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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 99 Part 2

Reed thought of "Project: Flower Garden", the source of all evil.

'If the research on the Flower Garden had proceeded in secret, there would undoubtedly be no need to worry about this kind of trouble.'

However, "Project: Flower Garden" had been abandoned.

And there were no thoughts of reviving it.

Since it was a project that used Rosaria, Reed didn't even consider using it.

It was a stubbornness that had arisen since coming to this world and becoming Reed.

'We have magical engineering.'

While others compete with magic, Reed competes through magical engineering.

He believed that it was enough.

"By the way."

The Monolith Tower Master, opened his mouth.

"If they can transform into humans to that extent, wouldn't they have blended in to some extent, not only within the Althea Order but also in our towers...?"

"Don't make such assumptions."

Helios, the chairman who usually remains silent, cut off the conversation.

The  Monolith Tower Master, startled by his attitude, closed his mouth.

"The division within is precisely what the demon race desires. They want all humans to die. Their job is to parasitize our minds and grow suspicions. Don't engage in self-doubt."

"I apologize, chairman."

The Monolith Tower Master apologized, wiping his cold sweat with a handkerchief.

It was very rare for the chairman, who usually let everyone speak, to interrupt someone's words.

"Since the Tower Master of  Monolith Tower has mentioned it, let's say this now. For the time being, refrain from making remarks that raise suspicions among the tower masters."

Once you start doubting, you can't do anything.

Helios judged that unity was needed at this time.

The tower master's meeting ended with that.


At the timing of getting up and greeting each other, Freesia, who was handstanding next to him, called him.

"Our Reed, who still doesn't keep his promises, won't you take a look at your sister for a moment?"


"Hehe, our Reed used to have a deadly expression every time he saw his sister, but now he's all smiles. Are you going to die?"

"I'm sorry."

Although he said sorry, the smile didn't leave Reed's face.

Freesia could no longer hold back her irritation.

"What is this?!"


Although she couldn't use both hands while handstanding, her legs were free instead.

She was adept at kicking, just like throwing a punch.

Rather, the target point was higher, making it easier to hit a vital spot.

"You were caught off guard. You must have thought I couldn't do this?"

"Indeed... you're quite flexible."

She made a swishing sound with her mouth as she showed off her legwork.

It was a frivolous behavior that didn't feel like a 132-year-old woman.

But no matter what she did, Reed kept smiling.

Looking down at Freesia's hand standing was more thrilling than he had imagined.

It was even more so than when he had called her separately two days before the tower master meeting and informed her of the existence of the salamander.

While recording the video, Rosaria showed Freesia the salamander that transformed into four attributes directly.

Freesia looked down at the salamander with a half-wide-eyed expression and half-irritated expression.

-It's exactly one month.

With that, Freesia began hand-standing with her hands.

The moment her body flipped upside down, Rosaria's face shone brighter than ever before.

Whether it was the thrill of tricking someone or the wonder of supporting the ground with both hands.

In Reed's opinion, the latter seemed most likely.

Because Rosaria had rolled countless times next to Freesia, saying, "I want to try it too!"

Although she didn't intend to provoke her, Freesia's expression became even more distorted by Rosaria's innocent actions.

"What's the matter?"

"I wanted to talk about this beforehand because I think you'll have the hardest time with this incident."

"What do you mean I'll have a hard time?"

"It's about that wretch you brought with you."

She meant Rosaria.

"Does Rosaria have a problem?"

"Now that this matter has escalated, the tower masters and other mages will dig into Rosaria, the girl's origins."

"Is it because of her red eyes?"

"That's part of it. But if it were just her red eyes, they wouldn't have been so suspicious. Don't I have red eyes too?"

Like Rosaria, her eyes were red but not entirely bright red; they were mixed with a dull color.

"Unlike me, who was originally like this and well-known by all tower masters including Helios, your daughter is different. She suddenly appeared, possesses the 'Eternal Hole' that mages have dreamed of, and has tremendous potential. Even I see her as the most suspicious one."

"I see."

"If there's even a little bit of a flaw, they will bite and pull on you. You understand what I'm saying?"

Reed nodded.

"You're saying I should thoroughly investigate Rosaria. Thank you for the advice."

Freesia, hand standing, smiled brightly.

"If you're grateful, Reed, take care of your sister from now on. You got it?"


"And can I stop hand standing now? I'm thinking about you, Reed, and you can think about your sister just a little bit, right? Huh?"

“I can't do that. It's not like I made a bet. How can I do that?”

Reed responded coldly.

"You're such an unhelpful guy."

Freesia stuck out her tongue and walked away using both hands.

As she said, Rosaria would be suspected.

'And it may not stop at suspicion.'

What if malice goes beyond suspicion?

If they become jealous of Rosaria's talent and harbor ill-will towards her?

'If I have to helplessly watch that happen...'

He shook off the distracting thoughts.

He didn't even want to imagine it.

He couldn't just watch his daughter being harassed by others.

To be her shield, Reed had to take action.

'Let's put an end to this incident quickly.'

He was more enthusiastic than ever before.

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