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Dream Breaker - Chapter 26

Magical Boy(4)


"Being a lawyer isn't my thing. You know that, don't you?"

"......I'm not a ghost."

"It's a misunderstanding that shamans only chase ghosts."

"...I can't stand it anymore. Ha! A dream? Is there such a vivid dream? Then how do I wake up from that dream?"

"That is..."

I don't know either.

How would I know the way out when I don't even know how I got in?

"If this is a dream, wake me up now."


"You can't."

"That's right. I can't."

I admitted it honestly.

"But you want me to believe what you say?"

"I know it's forced. But you'll know. That your ability is unrealistic."

"You're talking nonsense. I'm not the Magical Boy."


I faltered at Choi Kang-min's firm voice.

'Is he really not?'

Even though there was clear evidence and certainty that he was the Magical Boy, I faltered for a moment.

"Ask again. What am I?"

"My answer is the same. You're undoubtedly the Magical Boy."


"Bro, get a grip. It's impossible for a person to fly in the sky without any equipment."

"I feel uncomfortable. Don't treat me the same as others. I'm special."

Song Seon-young said something similar.

I'm special.

"So, are you saying you got that power because you're more special than others?"

"It's not power, it's magic."

"... You're saying you got magic?"


Choi Kang-min, who had been avoiding the question, finally admitted his identity.

He said he was a special human.

He said he was the Magical Boy.

"What's so special about you, bro? Bloodline? Birth? If it's those, Choi Kang-hoon is the same."

"How is he the same? We came from different wombs."

Choi Kang-min's tone sharply changed, feeling compared to his half-brother from a different mother.

"It's not just Kang-hoon. Isn't it the same for everyone who comes out of a woman's womb?"

"Don't play with words."

"Does this sound like a word game to you?"

"...Further conversation seems like a waste of time."


Choi Kang-min turned around as if to hide his face filled with worries.

"Bro, don't forget. If you can't wake up within 100 days, you'll die!"


Ignoring my warning, he ran away from the place.

* * *

The very top of the world's tallest building.

Choi Kang-min was looking down at the world beneath the clouds spread out like a fog beyond the transparent window.


"Kang Moon-soo... But how...?"

He was watching a man in a taxi, confused.

He should have definitely died 15 years ago!

He himself infiltrated the hospital and took care of the annoying lawyer Kang Moon-soo.

'How can I forget.'

He was a man who tried hard to protect his competitor and half-brother, Choi Kang-hoon, who was hindering his success.

But if that was really it, there are several similar people, so he wouldn't have remembered until now.

"Lawyer Kang Moon-soo..."

Kang Moon-soo, who became a lawyer himself to save Choi Kang-hoon, achieved an absurd feat.

A case where he won against the best lawyers, breaking through all the bad conditions including biased media!

'That time, it hurt my pride.'

Kang Moon-soo, who surpassed his aptitude, became a popular figure in no time.

To the extent that he surpassed the popularity of the Magical Boy, which has never dropped, for a few days.

That was the reason.

The real reason he killed Kang Moon-soo.

It was never because he helped his half-brother. Choi Kang-hoon, who had lost his base and supporters due to a long prison life, was no longer his match.

"Ha! A dream?"

It's a joke that's not even funny.


(Chairman, are you busy?)

The secretary, who had been assisting him since he took over the family business, asks over the intercom.

"No. What's up?"

Choi Kang-min's question back to the secretary contains multiple meanings.

(It's peaceful.)

It doesn't mean that the company he belongs to is peaceful.

Earth, humanity.

Choi Kang-min can't always keep an eye on the latest news, so he needed people to become the 'eyes and ears of the magical boy'.

The secretary was one of them.

She is one of the few closest people who know the secret that Choi Kang-min, the biggest supporter of the magical boy and a global businessman, is the Magical Boy himself.

"Then what's the matter?"

(The lady called because she couldn't reach you and was worried.)

"If something happens to me, it will be after the world is destroyed."

(It seems she is more worried because she can't reach such a secure person.)

A needless worry due to not knowing the hidden identity of her husband.

"You should've just beat around the bush like last time."

(It seems she wants to talk directly about the problem with our son.)

"...Did he cause another trouble?"

It's truly lamentable.

While the father is the apostle of justice protecting the world, his son is causing trouble at school...

(Judging from the dark tone of Madam's voice on the phone, Chairman, your guess seems to be correct.)

"Hmm. Then tell her to call me back in an hour. I have a lot to think about right now."



As the secretary's voice disappeared, the top floor was engulfed in silence again.

'Thinking? Is this a matter to worry about?'

Was it funny that he said it himself just a little while ago?

Choi Kang-min, who chuckled, looked down at Kang Moon-soo, who was walking like a bug on the ground hidden by the clouds beyond the window.

'I'm wasting my time because of that guy...'

There were three missed calls on the personal mobile phone carelessly thrown on the soft sofa.

His wife, who was a global actress.

A son who takes after his arrogant wife!

Although they are not qualified to be the wife and son of the righteous Magical Boy, they are still a loving family. If this world is a dream, then all the relationships with the current family are also lies.

"That's nonsense."

It's absurd.

In the first place, does it make sense that a dream lasts for 20 years?

Choi Kang-min made a rational judgment, excluding the 'such power' that Kang Moon-soo pointed out.

So even more,

"It can't be."

The very existence of Kang Moon-soo, who denies his entire life that he has built up with difficulty, annoyed him.

