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Chapter 64 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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My Dear, You're Swallowed by Debt (5)

"What's the big deal...?"

The new loan certificate from Carter Bank, with the loan certificate he had written as collateral.

Lord Chester seemed to not understand right away.

"What's wrong with this? Is this worth coming to see me at this hour?"

As the lord, who seemed to be getting angry, glared at the overseer who had disturbed his sleep late at night and the seers who followed him, the group of seers who had come hesitated for a moment.

The other party was the Lord.

He was the master of this land.

And he was their master as well.

When the hesitating seers unknowingly gasped, the one who boldly stepped forward was Overseer Siron Mark, who had led their group.

"Did you take a close look at it? It should clearly say this: Lord, you have been using the loan certificates you have been writing as collateral."

"Isn't that what it says? So what's the big deal?"

The lord threw the received promissory note back to the overseer, ready to be furious.

'What on earth are you thinking about coming all the way here? Are these guys all crazy together? Don't you know who I am?'

The Overseer calmly closed his eyes toward the angry lord and soon began to shake his head.

All of this was due to his foolishness.

It seemed reasonable that he couldn't understand it right away.

"Really... You're ignorant. You're certainly a respectable person on the battlefield, but I'm disappointed in a place like this."

"What? You, what did you just say? Are you in your right mind to say that?"

The eyes of the Overseer, who opened his eyes again, were coldly sinking.

A stupid ruler deserves a fitting price.

The Overseer seemed to have a grasp of what would happen next.

"Lord, the reason we dared to come and be rude at this late hour is all because of your ignorance. The loan certificates you have used as collateral are no longer of any use, so we cannot exchange them for gold coins, and that's why we came all the way here. Are you still going to deny it?"

At those words, the lord looked slightly embarrassed.

"My loan certificates... are useless? What are you talking about?"

"Carter Bank declared that they will no longer trust the loan certificates you wrote."

The power began to be attached to the Overseer's voice.

"So, most of us who used the Gold loan certificates issued with Lord's loan certificates as collateral, as if they were money, ended up being worthless."


The lord, with a frown, looked at the overseer and the group of seers who followed him.

They all had Carter Bank's Gold loan certificates in their hands.

"No... It's the bank's job to exchange the loan certificates for gold coins, so why are you blaming me?"

"We had no choice but to come here because we couldn't argue there."

"You couldn't argue?"

The lord looked puzzled.

The other party was a mere banker.

Would it be easier to go to the banker and demand gold coins?

Or would it be easier to come to the lord himself and commit rudeness at this hour?

It wasn't even worth thinking about.

"So, you felt that the bank was so much more important than me that you came to me at this hour and committed rudeness? Did you guys get into a huge debt there without me knowing? Otherwise, you couldn't do this to me."

At the lord's attitude, many seers, including the overseer, couldn't help but feel disappointed.

The lord they had been serving all this time was so stupid!

"You really don't know anything, Lord. It's true that we need to go to the bank to exchange gold coins. But that bank is now like a sanctuary, and we can't dare to touch it."

"Sanctuary? What kind of nonsense is that? What are you talking about!"

When the lord asked sharply, another seer who had followed the overseer answered the question.

"It seems that the church's assets are tied up in Carter Bank. So when we went there, the believers who were trying to protect the church's assets were blocking the entrance."

It was the church again!

As soon as the church was mentioned, the lord's expression changed abruptly, and he could finally get a rough idea of the background of how the situation had gotten this far.

The responsibility of exchanging promissory notes for gold coins was entirely on the bank, not on him.

But when that bank was protected by believers, the group of seers, who had nowhere else to go, came to him.

'It's really a dog's situation. I never thought this would happen to me...'.

The overseer's voice began to gain strength.

However, there was one point that was hard to understand.

It was the church's attitude towards the bank.

Wasn't it natural for the church to hate the bank, which engages in usury?

Moreover, it was unbelievable that the stingy priest had entrusted the church's assets to Carter Bank while paying a gold storage fee.

"But it's a bit strange. The church has entrusted its assets to Carter Bank while paying gold storage fees?"

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