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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 106 Part 1

To Destroy Evil (3)

Rachel, who wields a sword, and Isel, who assists with her holy spirit.

There is not a single person who can match the synergy of these twins, who participate in the story of the second disaster, Peon.

Despite spending time and effort to catch up with them as the rounds went on, the two showed a terrifying combination that made the title of the strongest combo on the continent in no way pale.

'If they were the same person...'

What if one soul was split into two bodies?

Then it would make some sense for their unnaturally perfect harmony and the ability to feel the twin sisters in a space isolated from the outside world.

'It's even more terrifying.'

A single mind that is virtually the same as one person, achieving the peak in different aspects.

If they were turned into enemies, they would be more annoying than one could imagine.

"You seem to have noticed something by the look in your eyes."

"What do you mean?"

"The fact that we are reincarnated, and that we are the same person. It's okay. If you didn't know, I would have told you the story myself. I'm actually glad that I don't have to put in a lot of effort to persuade you."

"Then I should change the title too."

As Reed, who had been speaking informally, began to show respect again, Isel tilted her head.


"If you're the reincarnation of the saint, your mental age is over 100, so shouldn't I show respect?"

Isel questions back with a face that shows she doesn't understand.

"But our physical age is twenty-three."

"But still, the age..."

"We're twenty-three."

Isel interrupts and answers once more.

Her gentle tone has an oddly chilly air to it.

Rachel's eyes became even fiercer as she glared at Reed, and he could realize it.

'It's a sensitive issue, then.'

Reed had no choice but to accept it humbly, as he could not think of a way to win against them.

"Why did the one who was a saint in her previous life accept the demon blood?"

The fact that the level of "Blood Magic" that can be used when becoming a demon has risen to 4 means that she has trained in the techniques of demons.

"Does it look like I've fallen?"

Even though she was a reincarnated saint, she couldn't help but appear to have fallen.

However, Reed knew the path she would take.

Her path was that of a noble saint, so it could never be called a fall.

"To know the risk of becoming evil in order to stop greater evil."

That was the most impressive line she had said.

She became evil to defeat a greater evil.

"But looking at those eyes doesn't seem very pleasant."

"Hehe, I'm sorry. I'll close my eyes."

When she closed her eyes with a smile, it somehow reminded him of Phoebe.

The difference was that if Phoebe was innocent, she had a compassionate feeling.

"I have no intention of associating with demons. Just like that man, Peon."

"If there's a difference?"

"I'm more cooperative."

* * *

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It's probably not her biggest advantage.

"And I'm willing to help you change all seven fates that surround the Tower Master."

"Seven fates..."

He could understand what the 7 meant.

From the game title, "Disaster 7", to the number of derived disasters, there were seven.

"You have already changed two fates. You've sent those who would've been tainted by the revenge spirit back to their original place."

Adonis Hupper and Larksper.

That's what she meant.

"And the Silent Saintess killed the third fate to be changed."

"He is not one of the seven fates surrounding you."


Reed was speechless upon hearing this.

What does that even mean when they fought against the second disaster?

"The demon that Rachel killed was a thoughtless man blinded by greed, just a man who was caught up in fate. The fundamental fate has not changed yet."

'What does that mean?'

Reed couldn't understand.

"Peon is dead... but the fate hasn't changed?"

"It means that another Demon King can be born."

Isel smiled faintly.

"Tower Master of Silence, in your hands."

Reed's body stopped.

His thoughts also stopped for a moment, only chewing on the words Isel had said.

'Me? I create the Demon King?'

It sounded like he would create a disaster as if it was a predetermined fate, even though Peon had died.

But that doesn't make sense.

Reed had already given up on "Project: Flower Garden".

Then, is it possible that the project could be revived?

"No, maybe... I might find another way."

Either way, creating the Demon King was a disaster for Reed.

It would undoubtedly make Rosaria unhappy.

"I offered everything today to prevent such a mistake."

She showed Reed all the secrets that could overturn the order and deny the saintess herself.

"Then, do you know who that fate has entangled now?"

Larksper and Adonis.

And he asked directly about the person who would become the third fate.

Isel seemed to know who it was.

That's why she glanced at Rachel, and Rachel nodded, waiting for an answer.

"It's someone you know well."

Someone I know well?

"There's a woman you had a relationship with a long time ago, isn't there?"

"Don't try to test me."

His face looked more serious and urgent than ever.

If she even joked, the atmosphere would become so fierce that he would throw a punch on the spot.

Isel also had no intention of bothering Reed's mind any further.

She answered.

"It's someone you know well."

The range of thought narrowed.

"A genius magician who became the Tower Master at a young age."

Only one person.

"The Tower Master of Wallin, Dolores Jade."  [T/N: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻]

* * *

"Oppa, are you listening?"


"So, you see~."

It was a weekend evening.

As always, Dolores came to visit and began to share various stories with Reed.

The project to detect demons with magic was going on intensely, but Dolores, who was always busy, could still have a weekend break.

As she casually spoke, Reed couldn't bear to look at her.



"You're not listening, are you?"

"I'm listening."

"Repeat what I said."


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