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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 99 Part 1

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Demon Race (1)

Place of the Tower Summit.

"…Thus, with the emergence of a case where spirits are not bound by a single element, there is a need to re-establish the theory."

Reed finished his presentation by touching the crystal ball for the last time.

At first, the tower masters looked at him with a puzzled expression, wondering what kind of nonsense he was talking about.

However, he showed them the actual evidence recorded on the crystal ball and concluded.

The tower masters who watched the video had faces filled with disbelief and awe.

They watched the low-ranking salamander spirit transform from fire to water, then to earth and light, and wondered if this was someone's trick or magic to deceive them.

In that case, there were two ways.

Show them the evidence directly or bring a credible witness.

Reed decided to bring a witness.

"The Tower Master of the Black Sky has personally seen it and can testify."

"The Tower Master of the Black Sky…"

"Ah, I see."

They just glanced around, but no one opened their mouths.

They couldn't.

Seeing their reactions, Freesia raised one eyebrow.

"Why are you all so cautious? Am I going to eat you?"


"It's not even that surprising, is it? It's an old theory that spirits can be variable, and we thought it might be possible, right?"

At her words, Helios nodded.

"Yes, it's not surprising. At least, compared to what you, the Tower Master of the Black Sky, are doing."

Helios glanced at Freesia with contempt.

The other tower masters couldn't openly say it, but the reason was her attitude.

While everyone was sitting, she was hand standing.

She held the edge of the table, and her shadow hand held her skirt so it wouldn't slip off while she was watching the place.

Freesia became annoyed at Helios.

"What can I do when the chair is too low? Bring a higher chair."

"I believe everything would be solved if you stopped acting like a child."

"If I could do that, wouldn't I have come down sooner?"

"I didn't need to ask to know. You must have made a foolish bet."


As Helios sighed deeply, Freesia growled.

"Let's stop wasting our emotions here. I have something to tell all the tower masters."

Helios took out an object from the void with his gigantic hand and rolled it to the center of the table.

It had the emblem of the Althea Order engraved on it.

"The Althea Order sent a letter."

All the tower masters were surprised when Helios, the chairman, mentioned the Althea Order.

Just by mentioning the Althea Order, which had not even been discussed negatively, they could guess that it was a serious matter.

"It's like the sun rising in the west. Our chairman openly exchanging information with the Althea Order."

"I tore up the first and second letters. It wasn't until the third letter came that I realized it was not an ordinary matter."

"What's the content?"

Helios tapped the table with his index finger.

Then, a single letter was duplicated and divided, landing in the hands of each tower master.

"They said they discovered a demon race for the first time and executed it."

Upon the words of the Tower Master of Sky Chamber, they began to read the letter one by one.

The content was as follows:

The Althea Order discovered a demon race.

The name of the religion infiltrated by the demon race was the Eternal Church.

Reed heard this name and recalled the conversation he had with Morgan II.

'Could it be…?'

Could it be related to when the twin saints came?

As he read down with such speculation, it turned out to be just as he had guessed.

'I never thought they would find a demon race here.'

The cult was an excellent condition for the demon race, as it could penetrate people's minds.

"Why did they send this to the Tower Master of Sky Chamber?"

Dolores asked.

"I found it strange too, so I asked the empire once. It seems they received the same thing when I received the first letter."

"What was the result?"

"It seems they're trying to blend in with humans more actively."

"Blend in with humans?"

"Is that possible for the demon race?"

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The characteristic of the demon race is having red eyes on black pupils.

That's why they have considered red eyes as the most unpleasant eyes so far.

"The executed demon was originally an ordinary human. He didn't have red eyes, and he was a diligent young man about to get married. No one in the village ever suspected him of being a demon."

"If they blend in with humans… it will be a problem."

In every aspect, the demon race is several steps ahead of humans.

If they can blend in with humans, it would provide them with a means to launch surprise attacks.

The demon race is like cancer.

If you don't stay vigilant and let it spread, you will be consumed by the demon race.

"So, are you suggesting that we should also identify and root out the demon race?"

"We have to if we want our towers to remain as towers."

Helios spoke while holding a piece of compiled data.

"Currently, the only one who has successfully identified the demon race is the Saintess."

The word 'unique' is a very frightening word.

In magic, if you have it, you can be infinitely powerful, but if others have it, you can be infinitely weak. 'Unique' was just that.

"It must be good news for the Althea Order."

"Since the Saintess has a way to detect the demon race, the Althea Order will gain more power."

"Is it fortunate that only the Saintess can use it? There's no mention of other priests using it, so we can assume that's the case."

If someone else could use it, the influence of the Althea Order would see unprecedented growth.

The power to confront the fear of humans.

Just by being able to distinguish the demon race, the Althea Order has both a sword and a shield.

And if they wield even more powerful weapons alone, there would be no reason to consider their competitors.

"If the Althea Order grows larger, they will undoubtedly interfere with the tower's mages."

We cannot know the future, but we must not be optimistic.

"The Althea Order may not aim to take over the workshops, but we still need to prioritize magic development. I'd appreciate it if you could put all other projects on hold and cooperate with this."

At Helios' words, the tower masters' expressions became subtle as if they had received a task.

None of them would like someone interfering with their work.

'Developing magic that can distinguish the demon race…'

Reed thought quietly upon hearing those words.

Did that magic exist in "Disaster 7"?

'No, things didn't go that far in the first place.'

The second disaster, Peon, nearly wiped out the demon race, and through the decisive battle with the second disaster, the peak carrying the blood of the demon race disappeared.

'What can I do now that I can't create the second disaster?' 

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