contamination of Yggdrasil's territory...'

The second disaster, Peon.

He was the second person to succeed in the "Flower Garden" as a disaster figure discovered by Reed.

'His goal was a bit unusual.'

The goal of demons is to destroy humans.

However, he tried to contaminate the World Tree.

Although elves are human allies, demons don't usually bother with elves.

Peon was a unique figure among those with demonic blood.

'The first thing he did after becoming the Demon King was to make everyone with demonic blood commit suicide.'

As soon as one who was not bound by the instincts of demonic blood came to rule, the first thing he did was to exterminate his own people.

The one who reached the peak was left alone.

'Was that the original goal?'

Peon could become the Demon King, the peak of demonic blood.

Seeing his potential, Reed must have undoubtedly chosen Peon.

However, if he could command all demons, it wouldn't be bad to have them under his control, so why did he resort to such extreme measures?

Being an irregular among humans and demons, his intentions were incomprehensible.

- Mr. Reed.

Reed knew why Kamin contacted him.

Because he had contacted him with such a face before.

"Is he still not talking?"

- Yes, we tried all kinds of methods, including casting a confusion spell, but in the end, he only had one demand.

"Bring the master of the Silence Tower?"

- Yes.

A persistent demand.

After Peon was captured, they tried to extract information about the demons, but his lips were heavier than they could have imagined.

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