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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 105 Part 1

 To Destroy Evil (2)

Reed firmly rejected the approach of Isel, the Saintess of Meditation.

He was determined not to listen to whatever she had to say.

'The man who would become the second disaster is dead.'

The second disaster, Peon.

The man who would become the Demon King had breathed his last.

Everyone knew what a piece of trash that man was, and his death was rather a way to alleviate anxiety.

However, it was said that the one who killed him was the twin Saintess, Rachel, who is known as the Saintess of Silence.

The one who confessed it was her sister, the Saintess of Meditation, Isel.

Reed glanced up at Isel.

Inside the reception room of the Silence Tower.

Isel, sitting on the opposite side, was drinking the tea that Reed had served.

Reed had already heard all of her stories.

And his mind was so cluttered that he couldn't utter a single word, remaining silent for 10 minutes.

"The tea is nice. It has the same bitter taste I felt when I drank tea from the eastern region. Which region is this tea from?"

"…I don't know."

The miscellaneous information he had memorized didn't seem to come to mind.

"You can speak comfortably. You are older than me, and above all, you have allowed me to have this conversation, so I have no intention of trying to be equal."

"…I'll do that."

Isel smiled slightly and put down her teacup.

"Hehe, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so leisurely drinking tea like this. You must be curious how I know about it."

"How did you know about Peon's transfer and the route?"

Reed asked with an interrogative tone, his emotions leaking out.

Having a different route to and from was essential in escort missions.

It was somewhat understandable that the demons had sniped him through disguise and information exchange, but he couldn't believe that Rachel had carried out an immediate trial at the scene.

Why was Rachel there in the first place?

"I saw the future."

"The future?"

"I clearly saw that man escaping with the help of the demons. And it came true."

Isel said, placing her hand on her chest.

"We tried to destroy evil because it was trying to break free. I'm sorry for making you lose a valuable test subject, but we had to stop that man."

"Do you expect me to understand?"

"If you expect understanding... that would be greedy. No matter how merciful our order is, this is an issue that we must compensate for."

"I don't know how you plan to compensate, but I doubt we'll find a compromise."

Even though Peon was an undesirable guy, it was natural for the Saintesses to be angry since they killed him without even thinking about how to deal with him.

"If we bring a cooperative demon subject, I think you'd be satisfied for sure, wouldn't you?"

"Do you think that's the end?"

"Is it the subject that's the problem?"

Reed answered curtly, and Ishell looked troubled.

"I'm sure we can find a compromise with you. Let's have a slow conversation."

"You're sure without any basis."

"I came prepared to devote everything to you, Master of the Silence Tower, Reed. If we don't inform you of today's incident, our conflicts will only grow."

Devote everything?

For some reason, that statement made him feel even more irritated.

Noticing Reed's state, Isel put her finger on her lips.

As if contemplating what to do, she pressed her shiny lips firmly.

Then, she smiled as if she had thought of a solution.

"I guess I should show my faith first."


"I have the name of meditation, and Rachel has the name of silence. Do you know the origin of those names?"

Reed knew.

It was something he had seen so often when playing the game.

"You lost your eyes as a price for gaining clairvoyance, and she swallowed the Holy Flame with the vow of silence by memorizing all the scriptures of the order... wasn't it?"

"That's correct. You know it well."

When Reed answered accurately, Isel was excited with a slightly uplifted tone.

"Rachel swallowed the Holy Flame for the vow of silence. That hasn't changed. But I'm different."

"What do you mean?"

"I gained clairvoyance, but I've never lost my eyes even once."

"So, you're saying that you tried to lose something similar to your twin sister?"

That wasn't a big secret.

It was enough to say that she did so out of sympathy for her sister.

"One could see it as a kind of show. But that's not the reason I hid it."

Isel raised her hands and grabbed her Saintess crown.

As she took off the crown, all that remained on her head was a black silk cloth with scriptures written on it.

The embroidered phrase in gold thread was "Move towards the light."

It was a phrase written in the Althea Order's scriptures.

"A grave mission that no one must know."

She began to untie the cloth she had never touched in front of others.

Her gently closed eyes were revealed.

"I had to deceive the masses for that mission."

The moment Reed looked into her cautiously opened eyes, he felt goosebumps.

He clenched his fist tightly, holding back the sweat trying to flow from his hand.

It was a shock.

It was a face that seemed to deny all aspects of the saint he had known so far.

"What you see now is the truth. I will devote this truth to you."

Ishell smiled.

Showing her black pupils.

Reed couldn't speak for a while.

It was a shock incomparable to when Peon died.

Peon was an arrogant villain who wouldn't be strange to be hated somewhere.

Just as there are unseen good aspects to villains, there are unseen evil aspects to good people.

That shock varies depending on how strong the character's conviction is.

Demon blood runs through the body of the Saintess.

It was the greatest shock Reed had ever felt.

The Althea Order hated heretics, and among them, they hated demons the most.

They couldn't compromise with demons and couldn't be tempted by them.

They were so cautious that they wouldn't let anyone talk to demons unless they were devout priests.

What if a high-ranking person in such an order was a demon?

What if the Saintess, who is just below the Pope, inherits the blood of a demon, what will happen?

'It would turn upside down.'

It's not just turning upside down.

The Alte Order could disappear like the dew of the dawn.

It was the biggest secret that could destroy the accumulated honor and trust.

Reed activated "Talent Appraisal."

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Name: Isel

Job: Saintess

Age: 23

Disposition: Order·Good

Health: 501/501

Stamina: 100/100

Holy Power: 52,605/52,605


"Saintess", "Alte Order", "Blessed by the Light", "Eyes that See Disaster", "Voice that Captivates the Masses", "Clairvoyance", "Demon Blood", "Reincarnated", "Incomplete Soul"


"Sacred Lv.6", "Sacred Sensitivity Lv.6", "Healing Arts Lv.5", "Sacred Arts Lv.5", "Alchemy Lv.5", "Blood Arts Lv.4", "Sacred Studies Lv.4", "Information Processing Lv.3"

[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]

"Light of Extinction", "Complete Soul"


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