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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 98 Part 1

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Eternal Teachings (2)

Isel and Rachel.

Only one person can become a saintess, like the Pope, but for the first time, there was an exception in the Althea Order.

At noon, when the sun is at its highest.

At the same time and day, twin sisters were born, emitting an enormous amount of divine power in the same prophetic moment.

They could be considered blessed from the moment they were born, breaking even the existing policies of the Althea Order.

One of them, Isel, was the Saintess of Meditation.

Always with her eyes closed, she held a 'gentle' image with her dark nickname.

Black hair and white jade-like skin.

Despite wearing minimal makeup befitting her devout religious lifestyle, her beauty could not be hidden.

It was enough to elicit admiration at first sight.

"We also use the tower's items in our Althea Order."

Her sweet voice moistened the ears.

Her breath, as it fluttered from her mouth, was as smooth as silk, and Reed was almost captivated.

"Are you talking about the recorder?"

Reed regained his composure and smiled politely.

Isel nodded her head.

The hand holding his stirred and stimulated Reed.

"Yes. Since I am a saintess, I don't know much about the outside world, so I hardly ever get to listen to the music of a bard. That's why I listen to the recordings given to me by the nobles."

"How many volumes do you have?"

"I have 5."

"The latest ones. We are currently recording volumes 6 and 7. If I had known that you would be listening, I would have prepared them for you."

"Is that for me?"

"Of course."

Isel smiled brightly and showed her white teeth.

Reed was taken aback by her reaction.

'Why is she like this, this woman?'

Isel never got close to anyone.

She would bestow kindness, but she didn't give her heart.

She always knew where to draw the line, and after completing her mission, she treated everyone formally.

The same was true for the protagonist.

She was what they call an unattainable character.

No matter what you do, she wouldn't open her heart.


This woman, even though they just met, was acting familiar with Reed, and she looked at him with a very happy face.


No, it didn't feel like that.

He had seen this face before, even with Phoebe.

Her face was like that of a girl who had met her idol.

It was the look of a child who wanted to hold on for a long time, spilling out every story they had.


Reed felt an unintentional chill as he continued the awkward conversation and was taken aback.

He subtly raised his head to peek at the source of the chill.

The one who clearly revealed the chill was looking at this place.

A woman who looked exactly like Isel but had fierce eyes.

'Is it Rachel?'

The Silent Saintess, Rachel.

She wore a cloth over her mouth and had never spoken a word, earning her the dark nickname of silence.

If Isel was 'gentle,' Rachel had a demeanor that suited the word 'strict.'

'Right, if you have the eyes to see a magician, it should be like that.'

Reed understood as he looked at her.

Even though they were twins, there were some things they didn't have in common, accompanied by admiration.

"We always use the tower's items to listen to our choir's music."

"It's surprising and a great honor that the saintess uses them. I thought the Althea Order would forbid such things."

"We thought it was the best device to spread the teachings. Though it may not be a human voice, if it can guide everyone to be happy under the light, shouldn't we also take an interest?"

"You are very flexible in your thinking."

"If it's a means to convey good words, there's no need to insist on the old-fashioned."

Isel smiled and then, as if realizing something, covered her mouth with her left hand.

"Oh, I've been holding you up too long. I'm sorry."

She let go of Reed's hand.

At the same time, she took the handkerchief he had been holding.

"It was nice to meet you, Tower Master."

Rachel and Isel started walking again.

Reed quietly watched their retreating figures.

It was a first meeting with lingering feelings.

However, it wasn't the lingering feeling one would have for the opposite sex.

'It's strange.'

If he had to say it, it felt like an error in the setting.

There is no doubt that Reed approached on purpose, but somehow Reed felt uncomfortable as if he had been manipulated.

It was slightly different from the image of the saintess he had seen so far.

'Still, since there's no trouble in the encounter, is it a good thing?'

Reed knew the two well.

Twin saintesses, Isel and Rachel.

Within the Althea Order, there was no one who could match the Saintess of Meditation in priestly abilities, and no one who could follow the Silent Saintessin swordsmanship abilities.

'And when the two are combined.'

Their abilities combine as if one mind controls two bodies, creating synergy.

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Being the best in two fields becomes the strongest in every aspect, invincible.

They were a reassuring ally, but if they became an enemy, they were one of the people Reed never wanted to fight.

'Should I be grateful that those two do not have any malice towards me for now?'

As long as there are no personal issues, only organizational issues need to be resolved.

He could only hope that the tower's magicians wouldn't deepen their conflict with the Althea Order.

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