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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 98 Part 2

Meanwhile, Isel and Rachel were walking through Cohen's inner city.

They stood in front of the real estate office.

"You can go in here, Saintess."

"Thank you, Captain. May the light's protection be with you."

Just as Isel was about to open the door, someone grabbed her wrist.

It was Rachel.

Her fierce eyes stared at Isel.

Isel realized the meaning and smiled.

She turned her head and spoke to the escorts.

"Please go back now. I have something to talk about with my sister for a moment."

"We must escort you until you enter. Please understand."

"It's a lady's conversation. It's a serious offense for men to eavesdrop. So......"

Her moist, pale lips parted.


Hearing her words, the men looked at each other.

They were loyal knights, but they felt an irresistible urge to listen to her voice.

A soft feeling, like stroking a cat on one's lap.

Under that gentle pressure, the men stepped back.

Only Isel and Rachel remained in front of the office.

"Is it because of that time?"

Isel asked.


"Rachel. It's difficult when you glare at me like that. The Tower Master was embarrassed."


"I know you were watching me. But the Tower Master might think differently, right?"


"Oh dear, it's called cutting in line. This is also a strategy, you know. Men like fateful encounters. And we are twins. Rachel is me, and I am Rachel. If they like me, they will undoubtedly like Rachel as well."


"Hehe, Rachel. Don't be so happy. You give it away so easily."

Isel joyfully covered Rachel's face with both hands.

When she took them away, Rachel had returned to her stern expression.

The mask was remade, and Isel, with a satisfied face, opened the door that hadn't been opened.

"Nice to meet you."

Inside, a woman with elegant blonde hair greeted them.

It was Adonis Hupper.

"Regent Hupper. May the protection of Althea be with you."

"Nice to meet you, Saintess. May the protection of Althea be with you."

After exchanging greetings with the Althea Order, Isel asked with a smile.

"But we were supposed to meet with His Majesty Morgan. Why is the regent greeting us?"

"Although he is a king, he still has a tender heart. It must be difficult for him to see his people being punished."

"You say his people."

Isel smiled.

However, Adonis sensed an uncomfortable nuance subtly emanating from that smile.

"I apologize, Saintess. His Majesty Morgan would think so. Please understand for now."

"As a sister who considers the king, I understand your affection. However, you must always possess the ability to judge evil. Evil always mixes with us nearby. At first, it may seem right, but the pests that corrupt the foundation will reveal their true nature. Then they will try to test your judgment."

A truly devout believer's statement.

It was a cold statement, unlike the impression of a merciful saintess.

"I will always be careful."

"Well, then let's go meet that heretic."

"He's in the underground dungeon. Are you going to walk all the way there?"

"Let's go down."

Adonis politely guided them to the underground dungeon.

As a place where all sorts of criminals were imprisoned, the smell was terribly foul, like a sewer.

Other nobles would have complained about the smell, but the two of them didn't flinch.

The warden opened the iron bars of the prison where the prisoner was locked up.

Inside, a man was kneeling, bound with ropes.

The guard went in first, followed by Isel, Rachel, and Adonis.

The man, who had been quietly kneeling, opened his eyes and raised his head, feeling the sensation of being surrounded.

The first thing he saw was the emblem of the Althea Order.

"Althea religion...?"

"Nice to meet you for the first time."

Isel politely greeted him.

Then, the man couldn't hold back his anger and shouted.

"Filthy ones! What light are you! Even if it's a different belief, tying up innocent people like this! Aren't you who claim to be the light ashamed?"

"How pitiful. He doesn't even know what crime he committed."

Isel smiled and shrugged off the insult.

"But don't worry. We will do our best to guide you to the path of light until the very end."

Isel knelt and clasped her hands.

"I will pray for you. What's your name?"

"I have no name to tell you filthy ones!"

"I see."

Isel smiled.

"I don't know about you, but for us, the Eternal Religion leads us to salvation. We just need their salvation!"

"Oh, how pitiful..."

Her words carried a hint of moisture.

She pressed her lips with the index finger of both hands that were brought to her cheeks.

Her eyes were not visible, but they could feel it.

How much she pitied this man.

Isel began to pray.

Lord, Althea. A lost lamb strays from your embrace today, walking the wrong path. Please let this young lamb see your light again...

