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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 105 Part 2

As Isel and Rachel, who played the biggest role in stopping the second disaster, it was natural to expect their specs to be transcendent.

Reed opened her status window to check if she had the "Demon Blood" trait, but was surprised by another unexpected trait.


'...Reincarnated? A Saintess is reincarnated?'

It's common to be touted as someone's reincarnation.

The protagonist of "Disaster 7" was also touted as the reincarnation of a hero who defeated the Demon King in a previous life.

But he wasn't reincarnated.

Reed was the one who showed that the hero had reappeared through faith.

'I was suspicious even when she wasn't a playable character... but I didn't expect her to have this attribute.'

He had received three consecutive shocks that were long-lasting enough to cause aftereffects even if he suffered them once a day.

Peon, who would become the second disaster, was dead.

Isel had received demon blood.

On top of that, she was reincarnated.

'Is this Saintess really... someone's reincarnation?'

Her age-inappropriate demeanor, experience, and the radiating holy power.

If she was said to be the reincarnation of a former Saintess, all the specs would be understandable.


There was one thing he couldn't understand.

Why did she reveal this fact to Reed?

If she had tried to hide it and not approached Reed as a friend, he might have left her alone for the rest of his life.

Why would she reveal a secret that she didn't even reveal to the protagonist who defeated the seven disasters to an opposing tower magician, to the tower lord himself?

"If you need something to observe and feel the demons, and a sample to use, I will help you. I know the demons better than anyone."


"And cooperative."

Isel answered gently, but Reed was still feeling the aftereffects.

"I wanted to give you faith, but I ended up causing more confusion."

The person who should be most worried was the most relaxed, smiling.

"I understand how startling it may be. Only the Pope and my sister, Rachel, have seen my eyes."

"Do you realize that this information can now shake the entire order?"

"Yes, I do."

"Is the reason for showing me something that can destroy the foundation of the order... just to gain my trust?"

The Saintess slowly folded the black silk that had covered her eyes.

"There are different types of trust. Trust given to believers, trust given to priests, trust given to siblings, trust given to family... The way and depth of expressing trust are different in the order I listed."

"What did you show me?"

"Faith towards God."


"With such faith, I am here to prove myself to you."

Joy was evident in Isel's reply.

That's why it was chilling.

It felt like a spear was piercing his chest and making him pour out all the blood inside.

Reed looked around for no reason.

"You don't have to worry about me. I've already checked. It's just the two of us in this space."

She said that and tilted her head.

"No, now there are three of us."

"What do you mean?"

"Rachel is here. She's standing in front of the tower."

Her gaze was fixed on Reed's face.

Although the room has a full glass front, you can't see the bottom when looking at the window.

As she spoke, a voice rang in Reed's ears.

-Tower Master...

"Did the other Saintess also come?"

-What should we do...?

"……Let her in."

With Isel already inside, it wasn't a problem to let Rachel in as well.

The most curious thing was how she knew about this.

'Doesn't she have no way to communicate with the outside?'

Not only from the outside but also from the inside, they couldn't eavesdrop on their conversation.

She smiled as if she knew what he was thinking.

"Don't worry. The reason I can recognize Rachel is not because of Mana or Holy Power. We can just feel it."

"Do you feel it?"

"A bond that goes beyond just sharing blood... let's just say that."

Reed lowered his head as he felt like his thoughts were being read when their eyes met.

The teacup and the silk cloth embroidered with scriptures next to it.

...It was folded messily.

It seemed like she had taken great care to fold it, but the angles were off, and it looked untidy.

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the reception room door.

With a gesture, the door opened, and a woman entered.

She looked identical to Isel.

The only differences were the attire and the shape of her eyes.

Her Saintess outfit was based on the clothes of the heretic inquisitors, unlike Ishell, wearing black with silver armor.

The mark on her Saintess crown was also slightly different.

Three lights pointing upward and seven lights pointing downward.

Unlike Isel's mark, the seven lights were short, and the middle one of the three lights pointing upward was significantly longer.

If Isel's mark was like a shield, Rachel's mark looked like a sword.

The sword and shield of the Althea Order, front and back.

The two Saintesses, each symbolizing one of those meanings.

As she entered the room respectfully, her body stiffened.

Her red eyes were set on Rachel.

"Oh, Rachel, did you come?"

Rachel's eyes narrowed as she stared at Isel.


"Hehe, while we were talking, this happened."


"Enough discussion... even if I say that, Rachel would agree with what I've done, right?"


"When Rachel went to kill that man, we talked about how the Master of the Tower would definitely be displeased, and I supported Rachel from behind."

It seemed like the conversation was continuing, but Rachel didn't say anything.

Isel spoke as if they were having a conversation while Rachel just glared.

After staring at her for a while, she turned her head slightly.

She glanced at Isel with sharp eyes and greeted him.

"I'm Rachel. As I mentioned, due to the Vow of Silence, I cannot speak, so I apologize for introducing myself on her behalf."

"It doesn't matter."

Isel moved her hips and shifted to the side, and Rachel sat down next to her.

She glanced at Isel's teacup.

Isel picked up the messy black cloth that she had folded.


As her hand movement finished, the black silk was neatly folded into a perfect square.

Unlike Isel, her angles were set, and it was neatly organized without moving several times.

It was a completely different level of dexterity compared to Ishell.

While she was doing that, Reed peeked at Rachel's status window using his "Eyes that See Talent."


Name: Rachel

Job: Saintess

Age: 23

Disposition: Order·Good

Health: 1,501/1,501

Stamina: 842/842

Holy Power: 2,709/2,709


"Saintess", "Alte Order", "Blessed by the Light", "Eyes that Contain Disaster", "One who Swallowed the Sacred Flame", "Sword Master", "Avenger", "Reincarnated", "Incomplete Soul"


"Sacred Lv.6", "Swordsmanship Lv.6", "Sacred Arts Lv.5", "Strength Lv.5", "Agility Lv.4", "Iron Lv.3", "Sacred Sensitivity Lv.3"

[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]

"Light of Extinction", "Complete Soul", "Devil Slayer", "Sacred Lv.7"


After reading Rachel's traits, Reed was sure.

Isel and Rachel.

These two were reincarnated beings created by splitting one soul into two.

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