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Dream Breaker - Chapter 25

Magical Boy(3) Reveal Your Identity!

In this world where magical boys exist, there's a bizarre law.

It's called the Magical Boy Special Law!

The country that the region belongs to compensates for all the damages caused by Magical Boy doing righteous deeds!

...It's a surreal law.

Even if people die.

Even if buildings collapse.

Even if the roads are paralyzed.

Even if they lose their jobs.

It means that magical boys are not at fault.

'The intention is good.'

If heroes fighting for justice become passive due to fear of property damage and loss of life, it will lead to even greater disasters.

So they're given immunity.

However, there is a very big, fatal flaw in this.

'It's dangerous.'

What if the apostle of justice is not righteous?

This world will turn into a playground for lawless people who don't get punished for killing others.

And it was clear that the lawless person would target me 'again'.


"Ma'am, please give me more."

"Ho ho! Young man, eat a lot."

"Thank you!"

Even if I die later, I have to eat and live first, right?

Vice President Seo Hye-joo, who was still interested in me, recommended that I stay a little longer at the hospital as a 'patient'.

And I accepted this proposal without hesitation.


'As if you didn't dissect.'

Having a vague belief in unconditional human rights is not good.

It was a risky situation if the Elmorangs Hospital, which had done a thorough examination, had any ill intentions.

But I trust them because they didn't do anything.

Just that... Wow!

'Amazing! They put so much beef in the side dishes...!'

The staff cafeteria at Elmorangs Hospital was like heaven to me.

All the worries and wariness piled up in my head disappeared completely, including the promise I made with the swimming pool supervisor.


"Breaking news! A UFO has appeared in the sky!"

"My goodness! Aliens have declared revenge on my husband!"

"Get out of the way! Aliens have started indiscriminate slaughter!"

"Magical Boy has appeared!"

"Dear viewers! Can you see the screen?! Magical Boy kicked the spaceship!"

The live broadcasts on the huge televisions installed throughout the cafeteria were very noisy and annoying.

Adding to this,


"It's the Magical Boy!"

"You can do it! Magical Boy...!"

The cheers and support from the viewers who put down their spoons!

'Gosh! I can't eat because it's so noisy...!'

Magical Boy, Magical Boy, Magical Boy...

Am I being sensitive? I might get neurosis at this rate.


But there's nothing I can do for the time being.

That's because I decided to stay at Elmorangs Hospital for a while at Vice President Seo Hye-joo's recommendation.

'It's worrisome, but.'

As long as I can't escape this world (dream) right away, I can't help but worry about food and shelter.

The first step.

I have to wait until I am recognized as 'Kang Moon-soo' in court.


Because this is a capitalist society! You can't do anything without money.

I can't even use public transportation at will before receiving compensation for the damages from the Magical Boy Special Law. It's not like I'm going to work part-time in a dream.

'Even that's difficult.'

Since my social security number has been erased, I can't even work part-time through legal means.

"Magical Boy~!"

"You're the best! Magical Boy!"

"He won again...!"

I got goosebumps watching the enthusiastic people.

'It's not normal.'

If such disasters occur every day, there wouldn't be a single intact city.

Still, people seemed to be full of dreams and hope.

* * *

'Hmm. I expected something more from the future Earth, but there's not much difference.'

There were no flying cars that appear without falling into SF(Science Fiction). Although their appearance had changed, they still rolled on the ground with wheels.

Listening to Vice President Seo Hye-joo, it seemed like they had conquered life expectancy, but most of the people walking on the streets were wrinkled-faced elderly! The aging society was very serious.


"Get it! Magical Boy transformation costumes!"

"Magical Boy's wand! Buy one now and get one more free!"

"The boss made it himself! A collection of the best scenes of the Magical Boy!"

"20-year tradition of Magical Boy's Gukbap! You won't regret it!"

The future was full of magical boys!

A future beyond the imagination of dreamers filled with dreams and hope.

I want to refuse such a future.

'Should I be glad it's just a dream?'

However, it's unknown how to escape it.

Still, since it's not the first time I've experienced such a situation, I could make a guess.

The center of this world (dream) is Choi Kang-min.

"Where would you like to go?"

I caught a taxi with the pocket money Vice President Seo Hye-joo had given me.

I could have used cheaper public transportation, but I didn't want to get involved in any potential conflicts or incidents.

'If I had my way...'

I would like to meet Choi Kang-hoon, who had been in prison for nearly 20 years. However, there's no way a suspicious person without an ID would be granted an interview.

In the end, I had only one choice.

"Please take me to Chairman Choi Kang-min's office building."

It's a head-on confrontation.

* * *

"Wow... Is this for real...?"

Even tilting my head 90 degrees, I couldn't see the top of the skyscraper hidden by the clouds.

According to the taxi driver's explanation on the way, it was the tallest building in the world.



Just as I stepped inside the automatic door without any thoughts like the people around me, a warning sound went off.

"Excuse me, but this area is off-limits to anyone other than authorized personnel."

A man dressed like a secret agent in a black suit and sunglasses, who had been standing still like a mannequin next to the automatic door, spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I came to see Chairman Choi Kang-min."

