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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 103 Part 1

 Demon Race (5)

"Do you have no gains?"

-It's not like that. It's just that it's not a very good sample for comparison? He’s a bit different from the ordinary demon tribe.

"In what way?"

-When asking about the demon tribe, he only gives consistent answers. Based on consistent statements... I guess this demon man really doesn't want to get involved?

'I guess so.'

-So, I think it would be good for Mr. Reed to come and talk to him, what do you think?

If the conclusion reached by the Tower Master of Greenwood was their best effort, it was worth listening to.

"I'll go now."

Reed stood up from his seat.

* * *

"Silence Tower Master, I've been waiting for you."

A magician who greets politely as Reed enters the Tower of Greenwood.

As Reed stepped onto the tree-root-like floor and walked inside, he asked the magician.

"Do you happen to have a piece of gum?"

"Gu, gum, you mean?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't."

"No, I'll give you one."

The magician of Greenwood Tower rummaged through his pocket and took out a piece of gum.

A refreshing scent bursting in the mouth.

It was mint gum.

Reed didn't particularly like mint, but he began to chew it vigorously.

Reed followed the magician to the 5th floor.

They arrived at a special detention facility.

There, Kamin greeted Reed.

"Welcome, Mr. Reed."

"Isn't it a bit inappropriate to use that title when I'm here for official business?"

"It doesn't matter. It's just how I call you."

Kamin smiled slyly.

It's an active attitude that makes Dolores feel unfairly pitiful.

"Can I see the interrogation records before we go in?"

"Of course."

Kamin gladly showed Reed the documents.

As she said, Peon had not shown any signs of giving information since he was captured.

"Didn't he try to commit suicide?"

"At first, we put a gag on him, but he's not stupid enough to commit suicide."

It didn't sound very believable at a glance, but considering the gag was off now, he seemed to be confident.

Peon did not fall even after using magic and physical means.

'There's no need to look further.'

"I'm going in."

"Wait a moment, before you go in, let me give you a bug device..."


Reed refused the crystal orb she offered.

"I'd like to talk to him alone."

"Ah, yes."

With that, he stepped inside the special detention cell.

A cylindrical room with a radius of 2 meters.

In the center of it, a man was bound in chains called magic restraints.

The battle mage who was defeated, Peon.

Gray beard and gray hair.

If he hadn't been living as a wanderer without organizing himself, he could have looked like a leader.

His body was generally emaciated, probably because he hadn't eaten anything during the interrogation.

The best way to focus one's mind was to stimulate the three basic desires.

"You wanted to see me."

Reed opened the conversation while chewing gum.

Peon, who had been hanging his head, looked up and greeted him.

"Ha, you finally came!"

Peon's expression was lively, even though they had tried every way to push him to his mental limit.

"There's something I want to ask you."

Reed didn't respond to him but instead pulled a card from his gauntlet and spat the gum on the back of it.

He then stuck it on Peon's forehead as if playing Indian poker.

The mixed smell of saliva and mint flowed down from his forehead, stimulating his nose.

Peon looked up with a bewildered expression.

"What is this...?"

"It'll explode if you play any tricks. It'll explode even if it looks like you're going to try something. You've experienced it a lot, so you know, right? You'll answer my questions like a clever child. Got it?"

"I'd like to ask my question first?"

"Your question will be last. There's no more negotiation."

Peon seemed puzzled by the oppressive attitude but nodded his head.


Reed dragged a chair from the opposite side, placed it in front of Peon, and sat down.

His golden eyes stared at him oppressively.

"Why did you try to contaminate the World Tree?"

"I wanted to scatter the elves' minds."

"The elves' minds?"

"If the World Tree Yggdrasil is contaminated, it will wither and die. If that happens, the elves will undoubtedly be shaken, and they will release their shared consciousness."

"What do you gain by doing this?"

"Contaminated mana."

The spirits of the elves are connected like a thick gold thread.

The fear of an individual was enough to create a state of equilibrium with the connected spirit.

Conversely, if infiltration is properly achieved, the elves will collapse.

Their tranquil minds will be disturbed, and their purity will be corrupted.

In that case, it would be a windfall.

It was worth the effort.

"But it wasn't successful, was it? It's natural since you're doing it alone."

"Of course. This is just my decision. If I told other demons, they would have only held me back."

Peon chuckled as he looked up at Reed.

The black and red eyes naturally made him frown.

"I never wanted to harm humans in the first place. All I want is contaminated mana, and I just want to reach the top with it."

That's right; this guy wasn't interested in humans in the first place.

He had no interest in humans or even the existence of demons.

What he wanted was martial power and strength.

He was a selfish man who knew nothing but himself.

He was a man who would sell his soul if it meant becoming stronger.

Through their conversation, Reed learned one thing.

'So in the end, he failed to contaminate the World Tree.'

The World Tree, Yggdrasil, was fine, and Peon's goal was achieved in a different direction.

He became the second disaster, reaching the peak of demon blood, and tried to destroy all demons.

'What should I do with this guy?'

In Adonis's case, she was framed, fell into corruption, and joined Reed.

Raksper failed to fulfill his promise, failed to protect his own kind, and became consumed with the idea of revenge.

If those two were considered evil with a backstory,

'This guy is pure evil itself.'

He was a twisted warrior, worthy of being called a snake.

He only thinks about becoming stronger, even selling his own kind.

He would sell the useless ones to someone else.

He was nothing more than a person threatening Rosaria.

Reed opened his eyes again and looked down at Peon.

He was smiling and looking up at him.

"Now I'd like to ask a question."

"It's not your turn yet."

"Even after answering so diligently, can't I at least ask one question?"

Peon protested, but Reed just stared with a cold face.

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