After the devout prayer ended, Isel raised her head again.

"Saving you who worship false prophets, false prophecies, and falsehoods is our duty."

Isel leaned in closer to the man.


Isel showed something in her right hand.

It was a small piece of paper.

"Show us your true self."


The vibration of the air spread the mana.

As soon as they heard the bell sound, a change occurred.

"Ugh, ugh ugh!"

The man's body twisted with the sound of frothing.

Seeing the change, the guards began to be on alert, aiming their spears.

When the man raised his head again, everyone's eyes widened in shock.

"Those eyes!"

"A demon?!"

On top of the white sclera, there were red pupils on the black iris.

It was the appearance of a demon, which had long been hidden and existed only in records.

"Is this the salvation you wanted, such a hideous appearance?"

"This damned witch...!"

"Where has that wronged appearance gone? Even if you can deceive others, you cannot deceive me, you heretic who worships falsehood."


The ropes binding him tore like a string.

He rushed at the saintess with a speed that couldn't be that of a civilian.

"I'll slit your throat!"

He swung his nails towards the saintess's throat.

But they didn't reach her.

Adonis's feet were faster.


A loud noise echoed through the underground dungeon.

It was a powerful blow that would have killed anyone, even if they weren't ordinary people.


He groaned, enduring the blow.


Before the demon could regain his senses, Adonis quickly approached and grabbed his arms.


True to her title of "Giant Slayer," she crushed the demon's enhanced body like an empty can.

The demon, with his broken elbows, let his arms hang limp.

Adonis didn't stop there; she forcefully kicked both legs with her iron boots.


The demon's knees bent outward, and he collapsed.

It took only 0.5 seconds to immobilize all four limbs.

A moment's hesitation had rendered all four limbs useless.

"You monster...like child."

"It seems you're the monster."

Adonis frowned in disgust.

The demon had lost both hands and feet.

Yet he didn't scream once.

Instead, he looked up at Adonis with a more venomous face.

It was her first time seeing a demon.

'There's no fear.'

Most life forms without fear were irrational beings that ran amok.

But this man's face was calm.

Was he unable to feel pain? He thought, but it was different.

He was infinitely rational.

"You truly have the skills of Hupper Kingdom's shield. Thank you for subduing the demon, Regent. Now it's our turn."


"Would you mind stepping aside?"

At her request, Adonis commanded the guards and left.

Isel sat there quietly, and Rachel sat beside her.

Her eyes, full of life, stared at the demon.

And she felt it. Until their footsteps were far enough away.

"Miss, didn't Althea say she showed mercy to those who are willing to convert?"


"If it's the light of mercy, then we will convert. Will you spare my life? Orcs have converted too, haven't they? Why can't a demon?"

It was not a sincere expression of the desire to convert, but rather a mockery.

The two faces of the Althea sect.

Pressuring other religions while showing mercy.

He laughed, pointing out that contradiction.

If he had said it to a priest, it would have been deeply unpleasant.

But Isel didn't waver at all.

When she realized that they were the only ones left in that space, Isel spoke again.

"Your religion is the Eternal Church, right?"


"How many demons have infiltrated the Eternal Church? At least that leader is surely a demon... and even a lay believer like you is a demon, so it's not just the leaders who should be punished."

"Do you think we'll tell you that?"

Isel smiled slyly.

"Yes. What you want is the death of humans. For that death, individual deaths mean nothing."

Isel didn't interrogate him anymore.

Rachel stood up from her seat.

A sword had somehow appeared in her hand.

"But you will become a very proud martyr of our church. Even though you are a demon, you will admit your own sins and atone for them by dying."

"Do you think we'll be swayed by such a petty trick? Humans don't understand demons."

The demon was confident.

"I wonder. Will they really?"

Isel approached him cautiously and spoke.

"I'll tell you one secret about myself, a martyr like you."

Isel whispered in his ear.

As she breathed into his ear, the demon's face, which had been smirking with every breath, gradually stiffened.

His face, which he was sure wouldn't be shaken by anything, hardened.

He looked up at Isel again.

Isel, who had a benevolent face, felt like a monster.

"To think the saintly bitch was.... was a more wicked than us."

"Thank you."

The demon, who had learned the secret, could no longer continue speaking.

His head rolled coldly on the floor.

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