"That's strange. If you had an appointment, you would be carrying the chairman's business card, which serves as an access card."

"I don't have an appointment."

"Then please come back after making an appointment."

Is this a common occurrence? The man spoke in a calm tone, without any irritation.

"Could you deliver a message?"

"I cannot."

I didn't have high expectations when I asked, so I wasn't disappointed.

"It doesn't matter if I wait in front of this building without going in, right?"

"It doesn't matter. However, the chances of seeing the chairman are slim since he mainly uses a vertical take-off and landing aircraft."


It seems that the chaebol don't breathe the air on the ground.

"You're blocking the way where you're standing now, so please wait over there."

"...That's difficult."

"If you don't leave, I'll have to call the police-"

"I've made a promise with a swimming pool supervisor who will be responsible for my food for the next year to meet in two days."

"What does that mean...?"

"It means I don't have enough time to wait leisurely."

"You can't come in."

Although I couldn't see it because it was hidden behind dark black sunglasses, it seemed like the man blocking the entrance was glaring at me.

"I won't go in."

Taking a step back, I took a deep breath and shouted.

"Choi Kang-min, are you listening? Come out now if you don't want to regret it! Do you remember my voice? Kang Moon-soo is here!"

"...You can't do this here."



The man grabbed my shoulder tightly and spoke with force.

'It hurts!'

It's surprising that I don't wake up from the dream even though it hurts this much.

"Choi Kang-min...!"

"Follow me."

The man began to drag me away with force.

Far away, outside the building.

Although I can't even wait at the entrance now, it doesn't matter because my goal has been achieved.

"What's going on? What's happening?"

"Kang Moon-soo? Someone you know?"

"Who's causing the commotion...?"

Attracting the attention of the employees working in this building?


'He'll come down soon.'

This is not hope or expectation, but certainty.

Because he's the great Magical Boy!

There's no way the talented person who practically protects the Earth alone couldn't hear my voice due to soundproof walls and distance.

If he didn't hear it, it means his ability is actually mediocre...

"It's noisy."


And in just a few seconds, he really appeared.

Choi Kang-min.

Wearing horn-rimmed glasses, he was dressed in a white tuxedo adorned with a red rose on his left chest.

However, it wasn't the appearance of the boy I saw on the 19th floor of the hospital.

'He's aged.'

Although he still looked young for being 20 years in the future, it was hard to call him a 'boy'.

"I said it's noisy."

"I apologize! This person caused a commotion-"

"Your excuse is noisy."


With Choi Kang-min's cold words, the man bowed his head and fell silent.

"It's been a while, bro."

"...Are you really Kang Moon-soo?"

"Of course. If you're still suspicious, I can talk about the times we played together in the past."


Instead of a welcoming greeting, Choi Kang-min, with his eyes wide open, scanned me up and down as if searching for something.

"Still can't believe it?"

"...You can't be Kang Moon-soo. Kang Moon-soo died 15 years ago."

"But I'm here."

Denying it is useless. The truth is close by!

"No. If you were really Kang Moon-soo, you wouldn't have this attitude right now."


"If you don't know the reason, then you're not Kang Moon-soo."

"Because I'm not angry?"


Choi Kang-min answered with a heavy silence.

A talented person who can infiltrate Elmorangs Hospital, where surveillance cameras are densely installed, and assassinate patients.

It can only be the Magical Boy.


"Reveal your identity."

"Huh? Still can't believe me?"

"There are villains who have the power to transform into human forms."


What a troublesome world!

"The Magical Boy will not forgive you for insulting the deceased."

"If I were really a villain, I would have revealed your identity first. Wouldn't I?"


Choi Kang-min, who had been staring at me all this time, finally averted his gaze.

Then, he glanced at the man behind him, who had been quietly waiting like a background, and flicked his wrist.

The man took the hint and moved away, blocking pedestrians from coming near us.

"Mr. Magical Boy, who protects the Earth. Are you willing to talk now?"

"Don't get me wrong. I haven't acknowledged you as Kang Moon-soo. What is your purpose?"

"To wake you up."

"Wake up? Me?"

"Do you think it's normal for a person to fly in the sky without wings or a propulsion device? Haven't you ever doubted it?"

"If you want to discuss natural science, consult an expert."

"I'm serious."

"I'm special."

A certain female student, who could swim as well as a dolphin, had made a similar statement.

I brushed it off again, reminiscing about the memories.

"It's all a dream."

"First, you disguise yourself as Kang Moon-soo, and now you're talking about dreams."

"You're lying in room 1906 of Elmorangs Hospital like a vegetable."


"Did my sincerity get through a little?"

Choi Kang-min's expression, which had been sneering, hardened.

"It seems like time passes quickly here. In reality, not even 10 years have passed."


"Your attending doctor said that if you don't wake up within 100 days, you'll die of complications. Calculating by the time here, it's about a year-"

"Shut up!"


"Reveal your identity!"

A different demand, but the same as before.

So I answered differently this time.

"I'm a shaman."

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