When annoyed?

"It's time for the apostle of justice to step forward."

My judgment is justice itself.

* * *

Although I was lucky enough to meet Choi Kang-min, who has become a big shot, I failed to persuade him and immediately took a taxi.

"Where can I take you, sir?"

"Please go to Elmorangs Hospital."


Even if I went back to the hospital early, there was nothing to do, but right now, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do or plan.

'What do I do now...?'

Dr. Seo Hye-joo told Choi Kang-min that he had less than 100 days left.

Should I wait until Choi Kang-min dies naturally?

Considering that time passes faster here than in reality, I just need to endure a year here.


There was no certainty that I would be freed from this dream when Choi Kang-min died.

Speaking of which...

"It's congested."

The taxi stopped in the middle of the road and there was no sign of moving forward.

Wouldn't it be much faster to walk?



"I'm new to this area, but is it usually this congested?"

"No way. If it was a place that often gets congested, the navigation wouldn't have guided us this way. I would have avoided it too. It's purely because of an accident."

"An accident..."

Is my luck bad?

I felt a very uncomfortable feeling.

The taxi driver took his hands off the steering wheel and said.

"It seems that there was a big traffic accident just ahead of here."

"Can't we detour?"

"As you can see around, that's a bit hard."


Surrounded by buses and cars that had also stopped, the taxi couldn't budge.

So I waited and then...

"What the hell!"

"I'm in a hurry!"

"This is crazy!"

People who were frustrated with this situation like me started to get out of the driver's seat and into the middle of the road to find out what was going on.

Curious, I waited and asked a returning driver.

"What happened?"

"A big rock fell in the middle of the road."

"A rock...?"

A rock, not a chunk of concrete, in the middle of the city?

It was unrealistic.

"The cars trying to avoid it collided one after another."

"You're not surprised at all."

"It's not like an alien spaceship crashed, is it?"

"Ah ha! Now that you mention it, it does."

The driver's attitude, familiar with disasters, made me feel bitter.

There was another person familiar with such incidents right next to me.

"Sir, it seems like it will take a while for the road to clear up, so I think it would be better to use the subway. I won't charge you."

"Thank you."


I got out of the taxi and ran through the streets as if fleeing.



From the moment I heard the story that a large rock had fallen in the middle of the road, my survival instinct was shouting.

To be careful.

First of all, you should never go to a dark and narrow alley or a place with few people passing by-


My body, which was heading to the nearest subway as advised by the taxi driver, floated up.


By the time I realized I had been abducted, like a mouse being caught and dragged into the sky by an owl,

"Ugh...!" I was roughly thrown into a sparsely populated park.

And in front of me like this,

"I am the Magical Boy who protects the peace and aptitude of the world-"

"Choi Kang-min...!"

"...There's a spell on my face to prevent recognition."

"What the hell is this!"

"It's strange. My magic doesn't seem to work on you. I had dismissed it as a coincidence when you recognized me immediately after I transformed at the hospital."

"Answer my question!"

"Over the past 20 years, many people have doubted me, but everyone has been deceived by my magic."


Choi Kang-min, transformed into a young boy, came towards me, waving his red cape.

"You said you had a question? I think I already answered it? I'm the Magical Boy who protects the peace and aptitude of the world."

"I asked what are you doing to me!"

"That's my answer. You are a threat to the peace of this world."

"That's ridiculous...!"

"Claiming to be Kang Moon-soo, what's your real identity? Even the founder of magic couldn't perfectly defend against my magic."

"Choi Kang-min. Are you curious about my identity?"

That's a great question!


"There's no way a dream can influence a human in reality. The fact that I exist is proof that it's a dream!"


"I'm not a clown who fits into your dream...!"

"Are you still dreaming even at this point?"

"Get a grip on yourself!"

"Well, that's fine. It doesn't matter if you're the real Kang Moon-soo. This time, I'll make sure you can't resurrect- no, even if you do resurrect, I'll thoroughly educate you not to appear in front of me."

"Education? What is that- Ahhhhh?!"

In the blink of an eye, my right arm disappeared!

"Clearly... it seems that it doesn't matter as long as it's not a magic that affects the mind."


Choi Kang-min, spinning a wand that looked like a magnificent baby toy in one hand, smiled.

The bead embedded at the end of the wand was twinkling in a rainbow color.

Evidence that Choi Kang-min had done something at a speed I couldn't even notice.

"Ah ah ah...!"

My mind became hazy due to the pain in my severed right shoulder.

'It hurts! It hurts! It's a dream but it hurts! Is it not a dream? Isn't it?!' 

My rational judgment didn't work.


"Save me! Look here! The Magical Boy has gone crazy...!"

"Ha ha! It's no use asking for help from the outside. This space is separated by magic. Next is here."



Ignoring Choi Kang-min's explanation and showing my back to run away, I stumbled forward.

Did I trip?


It was because my left foot disappeared silently following my right arm.


'Damn it! Damn it! Damn it...!'

I couldn't even react to Choi Kang-min, let alone oppose him.



I was so pathetic and frustrated for being powerless that I could do nothing, I started to cry.

"Ha ha! You really look pathetic!"

"That's what I should say! Are you happy to be arrogant in a dream? You idiot...!"

"...You're still saying that."

"Over and over- Ahhh?!"

"Hey. Give up the thought of dying comfortably. I have a lot to teach you."

And then, I experienced hell.

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